Who Needs To Switch Brands In The Superstar ShakeUp Podcast

[Applause] hello and welcome to another wrestling round table discussion podcast I'm Adam will born from what code you joined by the dad Leroy's of what culture Michael Hamlet and Michael sidwich to discuss another burning wrestling issue but before we get into it if you're a fan of this sort of thing make sure you subscribe to what cult wrestling on either iTunes or Spotify for daily wrestling podcasts where we review pay-per-views Raw Smackdown we have interviews more roundtable discussions just like this one and a roundup of the week complete with a bloody good quiz of course on wrestle culture but Jen's we recently found out that the superstar shake-up is going to be taking place the week after WrestleMania so the not the roar and smite after so many but the one after that and it is a point of contention for a lot of wrestling fans because it's a chance to sort of wipe the slate clean and give some performers perhaps another chance on another brand so with that in mind which wrestlers do you think need to move brands on the superstars shake-up and I'm gonna allow you one NXT call-up each before we begin I think personnel to an extent can help but one of the reasons why I approached this as I approach most things in terms of EE w/e with complete inner nihilism it's because on some level it doesn't matter and I say that because raw the identity of that program needs to change completely it's pitched at the minute as ee w YZ entertainment show and Smackdown in its second life is kind of like the work rate sure whether just kind of like warehouse the guys who can wrestle all up or and stuff but the approach that the do to roll this whole entertainment thing this big broad mess it needs to change completely if you look at that roster now there are so few people to care about because they're framed as stars you just get normalized within three hours so you've got your big bad braun strowman you've got your next face of the company apparently Andrew McIntyre but because in order to service this model he has to eat lots of defeats it just doesn't resonate there's so much broad comedic stuff I mean look at the call ups ec3 looks bound for Raw and he's just much of a muchness like a guy with a big big body who can't really go where are some Smackdown you've got guys with smaller bodies who can go and they just need to mix it up and give up on the idea of raw is this big sports entertainment vehicle because sports entertainment sucks and it's gonna be interesting as well I mean we might don't have to necessarily get into it that much here but in the weeks and months following this superstar shaker obviously the focus will almost turn to SmackDown because they're the ones who really have to do the bigger numbers in terms of justifying their TV contracts there's a lot of discussion about some of the biggest stars perhaps being transferred over to Smackdown to make it the Asia I'm really curious about how that's gonna go down you know I think that was very much the story of last year's like super star shaking draft that maybe we didn't see coming maybe do beware of front of that that was around the time they were looking to get the deal and they front-loaded Smackdown we never we're all quite shocked at seeing how well it's done in comparison at raw raw or something looked a bit like a barren wasteland and perón like a barren wasteland full of like giants and losses and dorks and the odd light Druce or sprout without from amongst that whereas Smackdown just seemed flourishing and blooming with all these exciting talents they got the deal and now I'm not so sure if they're gonna be that fussed about talent particularly driving the reins they want good numbers for Fox but I feel like they're gonna rely on the stories they believe they can tell and try and level the playing field a bit after this WrestleMania I think the bill to Wrestlemania is gonna be quite telling but I do feel as though at the moment Monday Night Raw outside of the Brock Lesnar Seth Rollins main event which by the way isn't for everybody who still feels incredibly short and they've had a draft Becky Lynch the biggest star from smoke now and into into Rosemere an event because there's no real star on her level you know to go against Ronda Rousey so I do feel like they're going to look at this WrestleMania and think this year we need to do more for Raw over the course of summer because the deals already got and whether or not that proves to be a futile move because the city is sometimes you worry that personnel can't make the difference anymore it's as if talent can't necessarily fix what is so profoundly broken will remain to be seen so let's start with people who need to make the move from raw to Smackdown Michael surgery won't you start as off I think in keeping with what I've said and I'm gonna ruin raw even more Finn Bella has to go to Smackdown in my personal opinion because under what the model of what raw is now which is essentially Vince's primary playground where his big guys get the star and these big broad segments finn bálor been unethical to that kind of by model just gets chinlock after headlock after boring boring wrestled applied to him by the likes of Baron Coleman and Bobby Lashley