Western American 1953 Ronald Reagan Dorothy Malone Preston Foster

[Music] [Music] you're ready to go back down Durango alright mister I guess you win [Music] you're pretty good I sure you [Music] you want to try again no I hadn't [Music] you [Music] looks like the people around here sort of hard to convince someone couldn't read you should have walked one of those it didn't get hunt don't give a man much choice doesn't when you shoot me when you had the chance higher to keep the peace not kill people it seems like the two of them sort of go hand in hand at least you got the satisfaction of knowing you'll get hung legal that might be some satisfaction to you but I can't help thinking you wind up dead either way frame Johnson's bringing in the Durango kid hears that Denver here comes some new business comes under the heading of old business I've been ready and waiting for days what do I write two dollars I ain't got time now I'll be back [Music] city genie its flame train back me bringing in the Drago on you kids go over there come on hurry up [Music] make sure he's got some money mocking Denver hey go to bury with these boots on girl before he gets cold where's the triangle kid that's him you mean to say you brought him back alive well for the time being now we've been friends for a long time frame but since you cleaned up this town I can't hardly make a living I'd expect me to make any money on for him don't worry about a friend you won't have to wait long how's the food in your gym we haven't kept anybody there long enough to die from it man can't complain about treatment like that come on nice looking girl yeah good I like to think so big crowd out today we had a better one the day the governor came through maybe I should have gone into politics [Music] why didn't frame kill him seems to me you're old enough to understand your own brother well maybe I ought to do it for put that hog leg away or make you eat it [Music] have any trouble with him frame no more with anybody else hey Picasso up up and lock him up well if it's all right with you I'll lock him up first and then take the cuffs off anyway you like it Ellie I'm gonna get cleaned up you look about two shades lighter than you did when you started washing there is enough water in that desert to drink let alone wash it [Applause] where's Jimmy giving trouble is he not any more than usual he's not like you and me frame he was sort of disappointed when you brought Durango in alive instead of killing him yes a lot of other people seem to feel the same way maybe it's just because he's young sure give him time he'll grow up have you seen Jeanne yet want to get some of the dirt off first why don't you two get married she seems to think I'd make a sort of a poor risk as a husband well she could be right about that you probably got more people gunning for you than any other man in the territory come in come in Allie you better get down to the jailer form in a leash Martha come in to get your angle get on down there I'll be right along well if you don't mind I'll stay and wait and go with you come walk down with you no one can't handle this two won't do any good oh I'd sure hate to be in Durango's booth I thought you said I was gonna get hung legal you are that mob don't sound legal to me they aren't gonna hang either am I happened hey here they come maybe the best thing to do is to let them take him never a prisoner lynched yep and I don't intend to start now we got a chance mr. Johnson now why don't you slip out the back way and get the kids some meat and potatoes he hasn't had anything to eat since sunup thanks buck alright boys that'll be enough early you're the mayor of this town tell him to go home they won't pay any attention to me frame all we want is to rango you're not gonna get it who Stanwood yeah I do he's my prisoner I brought him in to get a fair trial and he's gonna get it you wanted law and order in this town you've got it and you're gonna keep on having it as long as I'm marshal I give you my word I'll shoot the first man that starts for those steps we got your brother out here with us what are you gonna do if he starts yeah I told you I'll shoot the first man it starts for those steps he's bluffing boys let's get him the next one gets a load of buckshot any takers Jimmy get inside the rest of you go on home if dr. FATA take a look at that leg Sam tell him to put it on my bill tell Lou to start packing our gear we're pulling out what about your job I'm all through cuz I was in that lynch mob that's part of it I've been at it too long tired of trying to give people something they don't seem to want anymore rain yeah would you have shot me out there I don't know no more bets boys number 17 black and odd nobody on it [Music] your lucky night could be at that well don't press it too far why not maybe at least 20 people in the room that wouldn't mind taking a shot at you had a better chance a few hours ago when he great to give up frame how do you want to die young comes up to 13 I'll buy a wedding ring not while you're still a marshal you'll find a badge down in the mayor's office I turned it in I bought a ranch up in Cottonwood need some help with a plow do you need a horse or driver I've got a horse Wow number 13 the winner I always knew you were in a cricket