What is Real Kriya Yoga Beyond the Hype

I recently been asked a very good question and that is what is the real Kriya yoga and I understand why this question is being asked and I've actually been asked it many times which is what inspired me to finally put together this little talk well first of all let's consider why do people ask this question what is the real Kriya yoga more than likely they've read autobiography of a yogi' or heard of Parma Hans Yogananda where some of the other teachers which are now becoming more well-known and they're confused about are they doing the right thing because there are people out there that say Yogananda didn't teach it right and there are people out there that say ship-to-shore I didn't teach it right and they're people in other camps that say well these people don't do it right because they don't have all these techniques or they don't do it right because they don't have this proper lineage which brings up the question what is the real Kriya yoga and what we have to remember is that human nature plays a large part in many of the discrepancies and a lot of the confusion around a topic especially spiritual topics and why is that because as humans we have belief systems and we like our belief systems they're comfortable they allow us to feel like sometimes we're part of a elite few who only know a secret to enlightenment or secret to spirituality and in some ways that can be helpful because if you think you belong to something special you're more likely to stick with the path so we we don't want to be judgmental for anyone no matter how they look at Kriya yoga or how they define it as long as they're doing their work as long as they are meditating as long as they are doing their best to live their life as constructively as possible as long as they are committed to realizing their own personal understanding of divine consciousness then we really need to just let them be and let them do their own thing but this does bring us to the point of what is the real Kriya yoga and there are certain mechanics to the process that need to be there no matter what lineage you belong to or no matter who you claim your guru to be and we also have to remember that Kriya yoga that's actually the name of the second chapter in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali so really anyone who reads the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and applies the principles the philosophy within that work is essentially practicing Kriya yoga now we have specific meditation techniques that you have an under promoted that other teachers promote in their there are different variations on those techniques for example I learned from a student who learned directly from Yogananda I've conversed with and been friends with people of alert other lineages people who have been taught Kriya yoga those techniques just a tad differently and we get along fine we understand each other just just fine but you have to remember that these differences in techniques they are speaking to different people's temperaments okay one of the things I always say about meditation and spirituality is that the more complicated it is the less advanced it is and why do I say that because so many people are seeking out advanced techniques I want to know the advanced technique to know God immediately to become immortal to know perfect peace these sorts of things and the more you need really the less advanced it is and again that's not a judgment that's just a statement in the same way that when you first learn to ride a bicycle you might need training wheels so that you can stay steady and not break your neck in the process so if you learn a meditation technique or if you learn Kriya yoga a lineage or a path that requires you to go through many many many processes maybe that's what you need all right and you work through that and eventually people of all lineages who practice using these mechanics that we're going to get into these specific mechanics they all come to the same realization and that is that the techniques are methods to assist you to realize that what you want to know and once you can do that then you're able to sit quietly be still be present fully awakened aware as divine consciousness the absolute God however you want to look at or whatever you want to call it essentially but then you don't need techniques to do it in the same way that a musician when a musician is first learning their instrument and all musicians are learning the same music right if you play guitar or saxophone or tuba you're still learning the same notes in the same scales you just have a different instrument or a different temperament to work it out on but when you're a musician and you're learning scales or you're learning a song you might need to have that piece of paper right in front of you that tells you put your fingers here pluck this string or bow it this way or whatever it might be and that's like the mechanics or the the techniques of a meditation practice or creo que we'll look at it that way but once a musician knows those scales and once musician knows the song he or she doesn't have to keep looking at it it can just be played so this is what happens as we progress through our spiritual practice progress through a credo go practice is that as long as we are able to understand the principles the techniques excuse me the principles of the techniques then we can engage those and if we need to chant mantras at each chakra as you pull the current up through your spine fine if all you need to do is practice Kriya pranayama three times and you're in that state of peace and clarity fine you learn to work that out okay and it's