Whatever You Build Ill Pay For

i have 100 minecraft plots and 100 players hi these hundred contestants can build whatever they want and whoever builds the coolest most epic thing i'll buy it for them let's go sounds expensive if you build a honda civic i'll buy you a honda city okay you build 10 gaming computers i'll buy you 10 gaming computers whatever the coolest thing built is i'll pay for it and also that dream guy's here again hello three two one begin all right all right they're all in their plots i'm already seeing a lot of black concrete i feel like that's going to be like gaming laptop probably i'm going to go join their discord in yellow all right attention everybody whoever builds the coolest thing i will buy it for you if i would miss the beast i'll get my own oh my god what is this see the thing is if this guy wins i won't even know what to buy you ooh someone's building a guitar all right guys comment down below if you don't think it's a guitar oh this guy's building a diamond ring oh what if he uses it to propose that might make me you know vote for a good old sob story this guy just wants a dining room table apparently that's just that's all he wants just an ikea table this is going to be a great video there is literally 100 people building right now this is going to be so insane jimmy come look at this i don't even know what to buy him if he wins it says carl it has a c on it and a k in it so what i i have to let him use carl for a day that's fair is that what people think carl is yeah we're building mcdonald's and we want 20 000 dollars worth of mcdonald's okay we got this chandler we're gonna win for sure this is already looking like mcdonald's as of right now it looks like they just went dirt why are they looking at us remember the last episode where i said the guy built something that said bruh and meme and then just left yeah he did it again and then just left he didn't want 10 grand he doesn't want a random item he just wants to troll and you got to respect it i love this guy chris yes if this video right here gets 1 million likes i will do everything in my power to have dream verse techno in a 1v1 and i will put up a hundred thousand dollars to give to whoever wins do it we have to know who's better dream or techno it decides it all i won a hundred thousand dollars please like the video it's not even a competition for dreams okay so dream if i put up 100 grand you'll fight techno depending on the circumstances but almost definitely yes it has to be the new playstation oh my gosh no what what if we got them that uh the wireless router that looked like the playstation he's putting it up there so we know a hundred percent i didn't you're about what's up abyss trying to make a monitor it's called the predator monitor you know it looks pretty cool the base is looking really good so far man i like it i love you abyss this person's building your car if he wins he's gonna run me up that's gonna be expensive all right what's up a typical club what kind of car is this uh i've just searched up honda civic just because tesla is probably way too expensive usually i roast contestants but genuinely i hope you win and i want to buy you a car all right thank you is he gone i'm still here no that's gotta go in hey a dream you're right it is a guitar oh yeah i'm a genius oh dude look at the strings on it that's so cool meanwhile mcdonald's bro look at the talkies bag what are you guys building um i guess you'll find out you haven't built anything yet it's the foundation all right well if i don't get him no no doing this until i get a hit what's a hint okay okay okay okay it's food related food related okay that's all you had to say this guy's building minecraft on a pc this one right here is pretty dope so he's got a pewdiepie chair a pc and a monitor i'm actually kind of digging it oh this guy wasn't building a table he wants a gaming setup too there's a lot of gaming setups here hey jimmy this build's gonna be expensive if it wins look at all these diamonds you gotta buy so he literally just laid a bunch of diamonds and then he just left what is wrong with you guys he was like all right that'll do that will win that'll give mr beast enough content we gonna buy a panda dog joe exotic got you bud this guy just wants a glass of pepsi i feel like we can all respect that is it a glass of pepsi or does he want a 55 gallon drum of pepsi hey chris it's just one normal can we should let this guy win so we could save a lot of money i just have to buy him a one dollar can dream can you give me an address to send you stuff and can i make a giant care package just full of dumb things and send it to you i do have a p.o box i do have a p.o box comment down below what i should put in dreams care package i'm going to buy a giant box fill it with stupid stuff and i'm going to comment a million dollars a million dollars everybody just comment send dream a million dollars comment baloney let's send a drum of below what if we send him a giant box just full of mayonnaise it's just in the box in the cardboard yeah this guy wants vr look he wants he's building like a vr set and he's playing it and showing you how happy he would be in it this guy is a genius he built one bitcoin oh nkay that is actually pretty creative wait a minute this guy went over the limit this guy went outside the boundaries we don't tolerate cheaters goodbye oh his final words yes this is this is his final goodbye i'm gonna see what everybody else is up to okay oh this gaming pc is water cooling with actual water oh this guy made it oculus rift are you just gonna send this guy a boat if he wins yeah oh this guy i know what's coming next he's making a briefcase full of money i can send him a briefcase full of money oh this guy's building our merch he wants our merch lame oh this guy wants college what a loser i imagine