Which Wrestlers NEED To Leave WWE For AEW

[Applause] hello and welcome to another wrestling round table discussion podcast I'm Adam Wilbourn from what culture joined by the Dahle boys of what culture Michael Hamlet and Michael Sidgwick to discuss another burning wrestling issue but before we get into it if you're a fan of this sort of thing make sure you subscribe to what coach arresting only the iTunes or Spotify for daily podcast where we reveal your all Smackdown pay-per-views we have interviews more roundtable discussions like this one and a round of the week complete with a bloody good quiz of course on wrestle culture but Jenna the thing I want to discuss today is with the recent discussion about people asking for their release with WWE this talk about Mike and Maria Kanellis is obviously discussion about the revival who are some people you think would benefit from asking for their release from WWE to go to a e/w not to put too much of a downer on this speculation party but it doesn't really matter because we're all gonna get frozen in their contracts a lot Neville but in a perfect world Vince's heart grows three times the size which will probably do him off actually known known as party and the club is the first choice for me definitely the club to the club the club and puts those two guys who are genuinely like really quite funny in real life in like sort of being the elite universe I just it's gonna be like really good banter really good partner and they're a tag team so they're absolutely screwed for a start they did that new star angle across Raw and SmackDown before Christmas the club made a very rare appearance on Smackdown and they haven't been since seen since I was absolutely I mean absolutely pathetic I mean it just basically dangled the carrot in front of their face so but no absolutely not we've changed plans to have Shane McMahon and the Miz be the best tag team in the world I mean it's just so bad like the lack of continuity glare and after what one week terrible stuff no I think obviously they're a great unit their personalities which have been unexplored completely by WWE are like a crackin fit for that kind of company in that kind of universe I was seen on being the elite and in Karl Anderson they've got an absolute fire singles wrestler seriously go and watch his 2012 New Japan single stuff it's awesome really good so they get a tag team and a single star and like lots of great being the elite style banner out of the club I'll back the club as well actually because they're they've proven really good as like even as babyface or heel henchman for either AJ Styles or finn bálor at various points like on Raw and Smackdown I remember some of the best stuff they've done being like when I think it was Carl Anderson threw himself in front of a Kinshasa to save AJ Styles when he who Nakamura they're going back to those sorts of guys they've got the books they're just waiting for them a lot of what he saw and being the elite the early days with just Kenny Omega like battering around on the road was born from sitting on the back of buses with Anderson and gallows like they seem kind of ready-made for it and mine sort of more of a frustrating in that one I feel like for a change like I'm in total agreement with like what you often read about like internet favorites like not getting the push I'm not sure that I always kind of feel the same way but in reset and Lana I look at an act that probably have never been more polished together yeah and yet neither of their skills are being exploited anymore like rusev is better on the microphone than he's ever been I think that pairing with in English brought out like a sort of additional layer of charisma that we've never seen from him before Lana always had it and now she's not being allowed to speak because ruse has got kind of marginally better I his matches have got better and better and better he's one of the guys I would say from the the NXT era developmental genuinely got better on the main roster you know from what we had to fairly one dimension is that Alexander rusev and NXT has become a really really like top level all-rounder selling so good so good it's also good and yet is big many of it matches he's probably one of the only examples I can think of of a guy that gets one main event in an era where most guys get three I can think of like the AJ style lunch he had last year on pay-per-view that was fantastic I think he warmed up Nakamura before WrestleMania and that was one of Nakamura as best man rushes he's there for that stuff over and over and over again and with Lana as a proper a proper valet a proper manager you know they were forcing her be a wrestler when she shouldn't have been one now she's back as a manager she's not even allowed to talk like it just seems like they're constantly square pegs in round holes in WV and it just feels like I'm completely on board with this groundswell of support that always comes underneath Rousseff and then never do we never kind of pay off for him he's there an argument there as well that you could do a sort of call back to his early days in WWE and if move to AAW not saying you should turn him he'll and he'll play the same character but another undefeated streak would work wonders for him wouldn't it oh yeah absolutely because people can take is such a great multi-dimensional performer people can take him seriously is the brute no pun intended