going to be specific to you which is one of the reasons you know many people have criticism of Yogananda or other teachers who teach large numbers of people because they don't feel that you can give the specific guidance to each individual and that's true I agree with that but what's the purpose of that in order to begin practicing you have to develop your own commitment your own Drive and if you can develop that on your own by getting these basic procedures then when it's time for you to work with a mentor or a teacher to really get into the fine points to fine tune it you'll be prepared and the teacher will know that you've had years of trying under your belt so he knows that he or she knows that you're sincere in that regard but we don't need to get into that because that can be a debate all of itself so anyway what are the mechanics to practice Kriya yoga well number one it's having a commitment to sitting still at least once or twice a day a commitment to it whether you like it or not number two it's learning to maintain and take care of one's body so that one can be healthy and fit and strong enough to endure sitting still for an hour or two hours at a time without the body getting in the way hence the reason hatha yoga is recommended but I don't really care if it's hatha yoga as long as it's any form of exercise which makes your core strong and gives you the capacity to sit still next it's learning to discipline the mind to hold the mind steady and that requires not only meditation techniques but it requires that you become aware of the influences around you the people that you spend time with the entertainment that you indulge in the time that you spend on the internet glued to things that don't really matter because these things kind of crowd up your mind in the same way that the more junk food you eat the more on healthier digestive system becomes and it's harder for you to be healthy so disciplining the mind is plenty in your life so that you don't have all of this junk and confusion cluttering up the mind that's the next step beyond that it's becoming emotionally healthy emotionally healthy you know when we're born into this world we're typically raised by people who have been raised by other people who are unconscious or are doing their best but they have their own little quirks and idiosyncrasies or traumas or things that they are working out based on their own life situation and they treat you they raise you from that kind of viewpoint which in turn conditions us so we actually have to learn what is it going to take for us to be emotionally healthy and what does an emotionally healthy person look like is it someone who smiles all the time is full of bliss never cries never gets angry no that's not an emotionally healthy person that is a repressed person an emotionally healthy person is at peace with the fact that they have emotions they're not trying to escape from pain now they're not trying to put themselves in situations that cause pain but they're not they're not trying to deny the fact that pain exists in the world someone dies you mourn you grieve you don't make up stories about how they went to heaven and God's going to take care of them you need to honor and acknowledge the fact that you've experienced that loss move through it until you come out the other end and you still wish it you still wish it wish it hadn't happened whatever the difficulty or trauma might be but you're at peace with it you know that's what happens in this world it happens to everyone that's part of God's play whether we like it or not and that's can sound callous but this idea of God or consciousness doesn't think like a human does right we always have to remember that so it's learning to make peace with the fact that things are going to happen to make us angry and being angry is fine it's dwelling on the piling on the negative emotions that cause the issue latching on to them making them a part of our identification or personality that's when we have so it's learning to move through I'm in a place where there's nothing bad going on I'm with my friends I'm with my loved ones it's joyous I don't need to have anxiety I'm at peace I'm here in the present or something difficult happens and it causes me a lot of grief and sadness I'm going to honor that and acknowledge it I'm going to let that grief and sadness pass work out naturally and then move on with my life this is how we develop emotional health and it might require that you work with the counselor or work with a professional in this regard it's that's why we have these people so you can't usually do it all by yourself and this is part of the creative process why is that because in order for you to really learn the subtleties of experiencing pure consciousness to learn the subtleties of being internally peaceful no matter what happens seeing everything and everyone is God divine consciousness you have to have this inner poise and so part of the process isn't just forcing yourself to sit in meditation isn't just forcing yourself to be a vegan or vegetarian or whatever it might be isn't just telling yourself you have to you know follow these strict rules it's like how can I be a healthy human being because when you can do that then it's much easier for you to sit quietly and understand the subtle processes of meditation all right next the idea of being kind to others treating everyone as you might treat your ideal mother right you know there is the idea that everyone is a reflection of us and think about it this way your ideal mother well in an ideal world your mother cares for you your mother loves you your mother will never leave you this is in the ideal