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what is marketing cloud and what is it used for in this video we're going to explain what salesforce marketing cloud is and what it's used for and we're going to review the different modules that make marketing cloud one of the most complete marketing platforms that exists just so it's clear we will always speak from the point of view of the marketing department marketing cloud is a tool oriented to the end consumer salesforce has another marketing automation tool called pardot for companies that offer their services to other companies therefore pardot is a b2b tool if you want to know more about pardot you can check out the video that appears in the above link now let's focus on marketing cloud there may be several reasons to use marketing cloud in a marketing project but one of the main reasons is the need for a tool that allows you to communicate with customers using multiple channels various studies indicate that the value of customers who convert using multiple channels is much higher than those that only interact via traditional means in addition marketing cloud is a platform that allows us to develop a personalized digital experience with our customers up to 86 percent of buyers will pay more for a better customer experience but only one percent of customers think their seller meets their expectations improving the customer experience enables companies to better understand and adapt to the ever-changing expectations of their customers in summary marketing cloud is a platform that allows you to offer a personalized experience to consumers on multiple channels the next step is to understand how marketing cloud works it's a tool that collects data from multiple sources it can collect data from a loyalty database our crm such as salesforce and external sources such as the point of sale in the case that the company has physical stores but it is also capable of managing data from social media interactions and advertising campaigns it's a tool that can function as a data warehouse that integrates all customer data in one place this first module that we'll see is called contact builder which works as a database that aggregates the data and allows us to create data relationships for our customers the second module we'll see is the core or brain where marketing intelligence is stored on one hand it's where the customer communication flows are programmed the communication flows or paths are called journeys which is the central base of the tool suppose for example that we want to carry out a very simple communication flow with our customers we want to send them an invitation to an event and to those who respond to the invitation we want to confirm registration via sms journey builder is a graphing tool that allows us to configure this type of communication in addition to the graphing function we are also storing all this information to improve our knowledge about our customers preferences we can design all kinds of marketing processes from the simplest to the most complex because we have a lot of information we can carry out for example a communication flow for the renewal of services with customers the journey builder module works in tandem with automation studio automation studio is a tool that helps us to segment customers and choose with whom we want to communicate suppose we want to get in touch with those customers who have not made a purchase in the last 90 days in this case automation studio would generate the lists of customers that we are going to impact in a communication flow in journey builder let's see a slightly more advanced example in this flow we want to communicate periodically with customers who have not made a purchase in the last 90 days the input data is prepared by automation studio to segment only these types of customers an email will be sent consisting of a temporary discount and we will create a separate audience with those customers who do not respond they will enter a retargeting campaign specially designed with the goal of getting these customers to purchase again as you can see we have already started to talk about additional modules email studio mobile studio social studio and advertising studio allow us to communicate with customers through email communications sms or push messages if we have an app social media or advertising campaigns regarding the analytics and reports section there are two different ways to manage it which makes it a bit different from the rest of the modules on one hand you have the possibility of using the reports generated by the platform however salesforce marketing cloud is one of the few tools that allows us to extract all the raw information and download it using an excel or csv file in order to analyze it separately salesforce marketing cloud also has a very interesting element called einstein predictive content which allows you to predict customer behavior with respect to content you may have noticed that i've been talking about one tool however marketing cloud is really a set of different tools or modules such as advertising studio mobile studio email studio or social studio it is precisely marketing cloud that is made up of companies acquired by salesforce over the years in 2014 salesforce acquired exact target which forms the core of cloud marketing with email studio and journey builder the purchase of radian 6 incorporated the social studio platform and the subsequent acquisition of crux added the dmp the most recent acquisition of datarama in 2018 has meant the launch of an analytics tool on the platform while the combination of these specialized tools is seen as an advantage one of the main disadvantages of cloud marketing is that it has all the needs of a marketing department from advertising email marketing mobile journeys or analytics and even its own dmp which makes it complex to operate by non-specialized teams another important element in marketing cloud is knowing what type of team is needed to operate this tool to begin there's the figure of a consultant or business partner in charge of establishing business needs you will work with a marketing automation technician often a marketer this position is usually a bit all-terrain and needs the support of a creative team paid media specialist and a programmer additionally a community manager is needed to operate the social studio module marketing cloud has the possibility of dividing the operation of the platform under different business units imagine that your company is divided into different business units by geographic region or by different brands in the market you also have the possibility of creating a business unit for a partner company to develop a coordinated marketing program with you there are dozens of marketing automation tools marketing cloud has been recognized by gardner as a leader in multi-channel automation tools in a new category called marketing hub that sets it apart from the competition there are multiple automation tools with more limited functionalities some of which are targeted to small businesses there are other tools that fall into a different category because they are open source tools where there is no license fee many of these positions that we've discussed require specialized training but if you want to know more you're in luck salesforce has one of the best online training platforms for its products it's called trailhead if you'd like to go a little further you also have the possibility of obtaining an official certification there are exams that you can take in authorized centers or online from your home if you have a webcam in particular marketing cloud has four certifications for professionals they are marketing cloud email specialist administrator developer and consultant each one oriented to a different profile and finally you should keep a few things in mind if you're going to start working with salesforce marketing cloud the design of marketing programs or journeys is a key element of this tool and salesforce has a guide on how you should approach the creation of these programs in the description of this video you can find a link with a downloadable pdf on this topic but if there is one critical aspect it is undoubtedly the data marketing cloud could be a formula one car of marketing but the gasoline that powers that car is the customer data having an adequate data collection and organization plan is one of the most important elements to take advantage of this tool i hope you enjoyed this video surely now you understand a little more about marketing cloud if you'd like to receive more information about marketing and technology please subscribe to our channel you