game in this joint [Music] leaving town Denver yep the Cottonwood with the Johnson getting sewn this town people only die old age I should think with frame leaving town's business nice pickup well if it gets real good maybe I'll come back if it gets real bad in Cottonwood [Music] it always changed your mind free no I'll send for you want to get settled I'll be [Music] this the hardest riding rig I've ever been on the customers I usually carry don't complain what kind of us register by up there I don't know I've never seen it what a wife like at one you turn out so good understand this Cottonwood sort of a wild pound her angel live in town come on try to miss some of the holes the road hey maybe you'd be more comfortable right back there that's a ride I've been dodging for the past 10 years [Music] yes sir you got room for him I don't know about stoves we got a Corral out in back that'll do give him some feed and water before you turn him loose yes sir [Music] well it'd be jet frame job would you remember me mr. Johnson I'm Ben Wiley are used to own the black nugget in Dodge City NY Lee sure I remember you kind of a place you ran I never figured you'd live this long good drinking my own whiskey courtesy of the house any place we can bed down around here tonight I got some fine beds upstairs number 12 the best room in the house heal me after [Music] Johnson remember me Kirk darling sure seven or eight years ago I ran you and your whole tribe out of Eveline you left me with this - next time don't try to hide a gun up your sleeve I won't forget it Johnson maybe you'd have been happier if I'd killed you maybe someday you'll wish you hadn't whatever you two have your showdown you tell your relatives to get the touch of me I got a card here that I run this town Johnson you're not one of you I've been not wanted in a lot of places I never kept me from staying oh that's frame Johnson he don't look so tough to me that's how he look to a lot of people but they're not around anymore [Applause] what's he doing I don't know give me a hand here's the man who can help us Dickson frame Johnson they say this was the best room in the house you heard him say it I hope I never have to sleep in the worst one who is your friend downstairs business acquaintance from Kansas now what kind of business he doesn't cattle other people's cattle that gives a high marginal profit if you give a high rate of mortality to [Music] oh you can do better like Jade you ain't even nicked him Oh mister please what's the matter what are you afraid of fraid we can't you say enough to miss you alright Bart that's enough every time you get tanked up you pick on the poor kid you go peddle your beer alright now you had your fun you leave Johnny alone I'm tired of you breaking up my place you get out of my way shit why don't you come up and get him fire what do you want sit down you start a play finish it I don't want any son of mine showing yellow you run you out Abilene Ginny deal yes sir it's a right lively little town for a man of my profession of course I saw a couple of Joker's down there to make nice-looking corpses just let me know when the mood comes over your loot you get me a job as marshal Denver will drum up a little business shut up all of you [Music] Martin oh it's mr. dirty some issue your paper coming out today yes sir I just finished setting the tight boy there's an editorial run it on the front page it has been called to the attention of your editor that a certain undesirable hi I can't print this mr. Durning ah I get sued you like running a paper in this town don't you oh yes mr. darling print it hello frame hi see the paper I just got up all right got your name in it well that's right thoughtful of somebody well it is and then again a tape and read it notice to the citizens and has been called the attention of your editor that a certain undesirable character has come to Cottonwood he is framed Johnson notorious peace officer under the protecting guise of the law this man is murdered over 40 men in cold blood aren't you gonna finish it I've sort of got the general idea already I didn't know that you'd kill 40 of them neither did I why do I keep this I'm all through with it that's him well has anybody talked to him yet just got in town last night Dixon and I thought judge Williams was the one to talk to him yeah well this is a real pleasure mr. Johnson come in have a chair we've been expecting you for some time here's the deed to your property if you'd care to take a look at it looks all right to me you got a fine piece of property mr. Johnson good grazing lands got a good house on it when do you want to take possession as soon as I can find out where it is Reglan is kind of important isn't it so now you're here in the Northwest sector close to town right next to the burly's would you say the darlings yes sir and he's a mighty important man in this community nothing like having important neighbors that's what I always say I'd be glad to introduce you to mr. darling anytime thanks we've already met oh well that makes it nice now you take the main road west out of [Music] okay [Music] they're gonna hang me what you do I killed him I didn't know what else to do I've been hiding all night get him inside Jimmy none of our business you know we want Johnny he'll