and again I'm going back to what we know of being the elite so far is that they are more than prepared to get performance on board and allow them to showcase the personalities like all you have to do is watch that show and look at your Jiro takahashi we were in tails yeah in tears how funny is it's like it's a platform for guys who've got actual personalities to showcase our personality and one look at Rousseff social media game and I say you can exploit it from a comedy point of view it can be like a really good baby face wrestler it could be a monster he'll he's got a great deal about intrusive and EE wer doing precisely nothing with his eclectic skillset I think it goes kind of forgotten with all of it yeah we haven't seen the product and then you you can only have so many like great wrestlers and you can only have so many comedy guys and I think that level of versatility he's probably wanted like the top level utility players in all a wrestle at the moment and they're gonna need guys like that because you just don't know quite how everybody's gonna slide they can't all be the best wrestler fighting for the title they can't all be the Chris Jericho level of superstar so you need somebody for every role and I just think real sense of the guy they can turn to him for pretty much all of them yeah my first pick is probably gonna annoy quite a few people but I'm gonna say it regardless it's Dolph Ziggler yeah now he is arguably one of those people I feel would be would benefit incredibly if WWE did freeze out his contract if say we had like a Neville pack esque year away where people go what's happening with Dolph what's what's going on with him you know when's he the whole thing I've always I've had with Dolph for quite some time now and this isn't necessarily down to him whatsoever but it was personified by his return at the Royal Rumble last year is want him to go away so I can miss him oh you know he we've never you've never sat here and questioned his talents in the ring he's phenomenal in in the ring he's almost too good at selling when it kept when it comes down to it but you cast your mind back to when he cashed in that briefcase and the excitement that was around that I don't think you'll ever get that back in WWE but I would argue a fresh start after a period of time away where he can miss the sport arguably caught with some new ideas because I think you can't just move that character straight into a e w and hope it just flourishes put some time away some time for the fans to miss him and speculate on what's going on with him if he could then go to a W following that I think it worked wonders for his career and part of what you say is like too true for me I've never been more bored with a performer like Dolph Ziggler because it's not like and I hate this performer but it's like Kane where he can sort of change things up and reinvent his character somewhat Dolph Ziggler for me he's always been the new generation tribute act who's been held down by the man mm-hmm and it's just I find it it grates on you doesn't it I find it very boring I find it very boring at its best some of his matches are like really really really good like really really really athletic like the stuff that you had with the Miz as well you'd like discover sort of layers of storytelling craft that I didn't even cable above and that was his height for me 2016 yeah for now I kind of get what you say and if you say yeah removed from everything you might feel new again but the whole point for me like with this sort of discussion is that you meant to get excited and possibly is a large part of it results from the Buchan I can't get excited about Dolph Ziggler right now I don't know well my mighta tapped innocent and they're like aw persistently might find themselves with guys where do we do we have done the work for them by freezing them out like so much of like the excitement of seeing Neville back again or where he was going to turn off was based on the fact that we couldn't people were just desperate to see him again so time off the time a door you might find themselves being less inclined like trying poach guys from last week's episode of Raw and be catching guys who were people on Twitter and people that were kind of in there kind of like orbit a desperate to see again I think that's dolf's best weapon that he's gonna have for a WR like he's got Billy Gunn as a producer so maybe he can like kind of exploit the things that he kind of use to rip off him anyway maybe that's going to help him in his matches but like I look at kind of a look at what the type of Rossi gonna have an AW and Dolph Ziggler feels a bit like a rank-and-file unless people have found a way to like really care about him and you look at aw and there the excitement around them on social media they were teasing some of the other day where each one of them tweeted something around Los Angeles I think it's spelled out a sentence or something like that very very recently this was and yeah you talk about people being excited and you know when we were looking at people and say oh well then even if a news story is so-and-so has changed his his picture on Twitter or you know change what his bio says or as unfollow even as simple as I unfollowing WWE on Twitter do you think about the excitement of that and you know the the more clued in fans have already done that with the likes of aw like I mentioned there but if you