What Great Movies Look Like Without Special Effects


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hi everyone now Hollywood blockbusters have become increasingly reliant on visual effects over the past few decades in recent advances in technology have made it possible to do almost anything you can possibly imagine it to understand this let's take a look at a couple of incredible movies and show you exactly what we're referring to so make yourself comfortable because you're about to be amazed with what we have in store for you today let's get it on [Music] number five spider-man homecoming the spider-man homecoming movie was the second spider-man reboot in the sixteenth film in the Marvel Universe the CGI throughout was simply amazing however unlike most Marvel movies it also featured various real-life stunts to this can be seen in the case for the main protagonist Tom Holland whose years of gymnastics training really paid off on the set of spider-man homecoming this is especially seen during the film's Washington Monument scene whilst it truly was Holland under the mask the monument itself was a fake is only a small portion of it was built on set it was a great movie overall and the special effects definitely gave me that overall boost number four gravity you're probably already very aware that the 2013 movie gravity wasn't actually filmed in space even that it would be physically impossible due to this gravity brought computer-generated graphics to a whole new level in some scenes only the actors faces were real everything else with special effects in CGI literally all of it from the starry sky to the spaceship and even the space suits all that was applied using CGI later on in production but that's not all that was CGI because in fact what seemed to be the actors moving space was actually them moving in a cube of light with a moving camera in a tilt rig the movie completely raised the bar even for today's standards number three Jurassic world fallen Kingdom during the filming of the most recent installment of the Jurassic world franchise the filmmakers this time round used both physical and digital effects to create the amazingly realistic graphics that the franchise is known for for example unlike previous editions this movie in particular featured a wide variety of animatronics to keep things as authentic and lifelike as possible okay apart from that most of the island featured in the movie and the vegetation was also created virtually on an empty space on the ocean this isn't even including a majority of the action scenes which if you haven't already guessed yet our computer-generated number two dr. strange dr. strange was a big hit when it aired for the first time however what you saw in Peters looks completely different to what actually took place during filming the movie took Marvel to new visual heights as it contained many mind-blowing effects which marked Benedict Cumberbatch's debut as the title protagonist throughout the movie there are approximately 1,450 visual effects shots which took approximately six months to be rendered this is most likely due to all the complicated action scenes in superpowers which are scattered all throughout the movies runtime number one Godzilla like many other characters and creatures on this list it goes without saying that the 2014 Godzilla blockbuster was created using CGI however with ginormous monster aside there was a lot more CGI in the movie that might actually surprise you for example this can be seen when the military entered the city along with various other epic action scenes the whole movie basically revolves around green screens because the sea clouds the monsters and basically everything else isn't actually there which movie had the best special effects in your opinion let us know down in the comments thanks for watching now if you like these kind of videos and want to see more then make sure to leave us a like on the video subscribe to our Channel and turn on post notifications to be the first to watch all our new and exciting videos every first comment will be getting pinned so good luck [Music]