Which is the best timeframe to trade for beginners

hey hey you what's up my friend so welcome back to today's episode where we'll be discussing right which is the best time frame to trade for beginners so here's the thing right often right when you are just getting started in trading you're wondering no especially for X I which timeframes do you train right you got a 5 minutes the 15 minutes the daily the 50 20 minutes whatsoever and then you got some gurus telling you that you know you just you should stick to the higher time frames because the price section is more reliable the signal is more reliable and then you got traders who trades off the lower timeframe and then define success as well so what's going on which is the best time frame to train so by now you should realize that there's no best time frame out there and there is no such thing as you know one time frame is easier to treat than the other because if that's the case right there smart money would have come in right and treatment easy time frame right and I wrote whatever age there is in that time frame so there really isn't any best time frame out there but with that said right there is a best time frame right given your circumstance as a beginner so for example let me share with you or let's say you are a beginner to create it in you have a full time job you don't have time to lose stare at the markets all day long then clearly right the best time frame for you would be anywhere above the four hour time frame like the daily time frame that would be suitable for you because you don't have to spend all day watching the markets right the candle is only painted once a day so if you have a full-time job you can check the markets before you leave for work and see how yesterday's market has closed maybe if any positions you could enter it and then you let it be and go to work I really come back it just monitor your position and see how that is so checking about 1 to 1 to 2 times a day right that's enough right if you have a full time job and on top of it you you can make better decisions because when you are new to trading things you know can get stressful at time no man do I buy this price point you know how do I calculate my my risk right how many shares do I buy you know how many units do I trade whether I said my stop-loss all this needs time to process and think and when you trade off the daily timeframe things are much slower because you know the candle isn't going to close with the next few seconds so you have more time to make your trading decisions trading becomes less stressful for you and on top of it right because you are trading off the higher time frame you can monitor more markets you can look at Forex you can look stocks indices whatsoever because again write those Kendall's the only a painted once a day so this gives you access right to monitor quite a number of markets and you know in front of your colleagues you get a feel pretty small or do you know that oil collapse to a negative price - do you know and stuff like that so so yeah that's a benefit right for you if you have a full-time job right trading off the higher time frame like the daily time frame is good right and I would say that it would be one of the better decisions that you can make or time frame that you can trade on the other hand what if you are someone who let's say you just graduate from school right and you have time on your hands you don't have a job yet and you wanna learn more about the markets which is the best time for him to tree clearly if you're trading off the daily or a weekly timeframe it's too slow because you know you have so much time on your hands you don't want to wait 24 hours for Kendall to close alright so this is where you can go down to a lower timeframe alright especially if you want to learn more about trading quickly you can go down to for example the two hour time frame I find the two hour time frame is good because it is fast but not so fast to the point where you have to make you know split-second decisions no there is still time for you to plan your trees to think it through because now instead of you know the Kendall painting once every 24 hours it now it's painting you know once every two hours and the thing is that the market will be seem to be moving much faster now market is moving faster and you know you can place more traits you can learn more and at the same time right because you are trading off that the two hour time frame you will be exposed right to different sessions of the market like for example the for accession if you trade off the two hours time frame right you will start to be exposed to the Asian session where the markets are moving slowly London is where things pick up new york and london overlit was the most volatile session and then you know it goes quiet again so your if you're trading the 12 hour time frame right you will get to experience this and learn this as well but again that's because given your circumstance right you have a bit more time right to watch the markets to trade off the two hour time frame so there you have it right there really isn't any any best time frame out there right for example when I first started right when I graduated from university or while during my university days I had times on my head so I was actually there bling on the 20 minutes and 1 hour time frame because I had time to spare I had time to look at the market right to see what it's doing and not to learn as much as I could but that's given my circumstance and today right now my circumstance has changed right I know the trade-off the 30 minutes timeframe or the 1 hour timeframe the highest time frame or the minimum time frame that I trade off right now it's at least the forward time frame I trait meaning now the 4-hour the daily and sometimes even weekly tries for my for my systems trading so yeah there you have it right the the best time frame for beginners right so this sign right on your circumstance right and then you know select the time frame right given you know what you can manage right given your your constraints around you ok so there's really no bears or magical or easy time frame right it all depends on you the trader so we that's it I wish you good luck and good trading I'll talk to you soon you