had someone who's like look I'm a huge fan of say Dolph Ziggler but I'd not really that bothered about aw and then he post some teaser that he may be turning up on aw that way you're gonna get more rise to the product very possibly either I mean that's gotta be that's got to be there kind of like modus operandi in general isn't it like how you capture as many wrestling fans as possible as early as possible my second pick is kind of related to that a man who built his own following on social media when it was unprecedented and that is that Ryder will look he this is slightly more obvious with his connections with the guys obviously involved in aw and his you know his friendships I just think it's the best place for him he moans he doesn't moan actually he references on Twitter the fact that he doesn't get pushed or even noticed or even screen time got those trunks murder WrestleMania that's that's still here or still ready yeah he references things like that but he doesn't do anything about it I think aw maybe the opportunity where he can finally make that leap and I'm not saying that he would necessarily be the you know a big flagship name for aw but I think he'd be better off for it for him in the nicest possible way aw is gonna need jabbers like they argue and each other's because they've got their big sales pitches wins and losses are gonna matter so someone's gonna have to lose and Zack Ryder for me is a guy who can slot in there instantly and just lose quite a bit as a veteran who's kind of a comedy act but can also retain enough star power to make a victory over him means something but a year removed that could do some kind of like long-term redemption story I was gonna say what about if he goes on the opposite he goes on a losing streak and it's just like you know he's he has the time in this sort of background yeah men that he's lost it whether it's through sheer pity or something else there's an inherent sympathy about zack ryder cuz he tried so bloody hard and it was really quite clever about it if he just got completely you know at leat banded off by that company there's a long behind to be that guy wasn't it yeah he's a symbol of everything that company does is just really a bit spiteful and toxic so i think if he were to jump he'd come equipped with like a sympathy and people wanted like really see him do well and i think there's not a great deal but enough to make it work i think for both parties that he's not doing now else IE now see but you say I think that's my main concern with Ryder and to a lesser extent Dolph Ziggler but I'm always looking at like echoes from what TNA did wrong so that a door you don't do it again and that was such an issue with impact they had no filter on the guys that they would take from w it didn't matter where you were in the card if you had any of that do it we stink left on you the tick yeah my worry is is that like all II have to look all elite it can't just be a name it can't just be a brand and if you scrape the bottom of WB's barrel even if like a you know they bring with them a good Twitter following or you know a past legacy I kind of think like it looks as if you just glad to be catching their scraps like it's all well and good that we talk about signing guys like they're not getting used properly on Raw or like from the middle of the card or I've got some of the best years ahead of them but a little bit of this feels to me like you're going down the legend circuit and there'll be bigger and better names to mine than Zack Ryder and rape regardless or not whether they are big names that if you're presenting yourself as the opposite of WWE if you bring people in you have to have a plan for them you can't just bring people in and go here they are right a month later I don't know they're gonna face yeah right moving on Michael handler who is the second person you'd like to see brought or ask for the release or and do we do and go to aw I suppose this is the same I'm going with another act and the boss and hug connection I've got this big idea that like if all elite want to put themselves on the map early like it wouldn't be the worst thing to do to borrow from WCW tactics of how they made such an impact so quick and you know it's it Lex Luger as a rival on nitro when the day before he was working I do agree how sure it's brought up like regularly for that very reason that was a huge that was a huge bomb dropped on the industry aw aren't being like it's not being focused on that their women's division feels a little bit half-baked like all in didn't exactly service women's wrestling very well it was quite divas thing to do or like higher for women and just put them all in one match for ten minutes to do spots so in Sasha and Bailey you having really really credible high-level women's wrestlers maybe two of the best in the world and but also you have huge names from WB's current me and roster Bella been doing something on Raw like weeks before appearing on all elite wrestling and there's nobody else I can think of and again this could just be from a personal fan perspective there's nobody I can think of from NXT male or female but I feel as sad about being given like the word that you know they're the roughest go with things on the main roster everyone's gonna have their favorite medics day soon do better than others and something better and then do worse it's sometimes a bit of a roller coaster but