When Kaaba was held Hostage 1979 Makkah Seige

[Music] 29th of November 1979 it appeared to be a normal day in the city of Macao the frigid azan was called and hundreds and thousands of people began to line up outside the gates to go inside to pray the typical modular prayer that they create daily however this day was going to become a black day in the history of the Ummah this day by all appearances started out normal but by the time they ended the incident the like of which the Ummah has never seen before occurred [Music] [Music] this day 29th of November 1970 corresponds to the first two Muharram 1400 exactly 37 years ago after the fajr prayer finished led by sheikh muhammad even a servant who is still one of the imam hassan immediately after this a few gunshots were heard inside the harem inside her and then there was some commotion in the fourth line and someone got up and grabbed a microphone that the announcer made was using a number of other people stood up and overpowered the guards surrounding Shariat and then this announcer started speaking the announcer started talking about the corruption of the present state and Regina and the evils that have taken place in the society and that so many of the science of judgment has come true in our lifetime or rather in his lifetime and there were being fulfilled in front of their eyes and then he mentioned that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam predicted that a Magette did a renewer of the religion will come every hundred years and guess what it was just the beginning of a new century it was first of Muharram 1400 and then he mentioned the hadith about the macedon the figure who will come towards the end of time when all of the world is filled with injustice and evil just like the time of 1979 and then he said we have to measure the among us and it told a 13-person in the ranks of prayer to stand up and called him to the microphone and he said o Muslims this is Maddie give your bath to him give you a note of allegiance to him and voila he and not making this up you just have to google the fact he said that give your oath of allegiance to this this person is messy and this person whose name was Muhammad evening Abdullah from the tribe of cast on the pure pride of Koresh the descendants of Quraysh this person Muhammad ibn Abdullah Al Thani stood there and the announcer whose name was jahi man imprecise or rather ji-hye man in the Muhammad in the size and hav this joy man the mastermind of this incident he demanded from all of the Muslims in harem that this is domestic give your bias to him and he says he is standing you see he's standing between the rock and anima arm between Hodja delaford the black stone and the maqam Ibrahim and this is exactly what the prophet sallallaahu Lewis Allen predicted that diversity will stand between hydrolyse words and the station of Ibraheem economy brahim and he said that his name is Mohammed just like the Prophet sallallahu wasallam predicted for many and his father's name is Abdullah just like the prophet salallahu alaihe salam predicted from mackney so and and he is from the driver's garage just like the Prophet sallallaahu listened and predicted for Messi so now you must give your voice to this man this man fulfills all of the predictions of rasulullah salallahu alaihe salam for in our Nephi so give you a biased ahem the Muslims in harem the average Muslim still many of them could not even understand what was happening because they do not understand Arabic and those who could understand Arabic they were confused obviously there gunshots outside are being heard when they tried to leave in the chaos they find that the dose of Haram has been eradicated shaft and each of these girls have an armed guards not of the harem but of the army of this guy diamond and HIV and for the next week and a half for the next few days the harem itself the Kaaba itself was held hostage and nobody was allowed to enter or leave until after four days - Herman's group allowed those who didn't want to be there because they could not feed them and they allowed them to go after three four days but they themselves the army of jahi man themselves some students say that they were 200 and some other claim that they were a thousand under Wikipedia if you check the it says around 300 to 400 but then the same Wikipedia contradicts later on saying it was if you calculate how many were killed and how many were arrested it only comes around to 250 but some reports some newspaper reports also claimed around thousand well-loved Arnim I did not know the truth that how many of them were there so nonetheless did quite a mass of people healthy harem hostage and they did not allow any Muslims to come in even for solos leave alone amra or Tawaf and for all these days the rough around the house of Allah was stopped the Assad was stopped the prayer in JAMA for the common folks was stopped and this has hardly ever occurred in the history of Ummah this has occurred before but this incident is so recent just 37 years ago imagine just 37 years ago and most of us haven't even heard of this incident subhanAllah as the fudged of 29th of November 1979 passed to Sahab the Saudi police and army didn't absolutely didn't know what was happening they couldn't figure out what was happening this was the first time they were dealing with terrorism and it did them almost the first day complete first day to process only the situation that's happening inside that certain such so-called Mandy has taken over the Kaaba and when the sent the armed policeman and some of the army to try to enter the Kaaba they discovered that Jehan ron has placed snipers at the top at a very same minaret of harem we see today and the structure had been changed it's the very same minarets at the top of which nine first stood and literally blood was shed in the house of Allah if you wonder how they managed to get their weapons inside the harem orgy Haman arranged was before the day of incident these people brought weapons hidden under those Genesis but in the janazah there was no body there were