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[Music] Lizzy hey mom do you guys remember when you told me if I got perfect grades all the way through middle school I could have anything I wanted I figure it was to ward off any further talk of a pony well I know what it is I don't know do we family ponies are cute and maybe not as much trouble as we thought [Music] I was taken by her beauty and talent I'm accompanying the first graders that's a big deal baby can I come no you wouldn't like it the words are great too cute you might die of cuteness yeah well I wanna die of cuteness it's my favorite thing to die acuteness something unexpected has come up there's much more explanation coming but I have this one shot just thinking about it's got my heart racing Bernadette [Music] you'll never guess what happened she disappeared Bernadette what she didn't just vanish I'm gonna get my gear right that burn it up Bernadette you [Music]