across the board for last two years it just makes me feel sad watching what could have been with Sasha and billion yet hasn't been and you know we're all waiting for this for horse woman much we're all booking dream much is it still features Sasha and Bailey imagine all elite having the clout to be able to take those away that makes such a statement about their you know about their intentions and Sutter and Bailey like very heart on sleeve due to refunds I remember Sasha seeing how excited she was to work enormously like that really means anything in the grand scheme of things that tells you that these dresses are marks anymore they're gonna do business and they're gonna go where they feel like they're gonna be valued and I just think it makes a huge statement but you think that um I think they're so in on the four horsewomen market and that would be a very very difficult get and someone like Bailey in particular is about the old Zack riders about where she just seems so happy to be there breaks my heart I don't see the ambition on their side as much as as you say it would be like that's one of their big things the four horsewomen and yeah I just can't really see it on either side okay question who is the second name on your list though ever meets chard gable I'm looking at all elite wrestling as this enterprise that has to sort of have its own identity because otherwise were just a glorified indy they're really going to struggle to compete with something like NXT which is a glorified indy in a damn damn damn good one at that and but in Chad gave lassie a guy who is thoroughly thoroughly likable as a babyface wrestling for a company that's got no idea how to book baby faces correctly and aew submissions statement seems to be cynical but clever we're basically just gonna do everything that WWE does not and do it really well in order to make ourselves viable competition that you're gonna have to watch us to get what you're not getting elsewhere and Chad cable for me is very likable he's an incredible incredible in ring talent and I think he fits that universe perfectly but is so good and he's so likable that it's just a perfect fit just out of interest because I'm completely on board of that would you rather Chad gable come in again is the guy that you can slot into any tag team and then make them one of the best acts on the show what would you like to see him pushes a singles guy because I think it's been fascinating to watch how they've used him as this utility tag guy because everything he touches he makes better from Jason Jordan onwards yet every time he's been given a job that looks pretty thankless he's made something from it that's to me what I think is his strongest suit away from the amazing suplexes need the fabulous charisma in the charm like what version of Chad gave or would you want Anita we both know why not you know you got to look ahead and this pool of free agents is getting more shallow by the week seemingly so they're gonna need versatile players and they need to have guys who can do a job with them for years on end at this rate and I think Chad cables got enough about them to navigate uncharted waters as a single star and as you say he's one of those guys who's got chemistry with everybody and that's rare and Pro Wrestling and I think he's just a must get almost my third pick for someone who needs to this is slightly different in terms of asking them for their release and going to aew but someone I think would be ideal for this sort of slightly following the footsteps of the gold dust thing that we were talking about here or a few days ago is Matt Hardy well I'm not saying that he's gonna come in and have a repeat of what happened in TNA with all of his final deletion stuff but I think if you can implement if well you could certainly pull that off far better than WWE's here's some bollocks that we don't understand the introduction that they had with him and Bray Wyatt and at the same time I'm looking at the bigger picture here you have got an incredible roster of talent and you have a lot a lot of guys in the back who've been in and around that W in and around that W in machine and know how it works and with Cody Rhodes talking about the fact that they're not going to have writers they're just gonna have Booker's to have a mind a creative mind like Matt Hardy's around would be fantastic he said himself he's not retired he'd like to do the odd match he'd be ideal if you're gonna have a lesser sort of pay-per-view scheduled certainly to start off with with AE W and long term I think you could quite easily see bringing Jeff Hardy in alongside him for something down the line with a double unit and I think he'd just be a phenomenal personality to have in and around a new wrestling company like that I mean he certainly earned respect as like a shrewd wrestling operator wasn't he like out kind of out of nowhere like there was you know you what you only have to watch their own documentary on the WB network see that when those guys were struggling with their addiction issues they were pretty much a like a dead issue weren't that they're Hardy Boys you thought well just haven't got a body offer and Matt hasn't got his mind so what's the point of artists and then they both kind of reinvented both Matt has seen his limitations and instead created an entire new world for himself that stretch was so big it stretched beyond the company he was working