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[Music] hello and welcome to the messy mafia challenge if you guys haven't seen our previous mafia challenges watch that after this video not right now because we want you to watch this video mafia is a game where we all have to you know point fingers and you know we want to introduce you to some special people I know over here we got Eric at the end and we got Kyle right here they're gonna be running our vlog Channel make sure you go subscribe there may not be content up there yet but there will be in the future let's get it to 1 billion subscribers within a week welcome them hi Eric and Kyle I'm still really not sure what you want Eric is and which one Kyle is but we'll figure it out if then we do look a lot alike alright here's how we play [Music] dude I'm the best at the peeping girl hello everyone and welcome to the line to wait at the DMV unfortunately one of you is a member of the Mafia and is eliminating innocent people what why mom that is unfortunate the goal of the game is to stop the Mafia from eliminating the whole town mafia if you are discovered you will be punished by a barrage of food for the method of elimination Gibson will splatter food on you what is this ever a scenario in the DMV townspeople go to sleep Oh mafia you can wake up okay mafia who would you like to eliminate that me please mafia you can go to sleep defender you may wake up defender who would you like to save Thank You defender you may go to sleep Gibson you may eliminate your target everybody keep your eyes down just remember if you're covering your bike I'm covering the dock because it's gonna be a muffled Oh open Oh doughy phone delicious did he just swing that hammer at us [Applause] [Music] I'm gonna say it's Kyle why I'm going with Bobby dude Bobby knows I seriously think it's pile it's my first day yeah you're awfully quiet over there I'm about to say something I think it's Brian because Brian and Joey have been rivals ever since team has started in 1984 no there's a reason why you're a camera shot who do you think is it I think it's Billy Billy play finger Oh Kyle Brian I say it's hey Kyle okay so that's what you have to one finger okay that's here I'm gonna make you put up the second figure no I I think it's Brian all right what I'm saying I'm thinking Skyy yeah okay rules so I'm gonna say townspeople go to sleep mafia you may wake up mafia who would you like to eliminate mafia you may go to sleep dang it I was trying to listen to like you thought your move Oh defender defender you may wake up defender please defend me defender who would you like to defend sea defenders defender you may go to sleep this is quick wow this time everyone can open their eyes and wake up Gibson you may eliminate your target it's me it's not gonna be me it's Kyle oh no Bobby Erica you can have all my baseball bats what am I gonna do it do whatever you want there guys thank goodness we have anybody went both ways dude it came out the back end [Music] I think it's morbid that's what I was saying look at Eric keep you make the like chain himself you're right wait you're jumping ship way too quick right now by the way you went from me to him just as I said him yeah see you yeah I'll just go in forever hey guys it's Kyle I think it's more than wait you know what ain't himself you're right Marvin that's you man Kyle Bobby wait could it could it be me I might be the Mafia Bobby why all of a sudden did you switch from Kyle oh no just Marvin's seemed like he was more threatening look at him just forget the smell of it I'm rooting for Eric I'm actually going Eric as well Bobby and Eric it's sure testimony's Bobby being sketchy bringing bringing bring the camera zoom in a little bit okay right I'm not the Mafia that was it Bobby you just went back I'm not it I believe they're very powerful workers I believe you you three have to vote dang it inspired majority right yep unanimous okay so I I got something good [Applause] [Music] oh so cold there Bobby that is so much [Music] yeah why didn't you switch that then [Music] you've been accusing everyone all day mafia you may wake up who would you like to eliminate it's a mafia go to sleep who would you like to save everyone put your glasses on Gibson is going to use a pie execution Marvin looks like one of my grandma's Oh Thanksgiving casseroles it's Eric he was after Marvin the whole time he had beef with them I did have be on my way I love my quarter so what yeah when they asked the Mafia to look up I heard you let's go that was just me smack it that's just me going nuts bad timing then I say I say just vote for Kyle I vote aye aye vote Eric so I guess I lose our corn nuts this is a mustard corn I took you guys long enough enough people get snuffed out Bobby you messed up man you should just stay with Kyle but mustard angels welcome to team edge guy [Music] the Mafia's punishment for losing is to get the rest of this stuff thrown Adam welcome to team edge Kyle just the top [Applause] okay welcome to you're fired guys make sure you go subscribe to our vlog channel there may not be any videos up yet not sure but you can subscribe and they can arrive in your inbox when you subscribe when they're uploaded also go check out our two previous mafia videos one with star wars and one was an Italian version just like regular mafioso peace also means mafia bear in Spanish