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in today's video we are taking a look behind the science of water buoyancy guys we are here today at true wrest floats by in Provo Utah and I am here with Chris and he is allowing us to use his facility today to try and test water buoyancy Chris can you give us a little bit of an intro on what it is you do here absolutely so we super relax the brain super relax the body you're floating in 11 inches of water and 1,000 pounds of Epsom salt so that's gonna keep you buoyant it's gonna super relax your muscles nerves and joints so kind of like what they did in stranger things yes that is awesome here's the basic idea we are at a true rest afloat spa that allows you to float in salt water in a sensory deprivation chamber we want to take a look at how these work and just have buoyant the water is so natus prepping stuff right now as soon as he gets back we're going to head back there we're gonna take a look at the float pool that we're going to be using today and get started it looks like it's from sci-fi future science and I think that's intentional it's a personal pool that's big enough to fit in without hitting and bumping into the walls too much you can see inside here this is where we have our water with a thousand pounds of Epsom salt dissolved into it the idea is that it's kept it basically the same temperature as the surface of your skin so that if you stop moving you don't really feel it at all it just elevates you suspends you and that's it you just are floating in it this is gonna be interesting for me I am gonna be testing this out I've often been interested by the idea of a sensory deprivation chamber mostly inspired by the TV show Fringe which is great you should check it out human bodies are generally a little buoyant in water meaning they are less dense than water the effect is exaggerated with the saltwater so I'm calling a salt water this is not salt like ocean water or table salt it's not sodium chloride this is a magnesium sulfate salt with water to us it all seems all packed together and fluid with no gaps in it but if you look at it at a molecular level the water molecules with the one oxygen and the two hydrogen are actually somewhat larger and they they aren't packed perfectly tight in together they've got space between them as they're floating around as a liquid when you dissolve a salt into the water it breaks the salt up into its individual tiny little ions and those actually fit in between the water molecules so it's kind of like if you had a bunch of ping-pong balls in a cup and then you added a bunch of sand to that Cup it's not really going to add any more volume the ping-pong balls aren't going to spill out but you're gonna fill the gaps between the ping-pong balls that's what happens when you dissolve a lot of salt into water it sort of fills in in between all of the water molecules you keep the same volume but there's a lot more weight to it therefore it's more dense I dipped my hand in the water just to feel the temperature and now that it's dried off like one minute later you can see the salt has just crystallized all over my skin it's not I don't think a 100% saturated solution you probably could dissolve more salt in but not a lot and so this is a boy just how dense the water is so the idea is that this weight down here in this sealed tube is all carefully calibrated so I believe with regular water this should sink down to the 1.000 line so will it be exactly that I don't know you hit it we heard it hit the bottom but it's not touching it did bounce off we're within half a millimeter that really is right on the line so we're seeing the density of this water is one that's what we expect that's what the scale is one gram and we're gonna see how this goes in our float pod so this was sinking like way more in the regular water this right here is at about one point two eight one point two nine even it's getting really close to one point three the average regular density of the Dead Sea is about one point two four so this is a point two six grams per millimeter more dense than the Dead Sea so this should really float quite a bit and me quite well so we have a few different objects some things I think will float some things I'm not quite so sure about all right first up a golf ball yeah pretty standard here's what happens if we put a golf ball in regular water sinks nicely to the bottom how are you gonna get that out all right one standard fairly fresh chicken egg sinks about like the golf ball a little flour there is an air pocket in there yeah and eggs are interesting because as they go bad things break down and you end up with more gas in the shell and a bad egg will float that's actually a test you can do if your eggs are floating don't use them this is a pot of water and I have two different blocks of wood and they're both very dense I have not tested this one here this is black wood it's one of the densest types of wood this one is called lignum vitae or vitae or something like that I'm not entirely sure how you pronounce it but it is known to be the densest type of wood there is I'm gonna see if this floats in my pot of water I don't actually know so you can see that block of wood slowly sunk down to the bottom of this pot