What if SCP682 was real and escaped

hmm what if scp-682 was real boy it's been a while since I've done these SCP videos somebody asked us to put this thing up against other things and I decided that I would brush up on my knowledge on it and share some phat knowledge with you guys before putting it against everything else we have more knowledge on so this thing is a freaking large furry reptile looking thing known as the heart to destroy a reptile weird-ass name I mean if you cross a crocodile with a rat like something had a crocodile body with a rat like all around it and it's vertebra was sticking out of several places and its head basically consisting of its skull only like no flesh no meat just this weird skull thing with like bone sticking out dude it's a crocodile or an alligator with a rat skin texture with pieces of its body including its head looking as though somebody carved sections off of it to have it for supper it looks rank nobody knows where this thing came from but it's hungry as hell and yes I said huggly like horrible ugly whore iggly whatever and it's so intelligent it's not like a regular crocodile that will look at you with its mouth open and just wait because that's its prime directive is biological instinct and butchers prey that's crocodiles apparently scp-682 it was even at a time in communication with the xes or a microcomputer scp-079 it can talk and it's intelligent so there's that scp-682 we'll just call 682 or the ugly rat crocodile thing it's different it's just different how all these things are this thing is the embodiment of not Cena's it hates everything it affords all life especially humans it has incredible strength speed and reflexes and the demonstration of its abilities depends on its physical form which grows and alters very rapidly it can grow in size or decrease in size based on whether it consumes or sheds material I take this to mean it can get as big as possible depending on how much it eats like Kirby this dude can get energy from anything it eats whether that thing is a live or not this dude has some set of filtering gills inside of its nose it's really weird because it can remove matter from any liquid solution then it can use that to regenerate from the acid that it's placed in for containment like it's it's using the acid itself that's degrading it - how keep it alive but it's freaking weird it also has of course as you can see or as I just said these crazy regenerative capabilities because this thing has been seen moving and speaking when well over 80% of its body is rotted out or destroyed that's freaking creepy how do you kill this thing or get rid of it the good news is you can damage it but the bad news is you can't destroy it not outright all the SCP dudes that were trying to kill it only cost physical damage to it but it's like something is possessing the thing which makes it refuse to die this thing is like the freakin terminator 682 can only be contained within a 5 by 5 by 5 chamber or meter chamber with a 25 centimeter reinforced acid resistance steel plate lining all inside surfaces its chamber is filled with hydrochloric acid until it is submerge and incapacitated if it moves it's a thought but no or if it talks or breaches this containment great force is expected to be used immediately nobody's allowed to talk to it because apparently it has a very short temper and if you enrage it then it enters into the rage state so this popular picture of the thing is what it looks like shortly after escaping from its container and while it's still recovering the acid immersion Jesus Christ looks like a skeleton of an alligator underneath a mop like it's just so disgusting for wreaking gross okay what if this thing was real firstly the scp-682 is classified as a caterer the cater class scps are anomalies that are exceedingly difficult to contain consistently or reliably with containment procedures often being expensive and complex the foundation often can't contain these things very well because they don't have a solid understanding of what they are and they don't have the technology to properly contain the thing or to fight it or destroy it a cater SCP doesn't always have to be dangerous but this thing is it wouldn't be the end of the world if this thing were to exist in real life but let's say it did breach containment it would probably destroy every matter of life it came to contact with especially moving animals and humans people would figure out very quickly with their technology and way to contain the heart to kill a reptile now it's funny that they call it the heart to kill a reptile or hard to destroy a reptile but not the unkillable reptile saying it's hard to kill means that you can kill it it's just really hard to do or they haven't found out how yet which makes it right now but whatever so far nobody's been able to kill it so we're not nuking it can you nuke it sure maybe but you probably would end up nuking everyone else and it would probably still be alive after that we have a technology right now that we could possibly incinerate this thing and what that even work even though we know the heart destroy reptile can be incapacitated it's documented that cannot be killed by acid immersion fire nor explosions so what the Frick gives Satan with this thing if this thing was real the best humans and any other organism could hope for is for it to be contained and remain so this thing not being able to die seems more supernatural than a natural occurrence it would do a lot of damage and become very sizable but it wouldn't do it for very long because I hate to say this but it's easy to incapacitate maybe not contained because only trying to escape and it's very very smart but it seems relatively easy to capacitate considering not being able to kill something it's not as bad as not being able to kill something nor incapacitate it scp-682 although it is a difficult process and a lot of forces needed can be contained and can be captured or subdued and people would have to constantly on guard after capturing it and ready they're not just any people like highly-trained dudes 682 will always try to find ways to escape so it's a never-ending babysitting job for this ghostly ghoul but yeah it's unflattering I know and very anticlimactic but theoretically all that would really happen if this thing we're to get loose is that it would eat a bunch of things and grow bigger and terrorize people until it was neutralized and it wouldn't obliterate the entire earth before that happened it would probably just be a local occurrence this is actually one of the SCP s I'm most interested in and thank you so much for the watcher for suggesting this we're gonna have some more videos about this because it is interesting there's so many SCPs and i know that many people don't know what they even are I'm still only scratching the surface myself but we have some new videos coming up the heart to kill heart to destroy reptile is going to be in a lot of those videos so leave your comments below what do you think would happen if this dude were to escape do you think it's possible he could live out in the wild completely upturned the ecosystem you gotta figure a lot of these things were already out in the while doing their thing before people discovered them and the world end did it anyways thanks so much for watching this has been all Tori you asked we answer