only weapons and all of these were accumulated at one place and immediately after father the day reached their weapon and took their positions long story short their demand was a lot of stuff but the prime demand was that the Saudi family gives up the power and a lot more conditions and of course this was never going to happen and meanwhile the ulema gave the Fatah that discount dignity but not all ulema many after respected ulema abstain from giving any further are saying that if this is mathie I do not want the the share of the spatula against him on my shoulder Subhan Allah - how well this joke I'm and I managed to fool even the scholars even the scholars obviously anyone can fool disguise our Muhammad his father's Abdullah is standing between the orokin and the day maqam Ibrahim and he's asking for the bias even some of the most respected all about the 20th century even they were fooled the described mind to be not definitely but might be the malian this really scares me but we know the real must be he can't hold in the class postage this not at all a decent acceptable act particularly from Maddy who supposedly the best man of his time and dismally he did not just shed blood in harem but in the month of Muharram when initiating a world is ramping slimming this guy cannot be married and many Elana gave the fatwa against him and they also gave the Fatah that force can be used against this club and ultimately on the ninth day the Saudi forces they brought tanks and literally stormed into the gate of Masjid al-haram this same seems just that we use today tanks passed this same stairs one day and literally a small battle took place inside these same walls that exist today the structure is still same it has not been revealed and this so-called nasty Mohammed ibn Abdullah died in this very same battle this completely proved that he was not a real Murphy Subhan Allah may Allah have mercy on all of us may Allah protect us from these kind of fitna Joe Haman and his crew they has taken shelter in the basement of the harem if today from GABAA if you walk up the stairs immediately as you go up the stairs you will find another staircase going down to the basement and this is the only one way to the basement so G Hamas army took shelter through that part as investment underground and the advantage was that there was only one way in so as soon as the saudi forces come in they can shoot at them this was their strategy ultimately the tactics of saudi forces was that what they did was initially they put burning tires to choke them inside with smoke get them out but this didn't completely work out so the final tactic that brought their victory was that they filled the basement with water and then they put electrical wires live electrical wires in the water and obviously this is going to many were killed and Joe Hammond himself and 70 of his men but caught they surrendered and ultimately they were caught and today there are YouTube videos about them then walking outside the harem and their execution all of them each of them were publicly executed I wanted to tell you this piece of history subhanAllah not even 40 years old just think about it yet we know more of what happened 50 years ago in Hiroshima and Nagasaki more than what happened 38 or 37 years ago in harem wallahi the images and footage as you just saw in front of your eyes these are the most most tearful moments captured an internet for any Muslim and the only video that comes close to this according to me is the video footage of the British forces walking into Jerusalem as victorious and the Muslims being defeated and as the aftermath of the First World War well I would want to end this emotional moments for all of you I know it's that easy for you to take this but I want to end this with a code and this is a warning for all of you one of our early scholars his name was Sophie and even Elena he was among the activists Dobbin may Allah have mercy on him he was once asked isn't it time that we should wait for Iman Meza and this is very important questioning to this time because we hear a lot of people discussing about Imam Mahdi and particularly I have created this video one of the reasons is that I even saw some way commenting that he knows a real anomaly on my own YouTube channel on my own comments and particularly on the video where I shared that there are certain science of grammar that have came true in this very century and when I see these kinds of comments that Imam Mehdi has come forward in such and such western town wallahi and really heard that may Allah protect us from this sickness may Allah protect us from this witness may Allah protect us from this fitna when he was asked this this scholar fifty honorable on ina may Allah have mercy on him he when he was asked isn't it time that we should wait for Imam Matheny what he replied I wished it that that the people up to him and thought about this once in their life and I pray that we all do take this response seriously shift fifty an even Elena said it's been nasty passes by your house they are stretching about the really nomination well if they're massively passes by your house then lock the doors and don't give him by us until until until until you see that the Masters have agreed that he is the matthew then be among the masses and give him by a among them slimming the only the lone wolf don't be there don't follow a curled inside Islam don't follow a sect inside Islam well because the dangers of being misguided up big and the chances of attaining good are few inshallah in our next video I will bring together all of the authentic narrations was a man must be at one place disregarding all the false ones because we have too many false opinions about this man naturally and the next video Angela I will start with pointing out the predictions of the prophet salaallah alayhi Salaam that is fake method II did fulfill and didn't fulfill meanwhile I first asked you to think yourself how would you know that this is Osama bin abdul-allah dastan is safe let's see if you can judge this out by yourselves ensure [Music] you