world all right this is an ideal now your wife or your husband might leave you and not think highly of you your siblings and friends will come and they'll go all these other people in the world you know they'll come and they'll go but ideally the mother is there to support you to love you no matter what you do and to protect you alright and so if everyone is a reflection of us and we're just going to take this theoretically is it true is it not true I don't know seems to be the case but you know all these things can be challenged scientifically and I'm not really interested in that I'm just going on personal experience here what if everyone is a reflection of you and you start treating everyone with the love that you would treat your ideal mother and how she would treat you well then what happens there you create this dynamic of love and acceptance that is not based on sexuality it's not based on getting anything from anyone it's just simply based on that capacity to love someone unconditionally and to accept that you too can be loved unconditionally alright now we have to remember in that kind of relationship the ideal mother might not approve of what you're doing so in the same way that you know you might be around different people and you can still love them but they can still be doing things that you don't necessarily want to be involved in so you can love them from a distance but it's learning to generate this sense of love and compassion and it doesn't mean that you have to dramatize it you just know it internally because this whole process is really an internal thing right you don't need to draw attention to yourself because of it otherwise what happens you become pretentious you become an actor you become one of those people that acts all holy and saatvik but deep down inside they're really just a mess of over compensations and they just want to look a certain way we don't want you to be that way we want you to be a real authentic human being perfectly in tune with all it is around you life itself to know what you are right and that has nothing to do with pretentiousness has nothing to do with putting on an orange robe and acting a certain way that has nothing to do with smiling all the time that has nothing to do with you know saying all the right things about Oh bless you dear and all that kind of stuff it's about being who you are as a direct expression of this divine consciousness all right that's the key while maintaining a harmony in regards to all the things that we've just discussed so these are things that are necessary for Kriya yoga to a degree they're explained in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali this one book here where it is there we go Kriya yoga continuing the lineage of enlightenment that's my personal commentary on the Yoga Sutras at Asheville Vedic Astrology calm there's also 26 hour course audio course available for download specifically going over the Yoga Sutras in relationship to Kriya yoga also Asheville Vedic Astrology calm under the learn Kriya yoga tab there's an 11 hour Kriya Yoga training course for download on this YouTube channel there's a free playlist if you go to the playlists on this YouTube channel I'm going to learn Kriya yoga playlist it will tell you all the techniques that you need mostly there are a few more complicated ones but the techniques that you would learn freely on this channel I use those techniques for the first 10 years of practicing Kriya yoga and they worked beautifully I rarely even use the other techniques in fact the more I've gotten into the process the less techniques I actually use so it's a it's a balance there on one hand techniques are very good but on the other hand you don't want to become dependent on them but everyone needs what they need so if you need more techniques by all means get them learn from a teacher who's really want to drill them into your head and give you all kinds of stuff to do you know so that you're standing on your head and trying to balance a cup on your toe and circulating pranayama through your spine as you chant through the chakras and visualize all these things you know that's an exaggeration I don't really do that it's none that I've met but anyway let's move on here so a few more things I want to cover about the meditation aspect of things and bear in mind remember all the things we discovered focus on those first those are most important if you really want to do this well if you really want to do this well but now the the actual meditation aspect of things well first of all when you sit to meditate you have to commit to the practice you have to do your best figure out for you what is it going to take for me to be able to sit down and quit thinking about my email to sit down and quit thinking about what my husband said to me three weeks ago to sit down and quit worrying about work or thinking about work what do I need to do to withdraw my attention so that for this thirty minutes or an hour I'm not even going to bother with that okay this is part of renunciation you know when you're in the world you need to focus on what is important and we are saying to meditate what is important is internalizing your attention now the Kriya pranayama techniques that you learn the Korean meditation technique that you learn those help to internalize and insulate you so they're helpful in that way but most people will realize that they'll do those things and they'll have great results but they'll still be these kind of vestigial issues coming up and that's where you personally need to ask yourself what do I need to do to really stop thinking about this and it might take a force of will to say look I'm not