he's basically stabbed broken toy to get played around with on that brand we're us on Smackdown which at present isn't considered the flagship he can flourish and do actual wrestling matches against more flattered incompatible AppleInsider likes it's like imagine finn bálor versus Andrade unrolled it I was gonna say anonymous that's no longer his name cause that match would be fire finn bálor versus Daniel Bryan it would be absurd fire and finn bálor like a retread of the similar joe program could beat all fire and i'd like to see finn bálor on smackdown because he flourishes in matches that get the best out of him he's not that great a sympathetic babyface he's more of a like a dynamic spectacular babyface his selling ability isn't on par with someone like Charlotte flair for example or at Daniel Bryan and the babyface well he doesn't have that inherent sympathy that makes you want to get behind him he's got a spectacular repertoire that makes you want to get amazed by him so I think he could flourish on Smackdown and I don't obviously think that's a hot take either no I was gonna say Finn Balor was gonna be my choice as well to move from from raw to Smackdown not just because those reasons but also because we're looking long-term about title contenders and I think if you're looking at anyone who you could make the case right now to take the WWE Championship off Daniel Bryan who's doing such amazing heel work and I'm not saying this should happen anytime soon I think you and I both agree that probably Daniel Bryan should keep the championship for almost the entirety of 2019 but if you're looking for someone to do that a big fall pay-per-view who you could build up from you know from when he first arrives post WrestleMania to SummerSlam Survivor Series that sort of thing Finn Balor would be the guys to do that and Finn Balor would have the crowd support whereas a lot of people if you just tried to build them as a babyface against Daniel Bryan would arguably get a little bit lost it's a clean sweep Finn Balor for me but like weirdly for a different reason I've not been particular thinking about who he could face citric points out there's a litany of fabulous opponents and exciting youth it's not about what it could do for me it's about what he's already done on Raw if we are to take both shores as separate universes he's completely exploited everything he can possibly do on that Shore and he's not looking particularly great for it he finally got a shot at the universal title after years of having it taken off him and didn't win it put in a great performance guess for a lesson but didn't win it he's a dead robber on Monday Night Raw because when he's infused for the majority of the time he tends to lose or he tends to come out with him looking worse unless they put the demon pain on him or they give him one night where the treatment main event I think he's such a busted flush on Monday Night Raw this is how the original brand extension was supposed to work he was supposed to be able to have the show and not necessarily as competition was an actual restart for a wrestler and I think someone like Butler is in desperate need of it and his blue jacket and tie tumbler looks fantastic so let's see more of that you know for nothing else you're just like that literal code name would really help him now he's a fairly obvious one and we'll get to the NXT corpse in a second the interesting one I find it's the person who should go the other way I can read the trade for a likes of someone like a finn bálor who should go from smackdown to raw well I would say Becky Lynch because I'm working on the assumption that she's gonna defeat Ronda Rousey at WrestleMania or Sharla whatever she's gonna go out with the raw women's title so I feel like that would be a natural trade that will have to be made as a result but winning that title and but as well as her and I dare say we could be on front of the sweep here I look at someone like AJ Styles for the same reasons as Finn Balor I just feel as though he's been used as kind of a contemporary version of what the Undertaker used to be on Smackdown and he became the became the house the a jest I was built it's all of his title reigns have been defined by these Smackdown rivalries that is hard I just feel as if he's out of steam he's ran out of steam very very quickly since losing the title Daniel Bryan has exposed AJ Styles run for what a lot of us feared it was which was drab and boring and there for the sake of having a long title run when you were criticizing they're just stars at a time and I use a generally because I think probably all of us did it at one point then there was a lot of the time where the people in the comment section and I think we probably all AJ Styles fans to a point I've said a lot of people in the comment section we're just saying how can you criticize this money such a he's every bit as phenomenal as he says he is but you know I just felt empty from the matches I just felt a little bit bored and a little bit tired of the whole thing and see he's become the Challenger as particularly against someone as hot as Brian at the moment it's just felt like that he was stale while he was still on top of the run and that change of scenery again could just work wonders to try and kind