bar hey buddy bring him up now wait a minute you ain't stopping us mister we're gonna take the boys entitled to a trial get out of the way Johnson I want Johnny Fenton haven't you got any law on his town I don't need any law was my boy was killed he was the one who was bothering the kid last night he deserved to be killed come on don't come closer anybody else it's other supper what's going on here Oh howdy Curt what's all the ruckus Johnny Benton killed Bart Johnson's holding them in there all right boys I'll take over you got any reason for protecting to mister I'm not protecting him I'm holding him for the law oh well you can let him go then I'm Finn elder sheriff bring him out Jimmy you're a little late Gideon weren't you Finn I can't be everywhere at once what are you gonna do with it Tom and Joe isn't that sort of inviting a lynching why don't you take him over to hell to go wouldn't be safe there that sounds like a good suggestion cheddar yeah so I'll ride with me but it seems like a lot of trouble Agora oh you ain't gon let him pick me are you mister not when I can do it Johnny visit yong I'm judge Williams I'd like to talk to her what about I think that's something we should discuss in private let's go inside get the horses general here's a situation Johnson this town is a sinkhole of violence and eating the Durning is control it completely they elected female sheriff they selected Yuri's in my caught fire it's reads such a stake now that a decent honest citizen doesn't dare open his mouth I'm already seated sterling on the newspaper too nobody can buy he gets through intimidation this is a perfect example of what we're up against the things are that bad well it's a form of vengeance committee except for a few of us we aren't sure whom we can trust there's another drawing if we group is an organization the result would be open warfare many innocent people might suffer looks like they're already suffering we want a man who is big enough to oppose their organization we've decided you're that man I'm sorry judge I've got other plans ah but we're prepared to pay any price your money isn't important on people whose lives in Porton mine's important to me that's why I'm turning down you're off but mr. Johnson waste your time judge not gonna change his mind looks like a nice little fix and on it you're pretty handy with tools aren't you Denver well I hate to brag but I probably build the best pine box west of the Mississippi ever tried your hand at building a house not that I can recall do for a new experience now look here Frank the barn in the corral seem to be in pretty good shape and counted on living in the barn let's get back to town we can't do anything here do we get some work [Music] Johnny Benton cut him down [Music] looks like you got some business Denver that's the kind of business I ain't looking for I'd enjoy working on that Sheriff real good dope [Music] here's your prison he escaped from me how just going to round up a posse to go after him now if he starts to run this time maybe I ought to shoot him it'll look better where'd you find him right where you left him what happened to him oh you got away from me on the way to our lavell Johnson here found him hanging in an oak tree I didn't say anything about an oak tree Sheriff I just said I found him where you left it I'm going over the land office you do give Denver a hand with the supplies uh mr. Johnson you can see for yourself what it's like in this town this sort of thing takes place entirely too often I'm still not interested but he was just a boy a poor harmless boy if this sort of thing isn't stopped nobody will be safe they killed a man today beavers at least in Title II with triumph why don't just speak plain to him judge everybody knows who killed Johnny well you know who did it why don't you have him arrested you got a sheriff we need somebody here with the authority to arrest a sheriff when I heard you were coming here mr. Johnson I felt sure you would be an asset to the community it seems I was mistaken I may not be an asset to the community but I figure I'll live longer this way then we can only conclude that you're afraid to take the job you conclude anything you want too bad judge next time pick a candidate with a little guts Jimmy take it easy we don't want any trouble you got trouble already keep that wet-nosed kid out of town or I'll wind up like Johnny Benton did what you still want a marshal in this town yeah you about one where do I go to get sworn in bricks video [Music] but heaven eluting chewy the rules to Marshal's Office though this town didn't have a must-have now you just took the job you want me to wait here go on ahead well I guess one Johnson's as good as another officially I'll do my best maybe we'll get this town fit to live in yep you can depend on us backing you all the way I'm gonna need it oh excuse me why'd you do it listen I got sort of annoyed with the sheriff not an economy oh it's a private matter our personalities just seem to class congratulations Marshall take care of yourself don't worry I learned from an expert well Jim it looks like we lost a good ranch hand come on we got a lot of work to do all right Denver coming Jimmy [Music] hello then uh congratulations Marshall drinks on the house Thanks maybe someday