What is organizational structure

hello there buddy with a little help from my animated friends let's find out what organizational structure means now meet Nancy she's the chief executive officer or CEO of awesome Corp a company with 35 employees well this is Jim he's the chief operating officer or CEO of awesome Corp he's Nancy's second in command and reports directly to her Jim oversees a wide variety of areas including production sales and marketing moot Lew is the chief financial officer or CFO simply put he's responsible for the financial health of the company Nancy Jim and mutlu are awesome corpse executive team but awesome Corp has more employees than just three a lot more let's take a look at the financial department as you remember Lulu is the CFO this is his team Layla is a senior receivables accountant she manages accounts receivables that's the money coming into the company from its customers she makes sure invoices get issued and that awesome Corp gets paid on time this is Thomas he's Layla's peer meaning that they are likely to receive comparable compensation and they both report to moot Lew Thomas's area is slightly different though Thomas handles accounts payable that's the money that the company pays to its suppliers and service providers he also happens to handle the company's taxes Susan is a procurement specialist she works with the company suppliers and partners to make sure the company always has sufficient resources and that service contracts are up to date she frequently Scouts new vendors in order for awesome Corp to get the best prices the Thomas is her manager a Hawaii financial department of course there are more departments together all these employees from awesome Corp decision-making power flows from the top to the bottom with a greater concentration at the top all companies are slightly different but this will give you a solid star for practice try sketching out an organizational structure of your company or college good luck