of reboot him a little bit yeah I think he's someone I considered as well as my pick to go from SmackDown to roar do you think arguably he's almost getting off on the wrong foot because he had such a huge pop when he obviously took the title from jinda that he almost couldn't live up to something like ah I have to say I reflect on what was really a good month for edgy style he he turned up on a pay-per-view to fight finn bálor to save the show when Bray Wyatt went down with the mumps he beat you into mahalia that incredible match with Brock Lesnar and that was pretty much it like if he looked from the the following year where he held the title it looks more now like we were just so excited to see him win the title as a form of relief and form of authority it's not also not his fault because you think about it like I remember some reading on squared circle or something the amount of matches they just ours that hadn't gone to a clean finish and you know it's almost 1 for 1 1 clean finish on pay-per-view and then a kick to the bollocks or a screw finish with a referee or whatever it just it felt very stop star and that doesn't help him gain any momentum to an extent I agree but if you look at the Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte Flair program there was lots of troops dusted off in that program that ordinarily I would be like rolling my eyes at like she used the belt again Charlotte Flair when she was in the figure a and like cost herself like a chief loss and all the rest of it but I didn't care because the character work was so strong and to illustrate Michaels point I've only ever been captivated by AJ Styles throughout 2018 when he was against like a really captivating heel I against Daniel Bryan or against mojo and I thought that program was absolutely brilliant but was largely carried by some more jewels excellent work because AJ Styles a phenomenal big-match performer we all know that I just don't necessarily think he's a compelling protagonist on tobe w/e television maybe he could benefit because of his lack of I true personality from roles big broad tropes before we get to your choice for two's going from from Smackdown to roar and I'm sure obviously you and I both thinking about talking about a j-stars here is there an argument to be made if and we're taking this as work as I insist on doing a stick would stick to my guns with a lot of things in dooby-doo easy you can tell if we're insisting that it is a work that Dean Ambrose is leaving God would happen oh just a Meowth would having him moved to SmackDown and start up an anti-authority thing there refresh that character enough for you know yeah I'm with Sid right there actually flat no I like I no longer thinking to work I'm sorry I'm off that button but if it was I don't see how that particular version of the numbers can be salvaged I don't even really matters what brand is on the big pop he got when he came out on Raw last week in the knowledge that many fans had that he was going to be leaving told me that deep down fun still actually love Dean Ambrose and this Neil turn because it was so catastrophic Lea mishandled early on has only galvanized that support that was there when he first came back I think what you'd have to do now within the situation where the unlikely situation where this wasn't work is you reprogram as a baby face no he's fine people people looked about that's almost what I'm saying here I'm saying that if you you say he's this anti-authority thing which often yet exactly makes people a baby face in the eyes of the fans if you cast him as this character and you almost ape the the CM Punk angle of all those years ago and you want to get people to start watching Smackdown more is that not just an open goal I think we're too far past the looking glass because in effect if I might I realize I'm arguing if this is a word yeah they were too far removed like through the looking-glass here because if in fact this is a work and Dean Ambrose has been hiding in plain sight as been on the inside all along then to a deeply knowledgeable farm base now it just undermines the whole shtick and the second his performance level deteriorates like the vultures will come out and think well how can how can we buy in at this anti-authority thing when in fact he's complicit within the authority and it's a bit too precarious a character and I just have seen no evidence at all in recent months from Toby w/e being able to strike that balance Michael Sedgwick who would you like to see go from Smackdown to Monday Night Raw I've got two picks if you don't mind it depends on what you're greedy yeah first and we're got to be sneaky with this because it's Vince it's a bit unrealistic to see how Vince guess what this guy can really go and he's gonna think if I could get away with it I would have put John Cena versus Great Khali in the main event of Wrestlemania the idea of great technical wrestling to him doesn't matter at all so you have to sort of be a bit sneaky with it it's like the old Bruce Prichard thing if you tell him something so great he's gonna bristle and go well how good could it be pal I didn't come up with it he just doesn't like being told so if you're constantly saying this is a good idea for this reason it's just not gonna work you can't