you'll learn to keep that big mouth of yours shut now we got a Marshall to put up with what are you worried about I'll take care of him congratulations if we can never do anything to help you Marshall be sure and let us know you can call on us any time real thoughtful characters aren't they yeah you like that sort of thinking have another drink no don't let him get under your hide loot that's what they want you to do maybe I'll have another drink after all [Music] Enver hey and we look pretty good got him for a good price too alright clam run him him hell yeah you've got the start of a good heard there will you see in the year from now how's the house coming you're making an awful mistake frame fixing up this place the goodbye genie ain't gonna have nothing to complain about I'm wondering if she's gonna like living on a ranch why I reckon she'd like it any place to long huge round where's Jimmy when out riding fence like he told [Music] Hey hey wait [Music] what are you running from who are you my name is Johnson who are you I live near here well you got a name haven't you well what is it Arya you're back to the house [Music] stay on your own side of the fence Johnson and keep away from my sister Olu Samuel was in town last night looking for you sorry yeah he's got a little spread just south of here rustlers came last night drove off most of us heard heard so well marshal do you got a mule back why'd you tell me these mules were stolen well I'll tell you I went down to the barn one morning they wasn't there so I just figured somebody stole okay says you loaned them to by golly marshal did i plumb forgot about hey that's a good joke on me ate it where's the horse right here what do you want Russell some black Petes of Kenya it looks like they're running off the Davis hurt they might be another wild mule chase Marshall you know all that ride for nothing I'll press your luck too far darling I don't like to get shoved around I don't know what you talkin about Marshall he pushing me maybe you'll find out hey you want us to ride with ya he might need some help well I guess I'll take care of him for the rest of day they start that herd moving north [Music] see look yeah I saw him how was he they're giving him a bad time that Durling out that's ganging up on him a little habit alright but I figured maybe you'd want to help him after all he is your brother and ask if you think that you have it you know what they're saying about you in town yeah and I'm afraid gunshot well what are you gonna do about it live to be an old man I hope he just isn't men enough for it that's the size of it Mary so we didn't ask him to take the job it was his own idea oh we were just having a little discussion about you I heard it no luck this time here there has been a cow stolen and black mason over a year well it was robbed this time while I was gone look guessing lost about a hundred head as the third herd that's been run off this week I can only be one place at a time you're beginning to sound like our Sheriff listen mister when I took this job I wasn't tall I had to take any talk from you that's enough Dixon let's not fight among ourselves we all know how the delis operate confuse you're under I could send you off in every direction while you're chasing rainbows there rustling cattle I've worn out six horses in three days I wasn't riding for my health as your veg you can have your money back if you wanted or mr. John I want to apologize for this bear Dixon we appreciate all you've tried to accomplish and I want to assure you that this meeting was not called to ask for your resignation Oh what do you want we want you to persuade your brother to help well you already talked to him judge that's why I'm asking you to do this time if you can only convince him of the good he could accomplish I don't think it'll help any but I'll try I'm sorry you're in trouble loop your play and I don't want it up I thought between the two of us we can clean it up in a couple of weeks clean it up in one day all you have to do is kill five or six people just let me know when a shootin starts I hope you lose uh-huh thanks kid but I don't think they deputize you but what difference does that make I can still play dog for you no Jimmy just because you quit on him has no reason I have to shut up frame knows what he's doing yeah he always knows I guess what the saying about him in town is true he's gun-shy why your wimpy danyoung Whooper psycho denver kid just doesn't understand I'm sorry I didn't know this was gonna happen and I'd be sorry about take care of him sure he'll be all right you want to go back Jimmy no I'll see you in town in about an hour stay out of trouble kid you beginning to sound like well aren't you gonna ask me in what are you doing here I come over to see you hey that's one of my favorite song it's mine to know pretty alright I guess a lot of people have told you that you're the only one I guess the rest of around here must have wear eyesight I don't know anybody else know me [Applause] [Music] you shouldn't have come why not I would kill you if he knew let me worry about Frank you better go I just got here please please go I'll be home any minute Oh your family they're usually in town nights aren't they yes well I'll be back you shouldn't I will [Music] [Music] shit