Who Killed Navy Dad Withdrawing Lunch Money for His Kids

an American hero is shot to death while withdrawing lunch money for his kids that's what happened to Navy officer Cory Voss Cory was at the ATM machine trying to withdraw some money an individual dressed on all black entered the passenger side of his vehicle it turned out to be a murder-for-hire case plotted by his own wife it was such a haunting case it's being featured on NCIS the cases they can't forget it took a lot of twists and turns as the investigation it's a true crime show a reality spinoff of the hit CBS drama and it's hosted by NCIS actor rocky Carroll the show returns for its third season May 29th what you learned by watching this this show is just how deeply affected and how connect and how personally involved the agents are and how important and how dedicated they are he says the real stars of the show are the agents these are real agents these are not actors these are the unsung heroes the men and women who really go through these cases you get to meet them you get to hear their story you get to hear their emotional response because some of these really incredible cases that have stayed with them some of them for decades as an actor on NCIS Carroll has had lots of experience solving fictional crime and he says the real-life cases depicted on NCIS the cases they can't forget are just as riveting it's a real honor for me now to come from that show to be a part of this show [Music] you [Music]