What Did Ancient Teens Look Like

this is what one prehistoric teen looked like scientists at Hebrew University in Israel were able to reconstruct the human ancestors face she was a Denise 'van a species related to Neanderthals and Homo sapiens and she lived seventy thousand years ago now it is the first time that we provide a detailed anatomical reconstruction showing us how these humans look like one expert describes the girl and her relatives I would say that they are most similar to Neanderthals in many ways for example they have a slanted forehead and more a lower cranium and more projecting face things like this and we have been especially interested in the ways that they look unique for example they have very wide scarves very long dental out things like this how did scientists figure out this ancient face remains in the 13 year-old Deniz 'van were found in a cave in Siberia in 2008 they included her lower jaw a pinky bone and three teeth scientists were able to extract DNA from the remains we were able to take dozens of samples of modern humans and add to these samples of Neanderthals Denisovans and chimpanzee suggest a unified picture or unified anatomical profile once they were able to make a 2d image of the teen a 3d rendering followed the result a face that researchers say is 85% accurate and one that might be mistaken for a present-day homo sapien sometimes I ask myself if I would have walked in there straight and there was a tennis event walking there which is shaved and and his hair is cut and everything would I look twice I'm not so sure if I just find more Janissa vind DNA they can refine the image helping us better understand who we are and where we came from this is inside edition calm you