What Happens When You Put Cut Up Onions in Your Socks While You Sleep


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hello everyone humankind discovered onions quite a while ago to more than five thousand years we've been using this vegetable in all kinds of ways today we know that onion has many benefits for humans it's a great remedy against the cold thanks to its antibacterial and antiviral properties and it's also a very helping food for people with cancer but still some people do not love onion in any shape or form but after watching this video even they are going to change their mind and you'll probably start to sleep with cups of onions in your socks and we're going to now tell you why let's get it on want to see more cool videos on our channel we do suppress this valve don't be shy we're all friends there after that you'll get notifications about new releases so you won't miss any of our new videos anyway they'll be joy and cookies for everyone press it press it and you won't regret it first things first why on earth would cuss up onions in your socks be of any good for you it all comes down to Chinese traditional medicine and something called meridians Qi energy uses the meridians or energy channels in your body to travel around each Meridian is connected to a certain body organ using acupuncture and other techniques you can stimulate any meridian and therefore any part of your body if the technique that's been used for centuries to heal all kinds of diseases so human feet are responsive possibilities for Chinese healer the reason is that in our feet there are more than 7,000 nerve terminations and Chinese believe that each one of those terminations is connected to a human organ by an energy Channel there is only one problem we have been using shoes for so long now that the energy that goes through these channels are very passive now so if you want to stimulate your meridian you have two great options first you can take your shoes off and start touching the earth with your feet more often or second you can use some onion yeah it's time to reveal to you the great secret behind this vegetable listen here according to Chinese healers you have to cut up an onion crosswise take a slice of it and put it inside a pair of dense socks now you just have to put them on and make sure they're touching yourself if everything is ready you can now go to sleep this simple process will stimulate your meridians and will allow Chi energy to go straight to your tired liver this procedure also kills microbes and bacteria on the skin and the phosphoric acid on the onion can get into your blood and clean it by the way Chinese healers also recommends throwing the onion away after a night of you instead of cooking with it well you probably weren't planning to do that anyway it's also remarkable that the advice of putting cut-up onion in your socks is followed not only from Chinese healers but also from followers of alternative medicine first they used onions to treat the flu and not to clean someone's meridians in order to persuade that this is a great procedure we're going to list all of its properties first of all onion cleans your blood you can phosphoric acid second of all it mercilessly destroyed all bacteria and microbes in your feet invertible your feet will stink no more and last but not least Chi energy will cure your liver while you sleep that's all for today by the way don't forget to press the bell and we'll see you in a couple of days your mind is my warehouse