thinking about that right now get out and you might have to keep doing that until your mind becomes strong you can just turn it off and stop thinking about these things and you again have to figure out how you are going to do that all right everyone has a different approach to this and this is why this is a very personal path any spiritual path is an extremely personal path anyone who tells you otherwise or tries to make it into a cookie cutter approach they don't know what they're talking about all right so you have to remember that any teachers that you learn from they can help guide you based on what their experiences aren't but at the end of the day you still have to figure out how it's going to work for you which is one of those reasons why I'm not a big fan of following teachers people talk to me all the time well when you find the right guru blah blah blah you know that's all just entertainment and that's just giving up your responsibility to someone else and that might get you through this lifetime or lifetimes but eventually you're going to wake up and you're going to realize wait a minute I can't be dependent on someone external to me for this to occur so how can I work out internally it's perfectly fine to have a teacher or mentor to be a role model for you perfectly fine to have someone to say this is how I did it maybe you try this but at the end of the day you still have to figure out how it's done whether you're learning a musical instrument whether you're learning to play you know a violin or whether you're learning to cook whether you're learning to do karate or they're going to do anything they can give you insights and tips but you still have to try and make the mistakes until you like ah okay I see how this works so don't give up your your personal responsibility and in my mind in my experience no real guru will expect you to dedicate yourself to them it should be the other way around the Guru should dedicate himself or herself to you and this is one of the reasons why most what I have experienced is just my personal experience your authentic spiritual teachers will not readily accept students because they have to be sure that they have the capacity to help and they have to be sure that they have the capacity to commit to this person's clarity not to take over for them but to commit to training them until they get it so anyone who just accepts anyone they're willing to accept something else other than just your devotion so I just keep that in mind so you need to be very cautious in this regard but anyway back to the point you have to figure out how to push those things away in the book of course in tranquillity this other book I've got here where we are this is a very practical book on spirituality and how to organize your life one of the things I talk about in that book is one of the ways you can stop thinking about things when you're meditating when you're trying to meditate is to have a pen and paper beside you and anytime something comes up what do you do you say alright I need to remember this so you just write it down then you can get back to meditate without thinking about it and just imagine how wonderful that would be why do people get so disturbed in meditation because what do they do they they think they have to remember these things for later so if you just write them down you don't have to remember them for later they're already there and in time it'll be done you won't have to think about anything and this is part of the process of meditation that you will learn that you are not failing as thoughts are coming up that's just part of your body or your energetic body detoxing itself so one of the most important things you can do is just simply sit still and watch your mind just do that all kinds of crazy stuff is going to come up thinking about people you haven't thought about in years but if you give it a chance and you do that for a week two weeks three weeks a year eventually what occurs is that the mind has emptied itself out and then you may still think about things that have happened over the next week or so but you're not thinking about 20 30 40 years of stuff so part of meditations initial process is purging that and all it requires is that you watch you acknowledge it you watch while remaining as the witness and again there are plenty of videos on this channel where I go over these kinds of things but this is how you first start with meditation and then eventually once you get the handle of it once you get mastery of meditation whether it's chaining to the chakras or circulating lifeforce through the spine you want to move on to contemplation where you contemplate that what you want to know do you want to know what God is really what God is not what your concepts are not all what the books tell you but what is it really are you able to accept that if it's going to come to you because that's the important point we have all these concepts about what God is and that's one of the reasons most people don't make a lot of progress with Kriya yoga or are practicing the real Kriya yoga remember this is all relative because they think God God has defined consciousness is supposed to show up in a certain way when really the process is supposed to be it gain rid of all of your preconceptions so you can see what it really is and you have to ask yourself are you willing to admit the God divine consciousness your ideas of spirituality may not have anything do with what you've been told if you can and you're just really curious you want to know that's driving you you're going to make good progress because you're going to be able to sit still stew sit quietly follow the directions that