What Does it Mean to be Truly Happy Kagiso Rabada Asks Sadhguru




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Sadhguru: Nothing in the world will ever happen  hundred percent your way. This one person   must happen your way. Your body  and your brains cooperate best   only when your experience of life is pleasant.  This being the most complex chemical factory,   we can teach you how to be a great manager  of this factory, so that you're always   absolutely blissed out. Kagiso Rabada:   Hey Sadhguru. My question  is, so many times in society   you were often told what should make you  happy. And in a way, we are followers.   I wanted to find out your opinion on what should  make a person essentially happy? So, what is it or   what does it mean to be truly happy? Sadhguru: Namaskaram KG.   I'm sorry to tell you that  my April trip to South Africa   has been postponed, riding on the virus (Laughs).  So you know the situation, but about happiness –   I was just telling them this is mango season  in India and maybe in some parts of Africa also   but you can't compare Indian mango  to anything (Laughter/Applause).   Well, now when we go near a mango tree,  this is a time when all the young boys and   girls are looking, parrots are also here,  they're all looking up for the mangoes.   This is the direction we're looking, because  that's where sweetness is. Suppose you go under   the mango tree and start digging – is there any  chance of you ever eating a mango, I'm asking,   is it possible? So what we need to understand  is human experience is caused from within us.   No matter what – joy or misery, agony or ecstasy,  pain or pleasure, is caused from within us. But   we are trying to fix the  world so that we are happy.   See, we thought we are fixing it, just a silly  virus. Our whole life's going into an upheaval. So right now all our programs canceled and  much financial loss all over the place because   we booked major event spaces. And so much has  been done, volunteers have worked everywhere.   Now, it's just up in the air, we  cannot even say when we will do it.   This is the time to get into depression  (Laughter). Because everybody says   if things don't happen the way you think  they should happen, you must be miserable.   Nothing in the world will ever  happen hundred percent your way.   This one person must happen  your way, one-hundred percent.   If this one happened hundred percent your way,  would you keep yourself blissful or miserable,   that's all the question is. I know what's  your choice. You're asking this question   because, as you said, people say this will  make you happy, that will make you happy,   fix this, fix that, fix that, fix everything.  Still it will not happen because you're trying   to dig mangoes from the roots. That's  not where it comes, it comes up there.   So what is within you if you search for it  outside, it's going to be an endless search.   This is why we're talking about Inner Engineering.  You fix this one, being joyful is assured.   Rest of the life we have to do to the best  of our ability. No two human beings can do   outside life to the same extent. It's never  possible. No two human beings can ever do   it the same way when it comes to the world.  But if you are joyful, you will do your best   and that's all that matters. In this life are you  doing your best in every possible way? You can   only do that if you are happy and joyful by your  own nature. If your happiness depends upon what is   happening around you, whether you get a wicket  or not, you were just about to play Australia,   is it, hmm? Got canceled, huh? Participant: India. Sadhguru: Oh, they're playing India. Now  I can't even wish you luck (Laughter).   Now, you can bowl and play the  game to your best only when   your physical body and your  intelligence cooperates with you.   It doesn't take any scientific understanding.  If you make a sensible evaluation of yourself,   you can clearly see that your body and your brains  cooperate best only when your experience of life   is pleasant, which is what you're calling as  happiness. Happiness is not some quantity.   It's just that you're feeling very pleasant, so  you say, "I am happy." Your pleasantness should   be determined by what's happening within  you, not by what's happening around you.   This is not difficult to fix, you see people  who are miserable are... so many different ways.   All kinds of people who can't laugh,  who can't sing, who can't dance,   who can't do nothing sensible.  They have a drink and suddenly...   so I'm saying, chemistry can change one's  experience. This being the most complex chemical   factory, we can teach you how to be a great  manager of this factory, so that you're always   absolutely blissed out. Now your body and brains  will function at your best, depending upon what   sort of work you're doing, how much success you  find, depends who you're playing the game with.   Now you're playing with India, canceled,  but if you did, then whichever way you bowl,   some of them hit it out of the boundary. The  boys have become like that these days (Laughs).   There was a time in five days if  once the ball crossed the boundary,   without pitching I mean, if it's a six, oh,  the whole country celebrated. Now in five   minutes if there is no six everybody is getting  frustrated, "What's happening here" (Laughter).   So things have changed, bowlers get batter…  battered, but at the same time, because they   are trying to go so fast, bowlers also have a  good time. Tch, because the pace is so high.   So your happiness should not depend  on how many Indian batsmen get out,   I don't like that (Laughter). Your  happiness should be that you're just happy   because of that you're doing the best possible  bowling that you can do. KG all the best for   you (Laughs/Applause). Oh, it is a dangerous  thing, tch, talking to a South African player now   (Laughter).