What everyone missed re Jorge Masvidal vs Darren Till…


Chael Sonnen


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Maz Vidale vs. Darrin Hill and I did not like the way that this was promoted from the jump and I don't mean that on the promotion stamp I mean from you guys from fellow members of the media somehow the storyline of this fight from day one and nobody could get off it was that Maz Vidale was given up too much sighs open it shut case open the book closed the book nothing to see here Maz vidal's too small to go with till the end he's gonna go out there and give it the old college try and if he can make it several rounds and great will all be entertained but there's just simply nothing to see I don't know where that started what are you talking about first off they're about 15 pounds I mean from the beginning I mean the sports become wood safai to the point that we even give a damn about 15 pounds over the foggiest I don't know a fighter that cares about 15 pounds at least not for my generation but for some reasons that really read over to the fans and that was all there was to see I think if you would have just looked a little bit closer particularly with the benefit of hindsight but if you would have looked a little bit closer you would have seen a dynamic aggressive stand-up fighter in dere until taking on a guy that wants to sing that same song that is Maz vidal's game let's go out there and put our chins down and see how many punches and kicks and knees and elbows we can give to the other guy and let's not even talk about this whole going to the ground business so matchup wise it was compelling now you can still place your bets do you like the longer reach of till do you like the youthfulness of till do you like the experience of Maz but abut that I always thought that should have been the story and particularly when you're talking about a stand up fighting guys we cover this all the time it does not favor the bigger guy the only time that size advantage is a true advantage is when you're grappling when you're standing up it always favors the smaller guy there's a reason that the super heavyweight division is not even contested in modern day boxing many of you forget that it even exists it doesn't exist because they're not any good and they're not any good because they're too slow to move you guys many of you think that heavyweight is the highest class that Commission's regulated sanction in boxing you're wrong if a super heavyweight class where they think I'm above to let you go weighed 400 pounds and get in there in a commission 'el sanction it it's never featured because those guys suck at the sport it's not a knock to the guys the sport requires speed Muhammad Ali in his prime 198 pounds Mike Tyson in his prime 220 pounds you could even carry it over to MMA from this steep pace to the core me ace to the ver Doom's to the fae doors to the contours of the world they don't meet the weight limit I don't believe we've ever have a champion even at MMA don't hold me against us I'm telling you I don't believe we've ever had a champion even at MMA that met the limit that wasn't named Brock Lesnar it doesn't favor the bigger guys unless they're grappling heavy and no matter how many times we cover this clearly as the biggest loudest voice in the entire space of MMA there seems to always be the pushback from the water cooler from the day that some guys kid got his ass kicked on the playground and we have explained it to the co-workers as next day he had to go well yeah you know jr. jr. got a black eye but the kid was bigger than him we always seem to default with that no matter how many times a bigger guy in a smaller guy fight and the bigger guy loses it is a size disadvantage when and I must add this asterisks you're talking about a stand up fight so when you guys were looking at till in Maz Vidale and you were all leaning towards tell you're not wrong to look at to till is a complete stud even with the loss of his last two fights tills a top-five guy in the world and will climb back up to a top two and three and possibly a champion don't forget how young he is none of this is a commentary or rebuke on dare until it's just a point out was right in front of everybody's face but nobody wanted to take it that direction they just quickly dismissed dismissed Maas Vidal as too small and there never seemed to be any other legs or arms to this octopus that was it that was the fight nothing to see here let's put it in England so the hometown crowd can come out in support tale even though we know the outcome of this contest okay so you have that analysis from me but there's another historical fact that seems to be overlooked and even I did not bring this up I must admit to you guys I thought it I didn't find it compelling and I didn't have my numbers in life so I never mentioned to you guys but I think even after the fact you'll appreciate the fact there is something very real about a number one contender in his next fight not looking very good and many of the former number one contender's that go back into the mix in their next fight many of them did get their hand raised but I will stand by my statement that they didn't look very good it might have look good enough to get it done that night but they generally there's just a slip and I don't even have an opinion for you as to why but I can tell you it's a very real thing I can tell you there was something about being out there being in the spot like having the attention and buying into the fact okay I've made it to the top of the mountain I've gone as absolutely far as you can and because of that experience and because of that knowledge I am now a veteran and whatever I do next is going to be easy and it falls in line with people believing that the really hard fights are the really big fights and the less big fights are easier fights and that is wrong I don't give a goddamn if you're at the dog park in an amateur fight in front of 80 people for no money and no attention and no cameras and no media you can have a really hard fight and it doesn't matter if you're in the cage over at Bellator or in the USC it doesn't matter that may not physically be a harder fight but I will concede to you it is a much bigger fight and there seems to be something very real about that I'll bring Conor McGregor into the mix because it's a name you guys will recognize but when he went into the Kebede fight he spoke about this at the press conference and it made me think twice about Conor in that fight and he was talking about how this fight as big as it may seem to you people he is half the fight that I just got done with this will do half the numbers and half the attention and half the gate of what I just did with Floyd so as impressed as you guys may be by what's on the line for kabhi I have been there and I have done that these were his words I am NOT quoting but I am absolutely paraphrasing for you his words i remember think oh my gosh one's got nothing to do that the other personalizes the second fight I ever had in my life I fought 49 men the second guy I ever fought I fought for free at the Roseland theater in Portland Oregon in an amateur fight in a professional wrestling ring because the promoter couldn't even shell out the cash to get a ring that same opponent I rematch and guess where I rematched him in the UFC on live television at the Hard Rock Casino in the first fight of the night just to put in perspective for you the hard fights and the big fights do not go hand in hand and the athlete that falls for that will fall on his sword I'm not offering to you right now a commentary on dare until because that would sound as though I'm being negative to dare until it's just an analysis that a lot of guys go through and I also happen to think based on that historical statistic that Darren Till was going to underperform I just happen to think that I'm sharing it with you guys now but it's a very real thing I've watched a number of other amateur fighters here's one that comes to mind Chris Leben and is either first or second fight fought ever and his life fought Pat Healy on an amateur card in either Pat Healy's first or second fight it was a split decision it went to leave it and they both went on to the UFC just by example that was a tiny small fight that nobody wanted to see and nobody was talking about it later in their career if I was to tell you that Chris Leben was gonna fight Pat Healy you would stop what you were doing he would television watch so some of it is is just timing but I see this misconception happen constantly we're a top guy fights a guy that's ranked and separated by him by eight or nine the number-two guy fights the number 10 guy and the number two guy automatically thinks I'm eight spots better than this guy and you find out when has nothing to do with the other then you find the guys that are ranked somewhere in the top five and they refuse to fight somebody unless he's got a household name because he's not worthy of their time those guys know the secret they are pretending and projecting to the world that the guy isn't worth their time when they know what I'm actually telling you right now does those fights are razor thin - it's not just through 2 through 10 2 through 20 is anybody's ballgame on any given night but there is something in the past about guys coming off of title fights who underperform in their next outing