What Does Dry Ice Do In a Frozen Fish Pond


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A MELISSA DENEE TV SHOW (916)745-2895.... A MELISSA DENEE TV SHOW (916)745-2895.... Hey, what's up guys? We're back today with another dry ice experiment Dry ice is extremely cold But it never gets old you've seen people throwing this stuff in their swimming pool where it makes a really cool effect. You might remember last summer I went to the hot springs and dumped in a hundred pounds of this stuff to see how it would react with hot water. But today the ground is frozen over my fish pond has a thin layer of ice so I wanted to see what would happen if We tried throwing dry ice into a frozen fish pond. Let's check it out (Infomercial time) But wait, there's more! We're going to throw this bucket of dry ice into our fish pond. And don't worry, there aren't any fish in there now. This just Froze over last night, so the layer of ice isn't that thick. that means if we throw the dry hard enough It might be able to penetrate Straight through down into the water. is the dry ice going to crack through or is it just going to scuttle around on the top? This will be interesting to see. Let's see what happens if we just throw one chunk of dry ice in there That's awesome! But it's gonna take a little bit more to get it through and look How- wow look at what it's doing to the underneath the ice here? it's actually forming carbon dioxide gas right underneath the ice. that was unexpected but I guess it makes sense. Let's throw another piece down there right beside it and see if we get the same effect Now we need to go all the way through the ice There we go. Oh, this is actually gonna be really cool. here goes another one right over here See once the dry ice is under there it releases carbon dioxide, but the carbon dioxide gets trapped under the layer of ice and exposes it That's cool. Look closely what happens here There's an air bubble, and then the carbon dioxide infuses into it, and then it rushes out and disappears. what a sweet effect What's cool about that? Gas is it's still got that misty foggy vapor. Let's just go ahead and do the whole bucket [wow], that is cool I think the coolest thing about this is just the setting with everything frozen over it kind of looks like one of those foggy English mornings with the foggy vapor rolling around definitely gives it a different feel than we had at the hot springs. I could probably like stick my bucket on there And a bucket just sitting there ~random~ If you get in close here, you can see these bubbles going crazy, and if you listen carefully, it almost sounds like they're squealing You know what's interesting is a lot of the ice looks like it's kind of disappeared now It wasn't a very thick layer, but the agitation from all those bubbles must be dissipating that isolator quickly Look, what's happening to the edges of the ice around where the dry ice went in it's like Reforming a frost layer. it might be water spattering out and then refreezing to that ice layer, whatever it is that looks pretty cool So that is super cool and of course it makes sense that if you trap dry ice underneath the ice Carbon dioxide is going to build up a layer underneath Fantastic experiment. I'm really glad that we tried that today, so there you have it very cool experiment throwing dry ice into icy water Thanks so much for joining me for this video, and I'll be looking for you in the next one. Talk to you then Ice Knife ~CHAW~ (ninja sounds) ~music~