What If Your Problem Is The Solution


Official Steven Furtick


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I want to preach a message to you from my heart today and I want you to look at your neighbor and say neighbor don't waste your angel these are three things God has promised you I hid them one by one see I am sending an angel ahead of you to guard you along the way and to bring you to the place I have prepared there all three right there the first one is God promises to protect his people and specifically he says I will guard you along the way I was interested in that phrase because a lot of times God is guarding you from things in your life that you don't even know you need to be guarded from you got a giant assignment that's good the greater the assignment the greater the assistance now I can look back on several phases of my life where God was protecting me with what I thought was a problem God says I'll protect you and the second when he says I will bring you to the place if guard you along the way as God's promised to protect bring you to the place is his promise to position and one thing I've really come to believe is that God is good at getting me where he wants me when he wants me often God positions you according to a higher priority than your preference and is called his purpose God's promises are not automatic they're optional joy is optional piece is optional you can have it or you can leave it but you have to take the step now God says I've positioned you I've protected you I kept you alive I brought you through it the see didn't sweep over you the slave master didn't kill you with his whip all I did was bring you out with the possession that you need to go into the place that I've prepared for you because it's not just the Angels that God sends ahead of you that he used us to bless you those are wonderful it's not just the yeses sometimes God uses the nose to lead you to a greater yes he said i'ma leave some things I'm at least some weaknesses in your life take it away nah we'll work through it now i'ma leave that weakness in your life and your weakness is going to lead you to my strength it's one thing to praise God for your protection but it's another thing to praise him for your problem stop expecting for God's deliverance to be sudden Freitas if God can give you his gradual change [Music]