you have learned for meditation and to contemplate but what am i what really is God and the quieter you can become over time it takes a while years then eventually you start to get insights Wow that's what I am nothing at all like I thought and it won't come in words it comes in a flash of insight and then you go deeper into it and further right so part of the process of Kriya yoga isn't again pledging yourself to a human it isn't finding every concept of spirituality you have is accurate it's figuring out what's real it isn't doing all kinds of complicated mental gymnastics although that might be required in the beginning that's perfectly fine it's learning to have a conversation with this divine consciousness which is you to figure out what are you really beyond name form circumstance so that you can live as this expression of divine consciousness in the world I'll play in your role whatever that may be whatever your career is whatever your personality is we're not judging you because we need everyone for everything in this world otherwise the world wouldn't function and then internally silently quietly playing your part knowing what you are silently and that's the final aspect I'd like to share today the idea this is a quiet path this is not a path where you go and talk to all your friends about how wonderful this experience you had was or isn't autobiography Yogi's so you know fulfilling whatever I don't know it's figuring out how do I sit quietly by myself figuring out my connection to this divine consciousness and living the best life I can performing my duties seeing God divine consciousness and everyone making peace with the fact that I'm going to die learning to live as a real human being while knowing that that you are a manifestation a unique expression of this holistic consciousness so it's learning to be that unique expression while also realizing knowing that you are everything as well now we're getting a little mystical there but that's essentially what happens and no one knows no one walks around and looks at you and says oh look you have a halo around your head no one looks at you and says you must be very holy they just think you're a normal person walking down the street they won't even recognize you all right if someone requires that you give them comfort you just give them comfort not because you're a spiritual person but because that's what's right and all the while internally you have this silent relationship with divine consciousness you know what it is it knows what you are it always knows what you are but you start to realize the connection that's always been there and you live your life as they say in visitas yoga you learn to live a natural life contentedly and then in the evenings you can meditate deeply and commune with the absolute however you conceive of it and the mornings you wake up you can do the same thing and throughout the day every action that you take is just that divine consciousness working through you so you lose this small sense of self but no one knows about it's not a dramatic thing so I work with very few people I can probably count on my hand for the number of students I've been able to work with that follow this and then they don't I make sure to be clear that you know you're not going to tell people your career yogi you're not going to make a big deal it's all personal for you you're going to live your life no one's going to know you're going to be a good person you're going to be a loving person and sometimes you get angry sometimes you'll get sad but this is a very private thing and the more private you make it the better it works because in a sense you are insulating the whole process to not get to not invite the opinions of others to not get energetically enmeshed in other people's ideas because that's what happens we have relationships with people that's why many traditions say you know don't talk about these things because you need to follow your own personal path but anytime you talk about it you invite other people's opinions which creates more confusion which prevents you from moving forward now it's not to say that you don't ask questions that's not to say that you don't learn from other people it's it's that kind of situation that you want to avoid where it's about kind of like proving something to each other right and spirituality you're not gonna be able to prove that objectively it's not going to happen I don't care what you say if someone has spiritual powers and they can levitate or they can see your future or they can heal you as absolutely no bearing on whether someone is spiritual or awake or not that's just a power in the same way that you can't really judge a person based on their personality or how you think you know they should be that's that's that's not a good thing either so the whole process comes down to do you are you inspired to follow a particular path if you are follow it don't ask questions about other people stick to it when I first started studying Kriya yoga I knew immediately that this was the path to follow and it's evolved over the years as I've practiced but I've never had to ask anyone else about it I never doubted it I just followed it right and then it works in the same way with other aspects of life you know if you're always if you if you want to learn to play blues music and you're going to ask a jazz guitarist or you want to ask a flamenco guitarist or you're going to go ask I don't know hip-hop artists how to play blues music you're not going to get there my cell but these are the these are the strengths of my kind of music you should come play it but no you want to play the blues so you need to stick with