for and yeah I think that's a great show actually I think I think it was a little bit disappointing how little do we do we saw in the broken universe when it was on television like even a network special where they basically Halloween parties house was like really really entertaining enough and for Vincent run to see why to make him speak as he did through Michael call so law on that much with brie away which I thought was quite good you know that I loved you know roars version of the file deletion I thought was perfectly under tuning it does make me feel like they've maybe wasted what could have been with Matt and that universe so why not when he came in there was talk about him going for a major singles tile I mean obviously was that was a lot of excitement with the fans but I mean just just think about we talk about people going away and then being brought into aw just think about the tease campaign let alone is his arrival you saw what happened with those guys at WrestleMania a few years ago like if you need a little bit of a bump after a first few first few months of aw what a name to bring it yeah the key to me for that my hardy pet well which I'm fully onboard with by the way is that he's one of these guys who's been involved in wrestling in some capacity since like when he could walk basically and throughout he is proven that he can evolve he's not one of these guys and there's several of them who sort of don't evolve and don't adapt he's brought stuff to pro wrestling that other people just can't see and other people who are like in denial of seeing like he's stretched the boundaries of cane Faber completely blown them open he's sort of watch the room and thought wrestling could be like wrestling can be that gloriously bad and he can touch upon things that nobody else has and he's not too stubborn in his old beliefs and I think if you can get someone who's such an obviously shrewd wrestling mind who was willing to expose his mind to what's going on elsewhere then he could be a key backstage player for like the year's normals decades to come if in fact it gets that far my Scituate know he's your third name and my third name if there's one thing missing from the whole all-in presentation which was so eclectic and diverse it had old-school nwa world title fights it had like state-of-the-art lucha stuff in the main event it had like grudge matches it had comedy it had like that unbelievable athleticism you get from a kenny omega match the one thing it missed i know you got a bit of this in the battle royal and it's just a pure straight horse and like the whole airport test and wrestling's a real thing yeah but there are people who gravitate towards gigantic men and for me i think given how desperately and drastically underused he's been so far and WWE for me it has to be harbor harper he's got a bit of cachet from his brood ely names so there's no trademark issues he's doing nothing I know he's injured or about returned as a bludgeoned brother yeah it just been cleared yeah so the dresser isn't they people have nothing but good things to say about working with him yeah me the Indy time I'll do it every time he's definitely one of those guys that fits up elite like they all seem to really love working with each other and he seems to strike that balance with a few things yeah absolutely the restless wrestler and the glimpses was seen of him as a singles he had that wild match with them Dean Ambrose which is a bit too gimmick for me but I think it kind of showed enough that he could do something like that yeah that match with Dolph Ziggler that bruising ladder match that was really good and even took to me I mean event and superstars he's had some battles with Cesaro that were really good again he's a functions effectively well in a tag team and I think a guy of that size and at that particular skill set which I've not seen a double you show an interest in throughout being the elite it's just against something that plugs a gap but he's are really interested you're right he's a real name that people have been sleeping on for quite some time yes yes he's been injured but even when he's been back it you know the blood and brothers were a weird visions to goofy he was a you know a member of various versions of the Wyatt family and never really given that push that people are looking for I'd love to see what they could do them as a single to perform I think part of Harper's problems in stables and tag-team disease he's always contributing to something worse than himself yeah like the village in brothers matches which I'm really quite poor when we know that Harper's got these bangers in him and it's just it was such a shame to say again oh you've been hamstrung here you've been given something that like you're much much better than and I'd love to see him go single and be given like an extended run an opportunity to do something Michael handler who is the final name that needs to hand in their notice w2e and and try and make that move to aew mine was probably one of the big lay like disappointments of the back end of last year and because I'm gonna go with Drake maverick as a fun of him from like when he was working the British Indies right through has seen him like get a break that nobody would have expected on TNA because he's so small and then he gets this job in delivery as part of Triple H's reimagined 2a5 life and he's actually trusted with a role