Who’s better at Sports Tall Guys or Short Guys

wanna let you know something you would UCLA on the scholarship these hips don't lie really what's up you guys welcome back to team edge and welcome to our new series crazy sports or comment DeLillo comment below in a better title alright so we have various challenges but we're gonna pin the tall sequoia trees versus the little buzzer Wawa's laurel bonds are true to the answer the question that you are all wondering who's better at sports and who's better at lights the tall's for the minis we're not even that many I'm 6 feet oh we know it ball I'm gonna be your host for the day you know how many people come up to me and say wow you're a lot taller than I thought you were because everyone keeps saying I'm short that's because we're standing next to you in all the video yeah in all reality bobbies about 5 7 so what no all right so then we're going to set this up because we're gonna give each group and agility and a sport that they should theoretically excel and dominate in so ones that will be an advantage for the tall people and ones that will be an advantage for the average people but round one basketball we have a 1v1 this is an advantage for the tall people we have a nine-foot rim so theoretically you guys should be dunking all over them I could dunk on it like ten years ago here in if you miss a point if you missing a shot you're replaced by your teammate our first matchup [Music] hey so the knee right there put the pressure on in boys oh boy Joey honestly that wasn't Barry together what the heck was that you don't have to be honest bro check I love that you would UCLA on the scholarship these hips that's balls live balls live Bobby get in there man next time if you don't dunk that I'm not counting that oh right dude is grill Joey's got pressure I won't count that travel but you can do it everyone's traveling Brian come on I said I'm not counting it I literally just set up that County a dude one more time you do that it's a free throw Kevin do you even know how to play basketball over time you do that too free throw if you can't overcome a little happy Pedro there's no way you're shooting over him so close get in there get in there this is called my figure than that mustache no tall guys you have to score by dunking is the only way it's allowed to count as a point hey you clone traveling what's that are you gonna call traveling [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] hi guys a little quick it is like oh all right for the next event it is something for the minis to dominate in now set up a little obstacle course with a little doggie tunnel fastest team to cross winds 1v1 whoever crosses the obstacle course first gets the point for their team Kevin you go first Oh set on Shawn's fronts go go go oh goodness set look I don't know [Applause] [Applause] what's going on right now there's one tube we started with - all right it is now time for a little target practice the goal is to knock out your opponents in the least amount of attempts whoever does so wins the point and if you haven't noticed this is pretty much a challenge where we make fun of short people I'm 6 feet tall if you guys kick and hit one of the paper walls that is two attempts added to your final score does that make sense all scoring ha relax on the kick though bro it was right between bro that barely grazed him but we don't want it grazed my direct hits that does that count sorry Bob he moved his legs out of the way it was a little a little so now it's just me so we moved the walls closer I still have no idea how this is advantage tore people oh that hit Wolper but it didn't go through the wall next time you flinch like that okay you are not hitting your face they missed one more team short wins alright Joey you can't miss those come on come clutch sure people let's go for the final event we have the hurdles we're gonna see which team we're gonna see which team can't clear the most hurdles and this is team edge y'all we don't do things just simple just to be simple we want to see carnage you want to see destruction failure our sequoia trees have to wear tight fitting jeans hey we have a problem I don't think this is my size there's no wow these big my legs look in here make a fashion statement I can't get it past the booty man oh my goodness I'm in ok yeah bro you wear pants like that sets up first [Applause] here we have our ballerina I promise I did almost over waiting almost knock that over yes he got to conquer yes no you can't do it I can't do it yeah some kind of gerbil one thing more to go through his legs said old it's like his leg didn't follow what have you through my back leg [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] you can knock over one and two guys from now on we're gonna be just doing the series that you have known and loved over the past few years we got larges in life that's where we do big bills we got build battles that's where we make our own stuff and have to battle with them crazy sports stuff like this and extreme trivia so make sure you stay in twos I think you stay tuned for all that stuff and while you're waiting for the next upload make sure you go watch my personal favorite soccer tennis right here where Bobby was the star of the show go watch it don't miss it and watch this video that you too recommends for you right over here I'll see you guys peace