What Does Everyone Need To Know About The Most Dangerous Shit Of Human History

did you know that the coronavirus epidemic which has been terrorizing the world since the end of 2019 is far from the first one we've seen in history mankind has repeatedly faced this infection but this time the virus is much more dangerous and we just can't get rid of it what is the corona virus in general is it worth panicking over and could this ailment destroy all of humanity the corona virus is not a separate infection but a whole family of them which includes about 40 types of different viruses most of us have probably been ill with one of them or are sick now because simple forms of corona virus are often responsible for the common cold the corona viruses have spine like features resembling a crown which gives them the corresponding name and in these features is where all the danger lies the corona viruses spikes are snag molecules the virus uses to cling to and penetrate human cells once in a human cell the corona virus forces it to produce as many copies of itself as possible then the virus leaves the infected cell and attacks new ones if the corona virus doesn't have special pathogenic properties then the person simply gets off with a slight runny nose this became known in 1965 when the current virus was first discovered but since then it hasn't attracted the attention of researchers in 2002 the corona virus was the cause of atypical pneumonia in 8,000 473 people 813 of whom the first epidemic also started in China but after it was contained the coronavirus was quickly forgotten but in 2012 it made itself felt in Saudi Arabia the corona virus then quickly migrated to South Korea where in 2015 there was an outbreak of Middle East respiratory syndrome of the 183 infected 33 people died in December 2019 a new outbreak began and now SARS CoV - - or wuhan corona virus has entered the vocabulary of almost every inhabitant on the planet the number of victims exceeds 60,000 and the death toll is more than 1300 and these numbers are growing daily I'm afraid that at the time of this video the statistics may be even more intimidating now almost every one of us cares about protecting ourselves coronavirus is very tenacious if it got say into your package from China it could survive for up to nine days the same goes for any other surface if you freeze the corona virus to minus 70 Celsius best - 94 Fahrenheit its lifespan extends by several years fortunately ultraviolet light can destroy the corona virus in just 15 minutes and conventional alcohol antiseptics take only two minutes to remove the infection from any surface this is all effective in an open environment but when the virus enters the human body it multiplies very quickly due to the resources of the host vaccination can protect you from many infectious diseases but a vaccine for the new corona virus does not yet exist Chinese scientists only began developing one at the beginning of 2020 but it could take more than a year there is no cure that can kill a corona virus in fact no virus can be destroyed once it has settled in the body most antiviral drugs can only limit the propagation of viruses the fact is that viruses always penetrate the cells of their victims and they can be killed only by killing the infected cells developing a new medicine requires a lot of time and money so doctors are trying to use existing tools in some cases they've seen positive results according to Carol show Skees rice a biologist from New York University just one drug is not enough you need a whole cocktail of drugs since the corona virus constantly mutates the use of a single agent will only lead to the emergence of a virus resistance to this drug the action of several drugs increases the likelihood of a cure in addition don't forget about the damage that the corona virus does to the lungs if you look at x-rays of people infected with corona virus you'll find the so-called ground glass opacity symptom this symptom is observed in many lung diseases but in the case of the corona virus it's on a much larger scale white spots in the images are areas of the lungs in which the functions of the alveolus is reduced small bubbles where gas exchange occurs between blood and air entering the lungs the more white spots the harder it is for a person to breathe this means that while a cocktail of drugs will fight the virus the lungs may completely stop working about the same damage can be caused to the kidneys intestines and even the heart if after all that's been said so far you're already scared enough then you're probably wonder how far can the coronavirus travel and is there a place on the planet where you can hide from this scourge in the very center of the epidemic the city of Wuhan as well is in large mega cities the virus spreads quite quickly according to a model developed by researchers from the University of Hong Kong the spread rate can amount to 150,000 new cases per day this is approximately a whole kansas city getting infected daily to determine the level of danger of the virus scientists use a basic indicator of the reproducibility of the infection called r0 this refers to the number of people who can't be infected by one carrier for diseases like polio smallpox and rubella the r0 is five or seven measles whose r0 is 15 is the record holder in coronavirus this indicator ranges from one point four to three point eight not as bad as it could be however this value does not reflect the rate of transmission of the virus the corona virus can be transmitted both uniformly and in sharp bursts it's R zero rating itself is also unstable and constantly changing because the incubation period of the disease can last from two to 14 days all three known coronavirus epidemics have occurred very dramatically in two of them bats were the most likely culprit other animals were first infected by them which subsequently transmitted the infection to humans it's true that initially snakes from the seafood market in Wuhan the Chinese cobra in the South Chinese many-banded krait fell under suspicion however these studies were later criticized and they've now ultimately placed the blame on bats the genome of the virus indicates that the transition from animals to humans occurred recently when a virus has long been among the human population its genome from person to person becomes very diverse but in this case it coincides with 99.98% which explains why the human body gives up so quickly before an ailment and yet about 7,000 patients have managed to fully recover according to the director of the pneumonia prevention and treatment at the China Japan Friendship Hospital jinhwan's on the likelihood of reinfection remains however the blood of survivors contains a large number of antibodies therefore their blood plasma can be used to treat those who are less fortunate this inspires hope and reduces the degree of panic indeed if we compare the mortality rate of the corona virus with the mortality rate of for example the flu then a completely different picture emerges in the winter of 2019 2020 in the United States alone about 8 million people have been infected with the flu 140,000 people hospitalized and more than 8,000 died the US has a fairly high level of medicine so it's safe to say that these figures are even higher in other parts of the world by comparison the corona virus seems like innocent childish fun the fact is that we are customed to the flu and every fall we prepare for seasonal epidemics so the news of deaths from the flu doesn't cause panic this latest version of the corona virus is something completely new and every doctor in the world is still only groping for a way to effectively deal with it at one time the bubonic plague smallpox and other diseases were also something new to us we survived those and have found a way of getting rid of many other diseases for good so we will survive the coronavirus it's only a matter of time the main thing is not to succumb to panic what do you think let us know in the comments if you 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