When Dreams Come True Don’t Complain Juhi Chawla with Sadhguru




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Juhi Chawla: But, Sadhguruji, suppose we say this to the common man, who has a little house Sadhguru: Where did you meet a common man? Juhi Chawla:(Laughs). I’m imagining it, that you know, they have so many chores to do in a day Sadhguru: No, what I’m, saying is every… every man or woman think they’re special, believe me Juhi Chawla: Oh yes. Sadhguru: Yes. So where did you meet a common man, I’m asking (Laughter). Juhi Chawla: Oh! I will come to this as well actually. I want to ask you this. Now, I’m talking about a household where people have to literally go to work every day, to pay their rents, you know children have to be educated, food has to be on the table. They are busy morning to night – they go to office, maybe their boss is not pleasant with them, they come home – maybe they have a little tiff with their wife, the children have their own little wants and you know demands and… Dealing with so much, how can they keep reminding themselves that you know it’s all in my mind and I have to be Sadhguru: No, no, no, first they have to know this, these are all the things these are all not punishment imposed upon them these are all the things that they always wanted. They wanted a job and they got it. Juhi Chawla: Yes. Sadhguru: They wanted a wife or a husband, they got it. They wanted children, they got it. They wanted a car in which they’re stuck in the traffic jam (Laughter), okay. Juhi Chawla: Yes. Sadhguru: I’m saying these are all things that they wanted. So they must understand, if their dreams come true, they are a big mess (Laughter/Applause). Juhi Chawla: Yes, actually I have heard this– “Be careful what you ask for, because you might get it” and yes we’ve all got it. Sadhguru: So they’re complaining about things that have worked in their life (Laughter).