say you should push Andre Andrade because he's an absolutely outstanding in-ring talent he's just gonna go so what they all are you're just gonna have to put a little bit and to say Vince you know what Indrani is good obviously but look at the broad that's how you gonna have to get on his level so if you tell him look he's got this valet Selena Vega he's a great TV character when utilized correctly and just a bit of eye candy for you and Kevin Dulli pair of all perverts then that will convince him to push that character and I think on something like raw which is just such a heat driven shoe because how else do you get through three hours without the constant promise of you gonna get something it's three hours but just bear with us you're gonna get something so it's heat heat heat blue balls blue balls blue balls eventually we're gonna give you that release guys it's just gonna take some time then Selena Vega and her interference it's just so much preferable and the chin locks they otherwise use yeah to try and bore you in the submission I'll try and prolong this absolutely irredeemably profoundly tedious three hour show I'll be all up for her like really creative em he'll work so I think he could just about make them flourish on Raw I love Sandra down Rob yeah absolutely and who's your other choice and my other choice would be jewel because again raw is very very driven by heels and Baron Corbin like so much of it Alexa bliss the almost site across gender fulfill the same role of a like primary character that exists to annoy people often with very little catharsis you feel oppressed as a fun by them yeah feels and oppressive experience that you've got to survive yourself as if you were one of the struggling babyface yeah it should heat heat heat heat heat and if they must go through that route and if we're gonna be realistic about this and do it like I would just get alright okay Johnny got gone he'll jump a Velveteen dream that would be my rock so why not just make NXT the flagship if we're gonna be completely realistic about it but we have to be realistic about it and if we're going to have to have a he'll just get the best one they've got which isn't Daniel Bryan said to want him anywhere near off there's some more chill now I figured you two would pick some up with the Finn Balor thing I figured we all be on the same playing field here and on earth I thought we'd also mentioned some names like like an AJ Styles and like a none draw day perhaps so for my pick from Smackdown to Monday Night Raw and bear with me here I picked someone who I thought is a little bit already there's a little bit alternative because my thought process is if they failed on Smackdown or they haven't been seen in the title picture or they have and they failed it's difficult to refresh them and make people genuinely believe hey this guy could actually win a major title so what I've done rather than select someone like nervous like like a Samoa Joe or like an AJ star zero is it picks pick someone who's been overlooked for a long time and is something that we've been actually genuinely looking for and I think people would get behind so I have gone through the bloody iconic no for once I'm being legitimately serious on this podcast with Biggie transfer over so you're not breaking up the new day he's not splitting from them he's not he's just separate from them now they can support him they stay Kofi and Xavier stay on Smackdown and they can either continue their push for tag teams tag team titles or for in my opinion Kofi Kingston should be having another singles push now but you want to give piggy that push which they will give them and you want it to be pushed properly which Vince would give piggy you put him on Raw and if you still have a heel champion like a Brock Lesnar which we've all discussed could quite easily happen the Vince turned around on the day of Wrestlemania looks at Seth Rollins it goes now we're gonna sign Brock for a bit longer just imagine building biggie up slowly but surely for like a big SummerSlam match against Brock Lesnar and crowning biggie your new Universal champion it's it's out there I'll admit it but it was just something a little bit alternative that I think sometimes when we look at people jumping across Ross disease it's arguably a little bit overlooked did not split tag teams up like this in such a way other than when they want to burn it off Chad Gable in his latest friendship there are really tear tag teams apart with the draft anymore either as well so I think there's something in that because it's been a long time since it hasn't always worked to be fair but they haven't gone down that route in quite a long time there was a period where I think the hard is the Acolytes and the Dudley's all went in the same draft yes and that was such an overreach that was such a way of doing things but so when you hit print three so yeah oh no time especially an act like the new day like you said they can stay together in some form they can almost like kind of cross representing across both brands I don't think that's the worst idea because the idea of bringing them together on the dual brand pay-per-views is particularly exciting it adds a bit of spark back so what he's occasionally a bit of a tired act so I'm not