Who Buys Star Wars Toys at Midnight Force Friday Exposé Millennial Falcon

[Music] [Applause] hi guys we are here at force Friday - they're gonna launch all the new Star Wars products tonight and so many fans have come out to get all this new stuff you can just feel the excitement in the air it's like comic-con for toys I can't wait I love fan events because everybody's energy is always so up there you know everyone's so excited to see all the new Star Wars merch maybe we can only see part of the line from here you're here for force Friday I'm here for first Friday I don't normally hang out at targets at midnight yeah man is it crowded people have been here for hours look at all these nope just don't you don't actually have to show them look at all these people whoa oh they go on for miles when I say force you say Friday force ride a horse Friday someone you keep will chain it along yeah how long have you been here five six hours oh no not nearly actually only been here like 30 minutes that's not very exciting can you just say you've been here for eight hours yeah I've been here for about eight hours that's such a long time there was a lot more people at Toys R Us like people in costumes like people in costumes in costumes with lightsabers and everything yeah there's like cosplayers and lightsaber duels with you were dueling yeah and there's a little puppy dress-up as Chewbacca and he's so cute it sounds lame I'm so glad I came here yeah it's gonna be so much fun yeah good great don't worry so what are you gonna get since you're gonna be one of the first ones in oh I kind of want that five foot pork I don't know what the chances are of getting that thing there's a five foot pork yeah you can win it here I don't think you can buy it though if you didn't want it would you consider giving it to me if you like if they handed it to you and you were like oh now that I'm looking at it up close I don't like it that much I'll give you the eBay link any particular figures like clear glitter smoke or snap Wexley with new TIE fighter x-wing battle playset we're gonna go the spears heroes not if I get there first this is a small spoiler I did hear that BB 90 is gonna murder Luke Skywalker oh yeah that's nothing it happens at like 45 minutes into the film so okay it's not like the big movies barely act - yeah are you gonna get the Luke's funeral barge playset that comes with Rey wearing her new turned to the dark side outfit she's wearing like a thing that says in Arabic I'm evil now yeah I'm also excited to pick up a Lord and Miller homeless action figure nice comes with a box and a letter of resignation are they gonna have the new guards and the Praetorian Elite Guard squadron yes that I hope so I love getting a toy of something that looks like somebody 3d printed it at home good luck today at force Friday in my experience there's no such thing as luck well how about this may the force Friday be with you ah May the first Friday BB 90 with you my god it's my show Jesus oh man we're gonna go get some Star Wars stuff I'm gonna get everything [Music] I got a point and I got a BB tiny [Music] they have a little pork and it does something look at that he's even cuter than bb-8 who I used to love oh my new best friend press and shake : really makes these noises when you shake him did I have any like spoilers on these action figures they decided not to include Finn throwing some shade and leaving Finn out of the group set this time I'm gonna get this gen or so pillowcase that has a picture of jyn erso and it says hope just like jyn erso does so we have this um what is this it's one of those Hasbro playmates ones you can see Luke with his gigantic metal hand raised got her lightsaber Captain phasma has a giant like shoulder cannon Rose Tico I think he's holding dynamite and look r2d2 straight-up has jetpacks mounted to him to fly with so people are passing this one by I think this might be the most spoiler if ik thing that I have found at force Friday - they have a Rey PEZ dispenser this is probably the worst toy I have ever seen actually no this is the worst toy I've ever seen it doesn't even look like it's anything hey kids step right up get your praetorian guard from this plush we learned that in the new film Chewie is showing his age he's definitely seen better days and he looks like he's been eaten by a dog I think in the last Jedi the stormtroopers are all gonna be riding these guys and they're gonna look good doing it this isn't like a spoiler but I love a good blade builder you can make all these crazy ugly combinations of lightsabers and this one's yellow maybe ray will have a yellow lightsaber and then everyone will be even more convinced that she's exactly like vast Allah Shan just helped everyone's conspiracy theory with that maybe her lightsaber will look like this we do know she's good at fighting with the staff and that is similar so these have been picked clean they still have Rey who I guess the fans don't like not judging or anything she is the main character we have a captain phasma Oh another girl character I'm not saying it's kylo Ren and it looks like he's just stuck in one pose i this would be weird to play with like hello i'm carl redden i'm gonna getcha maybe he makes this pose a lot in the new movie we haven't seen it rose Tico the new character Luke Skywalker's love interest this handsome devil supreme leader snoke I love that apparently he's just rocking a gold robe for this whole film I think it's a great look Chewbacca has a tiny pork in his hand he's gonna shove it right in his mouth Young says Chewbacca here we have our new Spiro products they have BB 90 and the target people were just telling me that this plays evil sinister music when it rolls around I love him oh my god the biggest pork I've ever seen him probably will ever see until my dying day our friend won the giant pork he won it I'm happy for him and I don't resent him okay well the poor adoptions are over everybody's starting to go home and all they have left are these giant Praetorian guards why do they have so many of these why didn't these sellout I don't understand pretty successful force Friday got a lot of good stuff I'm surprised cuz there were so many people here it was very competitive but I did it that's how you know I'm the biggest fan because I like new characters like Borges time to go home [Music] you