not here all the way from Kansas City [Music] give me your guns yet nothing wrong in a man having some fun is there looks to me like you're overdoing it I would ride this over up in Homer in jail what are you gonna throw me in for or creating a disturbance who am i disturbing me I've got a room upstairs I don't like loud no ass how do I get the gun or do I have to take it away from you you gotta take it away from me well that's all right to give him back to him when he Sobers up let's you doing Marshall making your own laws any objections yeah well you know where to find me when you want to make him hey I'm making them right now anytime you say Frank [Music] Lu we'd better get him upstairs I'll take him you get a doctor get the Pali I'm gonna get frame know what you've done don't you pushed out frame Johnson the other one to kick the chair over I think I want to see you get killed to deal this luke frame Frank darling shot him he's at my place is he hurt bad I'm afraid Sol get the horses Denver right outside it was fair and square ask any man in here they all saw it how is he doc I'm sorry from I guess I just wasn't as good as you now dog crazy loon you're the best dude [Music] right do something nothing to do chili [Music] [Music] I look like we got much to worry about from the Johnson easy kid what are you gonna do what frame should have done Jimmy's optic at Frank darling crazy kid put it on my bill Jimmy whatever let's bring take care of he knows what he's doing sure he knows he always knows well you stay out of this cuz it's a family affair right now I feel like family they murdered it no matter what they call it yeah perhaps rate fault to see you one man could stand up a loan against a band of thieves and murderers there's Lutz bitch have you got somebody for the job after this I doubt if we get anybody thinking I'll take it providing I can do it my way anything you say mr. Thompson I want Norton it's passed an ordinance I want an ordinance making it illegal to carry firearms inside the town limits of Cottonwood no guns why we'll be the laughingstock in the West those are my terms take it or leave it but how's a man go to protect himself for his family that's up to the law and you think you can handle it alone I think you can if that's what you want I'll go along with it we've got a quorum here how about it well it's worth a try all right but I hope we aren't making a mistake will pass your no gun ordinance it may cause a lot of trouble I'll take care of the trouble but he'll have a gun woody of course how else is he gonna enforce the peace that isn't what bothers me I just hope we haven't legalized the murder [Music] cards are coming gentlemen wins the gamble loose place your bets boys what's the limit anything you have to be carrying around now that could be a real interesting game you probably be disappointed place your bet mister [Music] I'll Stan how to get it but she was located of Cottonwood way I was with the whole town blew up somebody killed a marshal named Johnson hit me I said hit me miss it's good I'll take a card that's not king and queen 20 paying 21 not for me Louie I don't follow buy a drink man thanks but I make it a rule never to drink at my own bar your help you wouldn't have to know that Marshalls first name would you the one who got killed well yeah I was Luther his brother framed to go with a badge says he's gonna clean up the whole town Thanks give this gentleman a drink on the house [Music] mr. sterling you still want to buy the piece at my price at your price it's a deal I'll meet you the bank in the morning Oh Jeannie I'm glad you're selling your father wouldn't have liked to see you running a saloon the only thing he left me can't teach school can't so girl has to make a living some way Town Council is Metin solemn body and decreed to start at noon this date April 23rd 1882 okay and a gun in the township of Cottonwood will be a misdemeanor punishable by a fine or jail 'sons a boat sign Judge William well that's real sporting of mr. Johnson ain't it first thing you know we'll have to shave every day you won't get away nobody's gonna take my gun let's just tryin to run this town looks like your signs not very popular no guns a marshal well in that case I guess I'll just have to get rid of a bullet you're under arrest me what for breaking the law your law I'll go into effect until noon it says so right there well I'm arresting him anyway all right during let's go somebody gets hurt you can't hold me you just wasting your time I got lots of time what's the charge what was he doing defacing public property since when is there a law against that since the inception of a town charter local ordinance 27 which our share ever seen fit to ignore you're getting off a la mine and all of a sudden at you judge I've always been conscious of the law mr. elder it so happens that at long last we found someone who was willing to enforce it that's what I'm talking about I don't like having someone appointed over me to interfere in my jurisdiction as chairman of the cup wood town council I have the right to appoint Omashu if you don't like that law call the council together and have a change in the meantime I find you guilty of violating ordinance 27 I find you $50 or 10 days in jail I'll pay it be