having to compete in a minecraft contest to pay for your college that's how you know college is way too expensive what's up ish it started as a joke but i'm really trying to get this prius now yeah i remember from the store video in this clip thank you i would like a prius please thank you hopefully you can one day win a prius on the on our channel i'm going for it man i'm going for it we're probably like the only channel on youtube where it would become a meme for us to buy someone a car i'm gonna go check in on chandler and carl again 15 minutes 15 minutes left oh you're building a mcdonald's so if you win i have to buy you a mcdonald's restaurant you guys want a franchise yeah baby okay leave us alone we got to work there's only 15 minutes left okay then leave us alone the challenge is coming to a close we have like one or two minutes left we'll just look at it look at all the crazy stuff everyone built attention everybody the time is now off judging shall begin make sure you're standing near your project good luck everybody only one of you will win who's this get away why is jimmy here he can't build anymore the challenge is now over and we will begin raiding we'll start with this one mr beast 100 million subscribers i don't know how you buy 100 million subscribers next wait what is this this is two light sabers at least he knows what he wants electricity bill more on fun payments rent vet bills it looks like the car i drew when i was in k5 is this a golden apple watch oh this guy's got it right i'll give him a six out of ten yeah six out of ten four next next this job won a house i think the house is pretty cool i'm gonna give it a six does it even qualify i mean like i mean what are we going to buy them we'll buy them a house what am i not mr beast all right i'm calling your bluff 10 10. all right well that's only 26. let's make jimmy go bankrupt this one took some effort so he's got a big chair big pc big keyboard triple monitor setup i give it a nine really nice i'm gonna give it a nine as well i'll give it a seven it's pretty good you just want me to have to buy the house look dream come here the mouse even has buttons on it look and it's got the side buttons too all right this guy built the boat hey jimmy i ship it get it i'm standing on a ship i give it a one out of ten what do you guys give it one out of ten all right what pretty good i'll give it i'll give it a seven all right so this guy's all over the place he wants a pc a diamond ring gold bars cash and an iphone yeah the next one's amazing they came back and put bra meme gang next all right this is pretty cool this is a pinball game pinball machine i like what he did with the cobwebs it's piece designed i'll give him a nine oh i'll give him an eight i think it's pretty cool actually six you just ruined his chances but look look at the inside look at the inside there's not that much in there hey well they're here they're still building even though they're cheating they're cheating disqualified i'm gonna ban them both sorry phantom show us our score yo what the heck why okay this this is a little creative he pivoted the road to his car oh so he can like drive out all right i'm giving him an 8 out of 10. i'll give him a 7 out of 10. i'm going to rate it a 9. still not in first place next is it not oh man the creeper isn't finished 10 out of 10. what are you ready 10 out of 10. it's not fit one out of 10. okay thank god we have three that's a voice of reason here i'm a big rv fan 10 out of 10. i give it i give it an eight it's pretty good honestly i give it a nine i i like the scenery with the rv that's 27 points so now this rv is actually in first place all right good you don't have to buy a house now i hope he can at least drive so this is the prius he never did anything with the ground but he's got this guy hanging out the window surfing i honestly i give it a 10. i'm going to give it a nine could he use a little bit more detail i'll give him an eight turkey get off my swallow me swoop track his love shrek his life next next this guy wants his college paid for i'm gonna say 10. i really nine what i like about this build is it's original he didn't steal this from the internet so i'll give him a nine so as of right now if no one else is better this dude's college tuition is paid for this gaming setup is amazing let's read the science first i build this for me and my homies gg if i lose though love from lithuania he wants gaming setups for the boys we only gave them an hour and this is pretty big so i'm going to give him a 10 out of 10. i'm gonna give him a nine chris your rating decides if he and the boys get computer i don't like this pressure tin it's for the boys it's for the boys yo fire lotus your build is in first place okay so we still have some more to rate but if the other ones suck you and the boys are getting your computers for the boys yeah this is the ultimate collector series millennium falcon there were better builds unfortunately so you didn't win but dream really liked you and he wanted to give you a chance to win this by playing him in rock paper scissors we're gonna turn our back to each other and then on three we're both gonna hold whatever item like we wanna use okay rock paper scissors shoot dream got the dub that's one that's one rock paper scissors shoot hey all right sell one he picked scissors rock paper scissors shoot still got the door [Applause] he's getting the lego set congrats on the lego set and with that said and done that means this gentleman who built the setup for the boys got the dub fire lotus congratulations you got second place what yeah sorry see that pac-man machine it won yeah just kidding you got the dove and you and the boys are getting brand new gaming setups thank you if the boys are happy we're happy hit that subscribe button and we'll see you in the next video bye