What Happened to Jeffrey Epstein’s Alleged Recruiter

where is Jeffry Epstein's former girlfriend she's vanished following allegations that she recruited underage girls for Epstein's sex trafficking Network Gawain Maxwell who has denied any wrongdoing lived in this five-story townhouse on Manhattan's Tommy each side it's less than a 10-minute walk from Epstein's palatial mansion but she sold the home for 15 million dollars after she got caught up in the epstein case and moved to London so where is she now nobody knows but she's believed to be somewhere in Europe she was in London for a while and in Paris but recently she hasn't been seen in either country if I were to take a guess I would guess that she is in Russia because it is a country that could not extradite her to the United States Maxwell was once at the pinnacle of the social scene in New York City she was with Epstein Donald Trump and Melania at this party at mar-a-lago in 2000 that's her hovering in the background in this notorious video as Trump and Epstein crack each other up at another Mara Lago bash in 2014 she was spotted with entrepreneur Elon Musk at the Vanity Fair Oscar party new details about how Epstein committed suicide in his jail cell are emerging today the New York Post says he fashioned a makeshift news from a bedsheet tied one end to his bunk and knelt towards the floor strangling himself [Music] you [Music]