What Would These Friends Characters Be Doing Today


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25 years is nothing short of amazing [Music] my name is james michael tyler and i played gunther on friends I kind of created a backstory for Gunther because there was nothing that was established by the writers he never even had a last name I thought Gunther maybe lived behind Central Perk bar you know you have that little milk fitty occasion come running out of or crashing dishes I think I had a cot back there with a hot plate a little TV I used to be Bryce on All My Children yeah that was that was the big reveal that Gump there was Bryce and all my children to Joey's amazement and disappointment soul-crushing the cause he had just been kept off of his soap opera I don't know what who Bryce would have been on all my children maybe like the the best friend of like one of the really good-looking character actors or something like that or he'd be the annoying neighbor I think that they would probably be a lot more cell phones in the coffee shop I think console would be a lot bumpier today because you have to make so many different types of coffee I like a lot too in our mocha every now and then Gunter's drink of choice I believe always is just like straight black coffee like his soul no he's a nice guy you know no sugar no cream just black coffee you know I think that that these characters and the energy that they exchange and the rhythm and all of the kind of quarks in their characters would be ever-present hi I'm Maggie Mueller and I play Janis I'm friends yeah when I got the part there was just this one scene one episode so there was no time really to create much of a backstory I felt like I knew her I just saw her on the page and I thought oh yeah I know her and that was it prints meant so much and means so much to me you know I mean as an actor it was an opportunity to bring to life this iconic character that found her way to the hearts of millions of people all across the world so that is something that not everybody gets to say about their work in this lifetime so I feel very very blessed but the one thing that I think people don't know about Janis is that she she really is truly and deeply an optimist [Music] I think she has a podcast and I think she's taking calls and telling people how to fix their love life so I think her kids are up and out and I think she's created a nice clothing line or leopard or cheetah you know jungle deep into Instagram I think cuz it would be a really good photographer honestly oh I hope that country would be over Rachel right now 25 years after the show started because that's that's really sad if he's not I honestly think that Gunther is happily married with like two children with hair brighter than the Sun oh I love a nice couch hey Pat hey Pat okay smelly cat smelly cat not a break I love her ding-a-ling ding-a-ling unbelievable [Music] you