people we're going to teach you how to play the blues if you want to be eclectic no problem but you're not going to master the blues that way or jazz or anything else so it's that's why one pointedness devotion is so important it's not devotion to an individual it's not devotion to a fantasy its devotion to the process and learning as you go and remaining alert and awake as you go so it's like you're having a conversation you're actually involved in it you're not just saying I want to put myself into a trance where I can quit worrying about everything and then everything takes care of itself the whole process is learning to ride the wave of consciousness which you are and so that's why the difficulty that often arises with this is you know there's the idea of surrender but there's also the idea of willpower what we have both in the world so the trick is learning well when is it appropriate to surrender things I cannot change that's just divine consciousness working itself out no matter what I do and when is it appropriate to take action which is divine will coming through and saying oh look we can make a change here and that's part of the issue is it's like you're having a a real conversation in real time where you're figuring out as you go you're dancing as you go it's like being in an improv artist you don't really know what's coming up next but you have the skills that you can make it a piece of art and that's the way your life is meant to be and that art rides between the two processes of surrender and willpower you surrender when you're part of a flow of consciousness that just cannot be stopped it's just going to happen anyway and that there's many things in life in which that occurs you know you can't do anything so there's no point fighting it on the other hand something occurs and the inspiration arises in your mind I can change I can make a change here I can do something about this and then you do your best whether you fail or not well that's all another story but you try and so you have to remember divine consciousness works through in many different ways it works through in the way that sometimes you have to surrender sometimes it requires you personally to take action because you're part of the change that needs to occur right so that's the trick of all this and it's it's this is the real Kriya Yoga is learning to live your life in this way the meditation techniques all the hoopla you know that's around the whole process that's just those are foundational supports to help strengthen your mind stabilize your consciousness so that you can learn to live your life as Kriya yoga and I was recently going to go to a seminar I'm probably still going to go because it seems interesting to me but one of the things that was asked was what are your spiritual practices and I had a hard time answering that in fact I haven't answered it yet I stopped to sign up for it because I thought why could tell them that I do these certain techniques every day or that I read these books but I it doesn't seem accurate because even right now doing this video with you this is part of my spiritual practice when I do my work as a vedic astrologer that's part of my spiritual practice when I go exercise you know go walk on the trails with a 20-pound pack on my back that's part of my spiritual practice I think of it that way when I make food for someone same thing when I play music same thing when I go to sleep even then before I go to bed I have this idea that that in this in this state I'm still communing with this divine consciousness realizing it so it's a consistent thing so how do you tell someone you know what are your spiritual practice when everything you do you attempt you intend to be part of the process so that in my mind is real Kriya yoga and you're going to make mistakes you're not going to be perfect you're going to do things that people aren't going to approve of you're going to make someone angry you know you're going to fail at many things but it's learning from it right that's that's the issue learning from it so letting go of all kinds of judgment as long as you're doing your best and learning from it you're fine don't worry about it just do your best learn from your mistakes interact with people as appropriately as possible do your work as honestly as possible figure out who you are move forward meditate daily take care of yourself these are the ideals so in my mind this is the essence of what I think my experience tells me real Kriya yoga is it's like to encourage you to think about things in this way and realize you may not agree with a lot of things that I'm but if there's something in there that's helpful for you fine the job has been done so be well and I hope you have a wonderful holiday season with whoever you happen to be spending it with keep your spiritual practices strong dedicated do your best to live appropriately in the world take care of your body be kind to others at least once a day give someone a compliment if you see someone in pain do your best to help them if you can because remember you can't help everybody but always remember every experience you have everyone you see whether you like them or not whether you like the experience or not ask yourself how can I understand that this is also divine consciousness how can i how can i experience that directly and the more you're able to do that the more peaceful you'll become the more self knowledgeable self-realized you will become and all your questions will fall away you won't have any questions anymore you'll just live your life surrendered when you're supposed to using your willpower at other times ok so be well again and um we'll be in touch