What are the Important Aspects of Transcription Lesson 1 Part 2 Overview

hello and welcome to the transcription certification Institute part 2 of lesson 1 important aspects of transcription in this lesson we will learn about the important aspects of transcription the first aspect is accuracy accuracy is the first and foremost goal to achieve as a transcriber accuracy includes correct spelling grammar punctuation and compliance with the formatting standards designated by the transcription company accuracy is monitored by that company's quality assurance proofreaders so you must ensure that your in meeting your standards if you wish to stay employed with them the next important aspect is spelling while this has a lot to do with accuracy spelling deserves to be on its own due to its importance take the time to look up and confirm the spelling of words and terms that you're unfamiliar with pay close attention to the spelling of words and proofread as you transcribe which will save time later the next important aspect is formatting be sure that you pay attention to all formatting instructions given to you especially when testing for a job this includes the style of what the transcript should look like when completed for example the spacing margins and headers and footers always ask if you are unsure before you assume that what you're doing is correct now let's talk about verbatim and non verba dom transcription verbatim means transcribing what is dictated word-for-word this would include UNH's as laughter and stumbling of words a transcription company will describe their own verbatim preferences to you on the other hand non verbatim transcription gives you some Liberty to exclude throw words and sounds this produces an easy-to-read transcript