Whats holding up Conor McGregor vs Cowboy Cerrone


Chael Sonnen


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Joe Rogan had done a a piece on what is holding up cowboy and Connor and I really I really only saw the headline of this so if you guys have better information right I'd almost rather not have it because I'd like to speculate purely on the headline but the headline said what was holding up an official announcement for cowboy vs McGregor is that the UFC wanted to put it in a co main event spot with the rationale rationale of that beam it's got to be on pay-per-view and it doesn't happen to be a title fight and we want our pay-per-views to conclude with a world title fight that's very interesting in a lot of ways right if we were to take that all right I will more than happily come in and tell you I have my own beliefs for why that's in Akko main event spot let's just look at it for this let's look at it for the evidence that we have because I'm not sure that this is right and what you want to know you want to know until you try to hold a pay-per-view and you didn't have a belt on the line okay the promotion knows and understands this and sees numbers that the rest of us do not so we do need to concede to them something tells me that's a really big fight something tell me said everybody wants to see that fight and I also understand the marketing angle and the importance of belts I have always been a proponent of the interim championship I like it and I like it because I thought that I understood it I started to not be able to make as compelling of arguments for you guys when some of the parameters of the interim championship start to get a little bit off-course such as the interim champion not being guaranteed a shot at the undisputed champion or the interim champion losing the interim championship without ever getting into the remand there started to be some stuff that happened where it made it a little bit tougher and you go okay look if we're just gonna make this a very prestigious and honorable belt at the end of an evening that's okay too I would just forget suggest for you guys that we bring back the super fight belt do you guys remember what that was I know you heart Coors most definitely do but should I explain that for everybody back when the UFC first started and it was owned by a company known as sag s e-g see more Entertainment Group they didn't have any kind of Championships there was no divisions back then there was one division and so what they were doing is they were holding tournaments and there wasn't weigh-ins there wasn't all these great things that we have now but at the end of the night you would win the tournament and that would be okay now you're the the tournament champion and then when they moved to UFC - okay there's another tournament so if you win that then you're a tournament champion and the same guy happened to what I'm both so now he's a two-time tournament champion but they didn't even have the classifications of the ability yet to build the visions and crown a champion of those divisions so along the forming way they then started something called the super fight which was really just the main event if you could qualify for the main event spot if you were at two featured athletes that everybody wanted to see they would call it a super fight which came with a unique time set and also came with this beautiful belt in a crowning moment at the end of the night the athletes would take that just to show you that it worked to show you that there was a major prestige not only would athletes then begin calling for super fights with somebody if the athletes went out and they were to get sponsors if they were to make promotional DVDs or appearance Pierre says they would list that as their credentials I was at this and I was at this and I was at and I was a UFC superfight champion and it was real and it was awesome it was really cool and it worked and nobody was getting duped or fooled or slighted and there was no tomfoolery that had to happen at the office the next couple of weeks there was no press releases that needed to come out to try to cover for the story there was no drama and there was no dialogue it was very clear this is a one-night event very cool and very fun and a lot of guys would want to come back to defend their super fight championships but it wasn't a real thing there wasn't actually a lineage that went along with that but the promotion did honor it sometimes I can remember specifically ken Shamrock being a superfight participant I might have that run yes he did win it he had a super fight with Dan Severn follow me choked him out but he thought it was a participant so then he was able to compete in the next super fight we don't have to setup those kind of rules that it doesn't have to be those types of confines we could just call it what it is which this is they super fight and here's what's on the line and the rules are going to be slightly different meaning the time limit is gonna be 5 5 s I mean there is all it serves every purpose in my opinion from the marketing all the way to the prestige all the way to what the boys in the back are willing to do because of the honor and the uniqueness and the esteem that comes with it and I think it would just be a little straighter and clearer for everybody to understand you guys might even remember if you're the hardcore fans remember how cool the super fight belt was the super fight belt was a cooler looking belt than the world title belt even though the world title belt was more prestigious I mean there's a lot on it you might be think I'm just sitting over here talking about belts who cares about that believe me people care about belts they do particularly the participants they care about belts okay the cowboy wants the buckle at the end of the night whether he acts like he does or not believe me it matters I think that that would be a good way to solve it so when you look at the Connor fight versus cowboy if you've already got a disputed champion out there and you've already decided who your undisputed champion is gonna be laughs if you gotta have a belt mate it'll bring back the super fight try it one time try it one time and then come back as HL you're a genius why didn't we think of this on our own it will work the people will love it they absolutely will take a closer look at that I've heard some other speculations from some other people and the way a contract would generally work look if you're if you're not a champion you had some great contract that you lose the belt when you come back you don't now have that same level of financial participation your contract automatically changes but the same thing goes with a main event fight but I can tell you you're actually wrong on this even if you're smart to the business in your hip to the way these contracts works Connors not gonna work that way and they're not even going to try to work that way with Connor Conner's gonna go then don't use me call somebody else if we're gonna defer back to the contract that I never read call somebody else okay great we won't defer to the contra what's it gonna have a little bit of a different they've got a different understanding in a different new code at the answer either when I look at that fight I'll tell you what I got no problem that nikomia an event never have I do think I look at this sport differently on occasions I am so close to the trees that I do miss the force and I am the kind of fan that you can always count on I just want to see the fights that's true and I do have a different level of anticipation and excitement at times but either way I'm not missing it I'm just not so I do follow that golden rule of treat others the way you want to be treated I look within myself and how am I gonna respond and then I think that other people are gonna react the same way most of the time I'm right I do have a very good pulse a very good thumb on what the rest of you like but that that's most of the time it's not infallible I do get them wrong I'd like to hear from you guys I can just sit for me if Conor McGregor's fighting something special is happening if cowboy Cerrone is fighting there's something special to see if you're putting cowboy and Connor in there together particularly knowing that this is a top contenders fight knowing the storylines that are gonna be built the rent man I don't give a goddamn where you put it on the card never have never have I cared about all of those different things I just want to see the match don't care if it's scheduled for 15 minutes don't care if it's twenty five don't care if it's Unified Rules or you want to make up some other weird rules don't care want to see those guys go in there that's me but I could be missing something I was very disappointed in Australia when GATS de l'homme and Whittaker did not go in there and compete I was also very thrilled to be at a show where Anderson Silva and his zero Lada Sonia we're gonna go in there and figure out their business so maybe I'm maybe I'm a little bit easier and I really would like you guys to give me your thoughts on that do you have to have a belt and look with it don't just say no I don't put those guys together I want to see them fight enough actually analyze yourself do you feel better and feel differently and get more compelled and more excited because this is a business and you are the consumer do you do you need that belt and I would like the answer because I think you guys are with me no we want to see fights we want to see belts the sprinkle on top of the sunday belts the cherry on the sundae sometimes they eat the cherry sometimes I throw it the hell out and go right for the ice cream I'm still buying the sundae I pull through the drive-thru line they tell me they don't have any cherries to put on my sundae I'm not expecting them to sell it to me for 25 cents less I'm still buying the sundae so what if I didn't get a cherry my own thoughts tell me if I'm right