I bring it back up let go so this is just barely higher density than water and let's talk a little bit about what that means to be higher density for equal volumes so if it takes up the exact same amount of space density is which one weighs more so if you have water if you could keep water in the exact same shape as this block of wood you can but if you could and then you weighed them on a balance scale this would be just slightly heavier so to give you an idea of kind of what that means or to give you a basis of comparison a liter of water weighs 2.2 pounds or exactly 1 kilogram which means if you have a leader of this wood it would weigh a little bit more than one kilogram wood doesn't usually measured in leaders but you get the idea so what you're looking at is when the object is in the water if it's pushing away water that weighs more than it does it will float if it's pushing away water that weighs less than it does it will sink and that is known as water buoyancy or thrust so here we have a block of this lignin beats now unfortunately my pot is not big enough to hold but this wood it sinks quickly and immediately in water it does not float so now what we want to do is test these four same objects using our float pod water it's kept up here alright so same order o golf ball at the top not even a contest this is the same egg that was sinking to the bottom of our regular water yeah so it's quite nicely on the surface of our salt water one fresh egg still fresh it's only ten minutes older than it was last time we tested it's not enough to go bad so this black would sunk in our regular water alright here goes about a quarter of the block of wood is actually just sticking up out of the water okay our lignin Vita wood densest wood known to man sinks immediately in regular water now looking it up it is possible but this will float it kind of depends on like the block and how dry it is yeah is 1.24 is that right I think so around that and this water currently is 1.29 so in theory it is gonna float we'll see if it holds up to that theory oh my god there's like none of it yes sticking up out of the water the other one about 1/4 of the block was sticking up out of the surface we've coated lignum vitae this has virtually nothing sticking up out of the surface but it is floating normal water density of one this water density of 1.29 ed c about one point two four which is about the same as the limit of a human body is 0.985 so even in normal water a human body will usually float especially if you breathe in because that increases your volume while at a negligible change to your weight now if you guys want to try some of these small experiments at home it's actually pretty easy you can take an egg put in a cup and then you can just keep adding salt water and gently stirring and eventually that egg will float to the surface you can recreate that at home different types of salt yes you can use epsom salts but you can use table salt just make sure you're if you're younger get your parents permission first before you use all the table salt in the house because it will take a lot all right I think it's time for me to climb in this thing it is but you have to shower off first so mark and I are gonna leave wearing all of this just to shower with all this to wash off anything that might be on it continue there's a very thorough cleaning process these go through every time they are used but best mates of the filters don't work too hard so I'll be cleaning up enjoy this is the only time you're ever gonna see him shower on camera okay yeah just like that yeah kind of sit legs down you just sort of yeah pop up and it's the coolest thing Oh fun though right just blowing sensory perception as possible we're gonna go ahead and close this mark and I are going to stay very quiet and very still so that all the lights go off the without the lights without sound the sensory deprivation is odd guys I've heard my own heartbeat and it's strange so enjoy and now we put some weight on top of it and I roll the channel alright so it's been 10 minutes let's see if Nate's still alive oh he's alive it's interesting you definitely feel yourself floating a lot more than normal like they're just so far up out of the water you know I'm just letting my hair grow back as far as it would go and it just you know water wasn't getting in my mouth or my nose or anything like that yeah really was suspended up out of the water very interesting video did it feel like you were completely floating with the UM bein temperature of the air I can still feel like especially around any any part of the we're just out of the water so like my toes the edges of my face and like I didn't have my arms all the way in the water way I can feel it on the edges the movement of the water but yeah because of the temperature accounted for you definitely do not so cool thank you again so much to to rest float Spa in Provo Chris thank you so much we were so happy to be here and I'm sure we'll be back at your facilities thank you thank you guys that's it for today but we've always gotten more cool stuff coming out go ahead and hit that button subscribe so you never miss out on a cool video and we will see you in the next one dr. 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