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Wendy Alane Wright The Hollywood Talent Manager


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where's it's windy lane right Hollywood talent manager up in Los Angeles California and I wanted to give you a free gift I am sequestered in my house I think like most of the world and I want to give you a free ebook it's just a gift just to say you know I'm thinking about you I want you to have something that you can learn from and it's from my heart to yours this is a book I wrote it's called 25 ways to get more auditions and there's actually more than 25 ways in there I wrote 25 ways for you to get more auditions and then I asked 25 industry people that I know agents managers casting directors working actors what their suggestions are I asked amy-jo Berman I asked mark tester who cast General Hospital I asked a lot of television casting directors and film casting directors and I wrote down the 25 things they said then I asked my friend Jack Turnbull who used to be a talent manager and now he's like a top coach in LA what do you suggest actors do to get my auditions and he gave me like 10 or 15 or 20 of them also so there's at least 60 or 70 ways to get more auditions in this book and I want you to have it so just click on the link that's in the description and that should come to your inbox you can instantly download it actually just click on the link and I think you can instantly download it and that's my gift to you you guys stay safe and stay home stay home if you can stay safe god bless you I'm thinking about you and I just wanted to share some love see you later