What did Artem Lobov do to deserve this


Chael Sonnen


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bare-knuckle boxing but I tell you what they brought me and they got me hook line and sinker they really did I realize I'm being worked here a little bit but it's happened so well so I would I'm talking about Artem versus Polly okay now let's rewind the tape two months ago when this thing gets announced I'm in and I'm thinking man that Artem Wow last thing in the world I would want to do is fight a pro boxer with no gloves on in a boxing match right but I mean this is what art of does there's any reason that everybody respects Artem I mean you go say whatever you want about his record you weren't gonna be questioning his resume that guy steps up and he gets in there now here's why I'm lost I've never and feel free to correct me if I'm missing something has Artem ever been a jerk I can't remember Artem ever ever doing something bad I can't remember him being a brat somewhere or being the heel if you will I can't really remember that I realized he was there when the lynch mob and in the dahle situation and the bus all hat but I gave him a bit of a pass and I think you guys did too right I mean boss flies to town says we're going to confront these guys he went along was it a leadership position the same time he didn't bring any weapons I don't think he knew what he weapons were gonna be brought he didn't go crash a window and hurt PETA do any of those things and I don't think he had any knowledge ahead of time a court of law is not gonna agree with me I understand that right he still is still an accessory but I'm just saying I never really looked at him as a bad guy I've never heard him say or do anything I don't know the time that he's ever broken the rules or been in the hot seat I've watched a guy go out and try really hard to win fights that are really hard fights and sometimes he does and sometimes he doesn't pretty regular guy pretty easy guy to get behind am I missing something there so when he goes over to the boxing I had a similar opinion of Polly and Polly had some fun and he was trying to get the fight with Conor and I got the whole thing and the footage and the training I got the whole thing but for Polly for his work he was a damn good boxer he may be an even better in answer I mean I really enjoy him show time and so when he's calling fights I think that he's very fair I think he gives a great perspective he's gone straight he'll Paulie is so incredibly wrong times ten in the way that he's been treating Artem he spit at Artem two days ago at a press conference I couldn't believe you just spit on the guy I mean that's disgusting that's an assault for many reasons but it's also very disgusting how would you spit on the gun what is it that artem ever did to Paulie that's my question I get these guys are gonna fight it largely ties back to Conor McGregor great storyline why is Artem getting treated this way what am I missing does art of have a really foul mouth and he talks bad about people and he doesn't on social media I am I missing it cuz paulie's gone straight he'll and I was very interested to see Paulie fight I liked watching him as a boxer but now when you talk about bare-knuckle i'ma there's something to see there right for a couple of different ways there's a reason they started rapping and putting cotton and leather on these boxers hands because they're dangerous they're very dangerous the other side of this coin is Paulie can't actually hit at full capacity that's the other thing that a lot of people mess with the glove the glove is not designed to protect what it's hitting it is designed to protect the person doing the hit designed to protect paulie's hand so now paulie's not gonna be able to throw full-speed he just hits door he'd break his hand he doesn't have a glove on so where is that middle grant he's gonna have to figure that out but there's something interesting to see there why are these two fighting I guess because Connor is the middle ingredient and Paulie wants a fight with Connor and Connor and Artem and I guess that's the story but paulie's gone straight jerk he now spit on the poor guy he tried to hit him in the head of the microphone and even though look I'm not guys I'm not trying to scream fire here but not for not that Sal Epping if you're going to slap at do something at a press conference you cannot use a weapon of any kind even if it is a microphone just can't do it it's way out of bounds if this is before the spitting incident paulie's got a straight he'll Artem's the face am I miss anything sincere question I want you to let me know what am I missing