Where Did Nancy Pelosis Money Come From Joe Rogan and Mike Baker

yeah no I was looking at that what's that crazy lady's name Laura Loomer ladies I'm Nancy Pelosi's fence oh yeah she camped out on her yard you know what made me think how Fox Nancy Pelosi owned that house where's she getting all that cash yeah what's her net worth now a couple hundred million really I forget me to do what is she in business she came from a hardcore political family in Baltimore I think and there's so much dirty money yeah she's been doing she's what 100 million I was way less she's worth a hundred million estimated but that's like I don't know if it's one of those online that would get their money from you know what maybe she's good at just ground gym keeping her per diem yeah well I mean what is the what's her national set when you allure well she just started getting it for this job would it be 450 grad Wow no no that's that's the net worth of fire rich net worth or a median net worth never since okay Congress person so it can't be anything higher than an sis something so it's probably not more than 180 it's all her good work she did with the Clinton Foundation Oh speaker the house gets 223 thousand two hundred grand she's worth a hundred million dollars what in the holy [ __ ] is that how is that and she does have a big wall around her place yeah not enough to keep Laurel or Loomis not an athlete now she's a parkour athlete she show up with some illegals illegal immigrants or whatever undocumented workers whatever she use she chained herself to Twitter I know she did that to that broad that's right she's going hard for attention it's it's very interesting when these these people just try so hard to make it into the news yeah well they're looking for a contributor slot they're looking for an on one network or another I think that's what they're doing they do you have to nowadays I think that that I think at least my theory is anyway if you want to be a paid contributor for a network node zone about which network you got a stake out of position that involves some crazy right you've got to be like you either get be all in for President Trump or you've got to be all out yeah you if you live in the center that ain't happening nobody wants to hear from anybody in the middle because that shit's not picking up the ratings at all no no one wants reasonable middle right now no no the only time that I think reasonable middle would ever work out is if the two ends are so [ __ ] up and they're fighting so hard on the opposite ends like someone's like god surely it's got to be a reasonable middle and then someone comes along it's almost like the people you got to be screaming for it right now it doesn't seem like people are screaming for now a centrist position it's like World War one trench warfare that's the way this with the government shutdown right now yeah no Pelosi sitting over here in the mud and president Trump sitting over here in the mud and nobody's given any ground and they're just they're just occasionally taking a shot at each other or throwing a hand grenade and nobody is making any any movement so I you know again how do they shut their how do they stop this shutdown you can't if you're not talking if you're not if there's if there's no effort you it's not gonna happen so everybody's looking at this right now I'm thinking you know where's it go it's affecting the markets it makes us look like morons I mean not that others aren't I mean look at look at Britain alright with the erection thing look at France with the yellow vest look at you know Germany's having its issues yeah you know everybody's having some some problems but you know we didn't need to add to the noise John Stossel had an interesting video that he put out where he's saying what this does actually highlight is that there's a lot of things that the government does it really should probably be privatized and we wouldn't have these issues yeah I mean you gotta made sense to me but I don't know a lot ya know I'm a small government person at the end of the day I think you know there's certain things that we need to rely on the government for and one of them would be of course national security terrific you know collection of federal taxes okay fine that they're gonna do that regardless but otherwise just stay out of my kitchen I don't don't you know and so and that's why I've always been surprised me the Republicans problem I got with them is you know you can't sit around and argue for small government and then try to tell people what to do with their bodies or who can get married and who can't get who the [ __ ] cares I just don't don't hurt people be a good person get on with it I don't need to celebrate your lifestyle but just do it I really don't care I don't expect you to care about my lifestyle I don't care about yours but the Republicans have always stuck their nose in this and you can't make that argument for wanting small government and you know if you just want to step into people's bedrooms all the time yeah it doesn't make any sense and I think the only reason why they do it is because it gets people excited that they get to run to vote for them I think when they take these positions it's not like these are really having an effect on their lives or it's some moral stand that they must take because God wants them to do it I think they do it because they think that it's going to get and it's going to shift the pole one way or another yeah and it's gonna get people excited about them possibly making some sort of a difference that they feel is gonna significantly affect their position but do you ever get to the point I mean I don't know whether that's gonna happen but you would think that you you've got the people on the hard right and the hard left they're not gonna shift right that's not gonna happen you're not gonna move those people so like everybody always talks about decisions are made by that small group in the center mm-hmm so a what point to the group in the center finally put their hands up and go you guys are all [ __ ] up right how about a third party that's legitimate not a libertarian party because it hasn't been working out but something that creates a little bit of a different dynamic and we're never gonna get term limits so that's you know tilting at windmills but maybe you know maybe we get that multi-party thing going that again okay it's pie-in-the-sky with rap closest whoever got to it was Ross Perot right yeah pretty much yeah yeah he was but nobody took out a whole he took a block of time I believe was a half an hour on national television he bought the time yeah to explain how you're getting [ __ ] yeah explain taxes and explain all these different things and and people like wait what that's how it works it's good TV if you can go back and find that it's it's Ross Perot was good TV I'll show you what I'm doing here see that's all that's all [ __ ] up and here's really in fun