reasonable judge you know no one pays any attention to that old ordinance this time you got a choice pay the fine or go to jail I've got it in for that album laws a loss you break it you pay the penalty gone should be cooled off yet eita matter wouldn't eat out of his food food - changed your mind kid do you know of any reason why I should he was my brother - gunnin for Frank darling is gonna help matters well that's not the way I see it if you let me out of this crumble just while you're in there that's just why you're gonna stay there until you get some sense through your head crazy ass darn fool thing I ever heard of Charlie well this the place that takes the gun that's right this right over there you know this ain't a bad law at there what's the matter with you I never knew she carried a gun Thank You mrs. mrs. Kouri sir what's the matter honey got a short memory and I'll be seeing you too jack then throw those guns in we're only waiting for the stage marshal you can get him back when the stage leaves they'll take him right in there but we're leaving town in a little while that's all right how about you church is my mind mister I don't even know how to shoot a gun you're big on us in at the stage comes in vain to upon these he was too drunk to know anybody caused any trouble no it looks like we're gonna have to hire somebody for this job we've been swamped all morning I'll give you a hand I'm trying to keep them filed alphabetically to simplify things we gotta give the back what name do I put on its Martin colas color coat 45 all right what name on this one just Jeannie Jeannie hello right what are you doing here I got tired of waiting let's get out of here I'll be back [Music] nice place isn't it did you wind up in a fleabag like this why had a choice I could either stay here or at the livery stable well I'm gonna take you out to the ranch isn't fixed up quite the way I wanted it but it's a big improvement on this you might at least kiss me first I might have been Jeannie I have to tell you something I heard about nudists that's what you mean I took over his job as marshal why do you think I came up here but you said once I know I said I wouldn't marry you because every time you read out into the street I'd be afraid you'd never come back here aren't seven improved any the odds never will you're big and you're ugly and you're stupid I happen to be in love with you so if you insist on being a walking target for every gunman in Arizona so I have to put up with it thank you a while to find that out I've known it for a long time but I kept hoping it was something like measles and maybe I'd get over it you're gonna make a beautiful bride [Music] hey Denver Denver you want something Jimmy yeah I want to get out of here you know what friend said he said he turned me loose if I promise not to go gunning for Frank darling I had heard you say anything yet well I'm promising right now I don't know you frames going on off the ranch look how can I go gunnin for anybody I haven't even got a gun by golly you're right all right Jimmy now if I was you I'd head right on out to the ranch that's just what I figured I'm doing you made me a promise Jimmy and I'll keep it I'm not going looking for Frank darling but I got a call to make and I need a gun just in case anything happens I could get on back in the cell see you Denver Jimmy I don't think you're coming back I didn't have a chance for some trouble in town I know I heard them talking right kill my brother loot yep don't believe Jimmy they'll kill you too well that's the reason I came out here you're going with me want me to come with you we can find a preacher in the next town no one cares get your stuff together let's get out of here [Music] that's young Johnson's horse looks like he moved in on your sister young squirt [Music] gotcha I told you to keep away from her I asked him to come shut up [Music] drop your guns I said drop them Maria get to the horses go ahead I'll catch up with you I know back up to that wall [Music] you gonna let him get away this time I'm gonna let the law work for me do you think it would help if I talked to Jimmy I don't know he's got a right to feel the way he does I wouldn't help pollute when he asked me to if you want to blame somebody blame me I'm the one that made you quit no I quit because I wanted to because I was tired of being a hired killer my only mistake was in thinking I could run away from a reputation maybe you didn't run far enough yeah I didn't I'm going into town I'll send Denver back to stay with you I'm not afraid to stay alone then alone most of my life you won't be much longer I don't mind waiting for him just hurry back huh I came to tell you frame I just killed Frank darling you young fool wasn't his fault Frank was going to kill him I saw mushy Maria darling darling I just wanted you to know I didn't go gunnin for him deliberately come on Maria where are you going we're headed for the border no you don't you're going to stay here and stand trial what chance have I got to get a fair trial in this town I'll see that you get it you keep your law and order frame I'll take my chances in Mexico don't start running kid I'll just have to come after you well in that case maybe I better give myself a head start [Music] I'm taking him into town