of responsibility despite being five foot tall and everything Vince McMahon hates and his silly suits and all that solving and then they just can't help themselves and he pisses his pants on a paper they really had placed it on the wall with that underneath there it is like he's he's finished he's absolutely finished authors of pain might be finished but Drake maverick is definitely finished there is no walking back from that light and even to the point where if he tried to just establish him as only the series Commissioner or to a fire live again they'll still always be the man that pissed his pants and I paid for you and he did it because he a little man afraid of bigger men and it was always destined from the day that they also came when those tag titles we all said it they're gonna get this five series so they can do a silly bit where drape maverick is littler than all the rest of them you know and they had him dressed as an author up in months back that was as if that was taking the mick out of his size and again asking him on a choose there to be this credible character I don't mind if he's a heel I don't mind if he's standing behind a bigger guy because it works all over the III and - you know that's there's nothing wrong with it being a little heel or like a spunky baby face but whatever he is in w/e is finished there's no way back in my opinion from what we saw at the Survivor Series so why not go somewhere where is talent can still be utilized you know we have to get excited now about so many British guys coming through the ranks NXT UK some of them haven't got the charisma that he's got in his little finger so it's it's all well and good having all these great wrestlers but sometimes I do want a bit of sports entertainment and I think a double you're going to identify that as well we saw it with all in like Joey Ryan and home page was a sports entertainment masterpiece yes so they've got it in the medulla and they can utilize guys like rock stars Bulldog Drake maverick or why the version of himself he comes interesting danger zones that there isn't it yeah not one particularly went for but then I've never really been a TNA or impact guy so I'm not entirely sure what you could bring to that table but that might stand them in good stead if people have seen Drake maverick this WWE version of him stigmatized is this little goofball piss pants idiot then people are going to be willing to give them a chance and I think if this guy's got what you say he has then why they are not I mean that's the thing with a lot of the WWE performers now to research this I was going through the W recon roster page and just thinking uninspiring uninspiring are you beyond salvaging at this point and so I think you could just plug any number of them and just say right ok I need to do something else with my career because I'm getting nowhere yeah I feel like with the names we've picked they're arguably other than the likes of Sasha and Bailey are people who but they're not that you know you would assume people maybe that we'd say the names like Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn but I feel like when they come back or when you know other ones that are currently being utilized but maybe it's sort of been overlooked at the moment I feel like WWE will do stuff with them it's just eventually like we give us six months we'll do something with ya if your name's I'd kind of done yeah that done if you look at someone like if we had a recorded this podcast about what four months ago the first two on my list would be someone like Daniel Bryan and Andrade CN AMA yeah but the fact that that sort making them good now or making good on them so to speak means that I'm not gonna gravitate towards those names but the ones we've discussed no going back like absolutely none which in a way is the biggest flaw it's the view isn't it like you've just mentioned they're like Brian and almaas that's the biggest threat to atw is that like like that do we could potentially turn someone's career around and what like the revival we use in the revival at the moment they've got STR and the tights they are asking aw to come and sign them and yet it would take two or three good weeks and a proper push and proper story in proper direct well they're a tag team so no chance no no no that is the easy reductive tech I mean they are a tag team but theoretically this is a company that you're a single when it wants to like really like somebody's career so that it's kind of what either you have to compete with in the negotiate and I think is the possibility that these guys that want to be doing mega stars might yet get one more chumps there are many more names we can go into and there's another podcast in this definitely of non wde stars who need to make the move to aew which we'll get into another time but it's let us know your thoughts on who needs to ask for their w/e release and make the move to aew in the comment section or you can tweet at us at what culture WWE washer on Twitter you can follow all three of those you can follow Michael Sidgwick at I'm aware the neat household names but there's not many on the roster M Sidgwick you can follow Michael Hamlet's at Michael hum fluence you can follow me at Adam Willborn don't forget to subscribe to what cool dressing on either iTunes or Spotify for daily podcast my thanks to the dad Lee boys thank you for watching and we will see you soon