Whiteout Single Take Thriller Short Film by Lance Edmands

how long has it hurt been dating I think he said six months or something that's just funny I liked her yeah I'm gonna check out her studio thing gallery right she said that the idea was to showcase local artists and artisans so we can finally pick up that you know macrame wall hanging for the bathroom great really yeah well it's good to get some new blood in the group anyway yeah especially in a winter shit is long and dark slowed-down you had like five glasses of wine I had three you had so you can wish to use that article in New York revenue [Applause] [Music] what the hell he didn't even flinch racing or the fuck did he come from why is he just standing there maybe he could have Alzheimer's or something yeah heard be wasted fuck are you doing don't hog I don't know excuse me sir sir you okay do you need help what so what's your move here I could just go around him what's wrong with you [Music] I don't know what hi-yah um well there is a man just standing the middle of the road what we're off a roof 42 on a beach Cliff Drive it's it's right right past west west killer well he's just like wearing a shirt mm-hmm he's unresponsive no he's conscious he's alive he's just not answering questions he seems really out of it I don't know we're afraid maybe he ran away from home or a halfway house okay okay thank you they're sending someone that should be here in ten minutes I think we should wait and I think you should give him your coat what you serious it's freezing out there my brand new market he's wet and he could die of hypothermia and then you would always blame yourself no in the discussion no no we even wait here but I'm not going back out there what the fuck Lydia [Music] [Music] [Music] you know I get why this guy with all this shit with your father and maybe be triggering for you but you were acting like I'm not man enough and you're bullying me and we've worked on this aggression with Gary and I was feeling really good about where we were but now I'm feeling really diminished but the man has blood on him he's bleeding no I don't know there was blood Jesus I don't know what you were talking about there's no holding around here in the middle no way yeah no shit the only thing around there's a prison which is super comfortable great did you not hear what I said are you just gonna pretend that I didn't say it Jake they're important things right now then the fragile balance of your masculinity oh my god it's unbelievable how cruel you can be just to be sure okay I'm the one with the alcoholic dad so I'm just transferring my childhood trauma into Jake abuse is that all right yeah what the fuck does that mean never mind you know what just forget it oh sure sure I'll just forget that wasn't the parallel you I never said it was about him I never said it was about me I said it was about him every man who reminds you of your father oh sure that was too much helping someone in need notice oh my god fuck is he we should go find him right what's we I don't have a jacket remember no one could possibly diminish your manhood oh I'm sorry I couldn't hear you over the howling man fuck [Music] at least you looked real hard least I'd looked at all at least he's warm and cozy they're brand new down the park are you crying No what's going on I'm sorry okay the police are coming we're gonna send someone [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] you