you two better come along it might not be safe out here I've got a warrant for the arrest of James Johnson for the murder of Frank Gurley whom says it was murdered he killed him in cold blood never gave him a chance to draw we all saw it that's a lie Frank would have killed him I was there were you Maria the three of us who say you weren't don't let them take it were you gonna believe martial girl that's in love with a killer or three eyewitnesses I'll take the prisoner so we can find him hanging from a tree he's got to be held for trial when's the trial first thing in the morning it'll be a quick one I'll have the prisoner there oh no you don't you'll turn him over to me right now then let him keep him I knew you hated Frank Maria I didn't think he'd lie to save this killer you don't think you can bring the kid up for trial here probably would but I don't want him to you got the keys to the jail fence sure my dad tonight you won't let the kid out you're talking about the judge thinks Johnson turned his brother loose he won't be marshal much longer [Music] who's there don't ask questions kid you don't want to hang get out of town horse wait for you outside [Music] hey Marshall arresting your brother certainly convinced the people that you mean business about law and order a great day for Cottonwood I take it that ordinance of yours it doesn't include me after all I am an officer of the law it's a matter of opinion it's almost time for the trial I suppose the prisoners here you'll be here what happened over Laurie look Yuri I'll go over to jail and get him Finn we can't stand around here all day I said he'd be here he's your brother for all we know you could have turn him loose last night go get him Finn I wouldn't go if I were you Sheriff he might try to escape and then you'd have to shoot him Fred where's Jimmy I don't know somebody came to jail after I'd fucked me over the head Neil at him out here that the Johnson kids escaped that's convenient Johnson all right round up a posse we'll get our guns back and go get him don't go any further Kurt Denver I'm deputizing you to keep peace while I'm away shoot the first man I go through that door [Music] he's gonna defend your brother all away I said I was responsible for the prisoner I'm bringing him in you expect us to believe that you see what he did fixed it so his brother could escape after he took our guns away so we couldn't do anything about it you've still got your gun Sheriff why don't you do something about it I got no personal car with you Johnson I have you've been riding pretty high marshal it's about time somebody cut you down to size I'm kind of looking forward to it Kurt let's both of us stay out of this [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] pray I'm alright in my horse come on going after Jimmy no what are you trying to prove frame darlings dead there's nothing to be gained I said get my horse let him go we know he's innocent I'm going on way in peace I said I'd bring him in for trial please frame don't you always think like a marshal can't you think like a human being just this once I'm going alone why the way he is you can't ask a man to change all right it is finished in your laptop well it took you long enough I am NOT a good blacksmith the shoe had to be forged a lie take a bottle of this stuff with me senior but but Senora you forgot to paint in your listen man let's stop this talking get your guns ago after all this arrows right well we waiting for nobody gets her gun to frame get back hate that coming back why shuddhi we want our guns judge give us our gun just a minute men don't you see what the shutters trying to do he's afraid Johnson will come back that's what he's trying to prevent that's not true I'm just trying to do my duty as a laughs yo listen to elder's now that darling Teddy wants a town for himself give Johnson a chance what are you saying this is your man coming back araignee he'll be back I say give Johnson a chance give him until sundown tomorrow si Senor there was such a man here to three hours his tale his heart lost the shoe I had to make a new one he was also bottle of tequila which he forgot to pay for gracias Senor muchas gracias [Music] you [Music] you [Music] Oh Jimmy don't come any closer frame I'm warning you [Music] we're going back Jimmy no we're not [Music] you're gonna make me do it frame it's no life Jimmy run it all the time hide you got to stand up and face it if there's ever gonna be anything a hit for you don't come any closer for air I'll shoot I'm not drawing Jimmy I'll never pull a gun on you I mean a frame I'll kill you [Music] right pray [Music] [Music] [Music] he's your prisoner judge call off the dog I'm good cock Holly he's lost a lot of blood but it ain't gonna kill him I'm still not riding him back you think any jury will convict him now I'm not sticking around to find out I'm heading for California it's a long ride to make a loan you got company Frank it's all right everything sorry taking it off for good this time we got a lot of range to do doesn't look like he's gonna be much help to us Denver we could use a good ranch hand sorry ranch is not my line besides I figure business ought to be picking up back into so about now [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] you [Music]