against that at all I'm with you will born because this is a landmark day in the history of this podcast this might speak to my personal disenfranchisement more than anything else however there's I had a similar thing with Drew McIntyre last year but I really like them but don't love him don't get that emotional connection I deal with someone like a Daniel Bryan on Hiroshi Tallahatchie sorry comment section but to a degree because I'm numb to it and I've been conditioned for years to just think you know what your guy doesn't matter doesn't matter who you like it's what Vince likes so increasingly to try and get something out of the product I will gravitate towards people like braun strowman and drew McIntyre who you know for a fact that Vince will probably look at and think I can make a star out of you and I can do something committed like worth my time worth my time watching Ron said of the disposable trash that often is and I think in Big E I could actually believe that Vince McMahon would want to position him effectively and consistently and I really enjoy watching him because he's just a fun vibrant performer who puts a smile on my face and I do think that he could excel in that role and B they could theoretically like strap the rocket to him and from a position of pure bargaining like yep I can actually believe this is going to happen and not get burned I think it could work he's also a little bit like a classic babyface in terms of the fans just like him for who he is and I'm not saying you take him to roar and you turn him here you take him and now he's a badass but someone does something to piss him off he's a big guy he can handle himself yeah I like that I'm getting to be both I think that's really cool but I'm still having the new do music in the entrance and I'm acknowledging the new Distiller thing and the wrestlers can sort be friends and coexist across the runs I really like the idea but being able to just turn that sort of like you say maybe a little bit of intensity doesn't need to show in the tag division getting to do that as a singles wrestler again what five years on from his first singles push yeah that'd be fascinating to watch microsurgery let's move on to NXT call-ups there's a wide range of people to choose from and there's an argument to be made for almost everyone on NXT to be caused yes absolutely I was gonna push very Bugenhagen before I was Todd wasn't allowed to higher ups we've gotta we gotta build him up a little bit more what coach is very a favorite wrestler at the moment Bugenhagen so instead of Eric Bugenhagen it said the Bewkes cruz who else would you like to see move from NXT to the main roster this is a loaded question because theoretically as you say I would love to see that NXT roster do arena size shows every single week under the auspices of Triple H obviously they maximize how good they can be because the big time and to a degree I don't want to see taped episodes of NXT on Full Sail because no matter how good they are there's never that buzz like there is on Raw for some reason purely by virtue of the fact that it's live so yes there is an argument to be made that you could just transfer them all to the main roster and have a much better main roster program there's a scary component of this question because again and this is not just Layton cynicism like yes now like actual yes we think Tyler breeze is twenty fifty now we are heading to four years of utter malaise at best and destruction at worst so it feels like very much a poisoned chalice for whoever gets this promotion the journey does not work so the web emotion is just so ironic but it would be impossible and if I just get into the cynicism think you know what this person could actually theoretically star on the main roster for me it's the undisputed era and it's so cynical and it's so reductive but Adam Cole looks a bit like a man that Vince McMahon infamously pass off in the mid nineties he's the doppelganger of Shawn Michaels and as soon as he lays his eye on him for a fixed period of time he's gonna think he's a star and what's more like less cynically less facetiously Adam Cole is such a good performer as facials are so good it's time and so good its ability to generate heat and be creative about it not just boring for borings sake like barren buddy Corbin is such a great sports entertainment performer that actually in my opinion belies his wrestling ability which is very very good and I think it gets enough credit for this Adam Cole is an actual star and more at the point I think he's a star with a specific set of skills not that Courtin Liam Neeson's this marketing comedy right now not the smartest thing to do but anyway he could actually flourish on that main roster if handled with a bit of care because he's got a call-and-response bit that is a 33 year old man whenever I watch you take over I will it half 2:00 in the morning just do it alongside him he's got that magnetic charisma that makes you I pulls you in makes me want to copy him because he's a star he reduces you to a child and I think especially the fact that he's in a faction and I know sanity sorry it's an exception to this rule typically speaking in progress and narrative if you're part of a faction theoretically you should be protected because you've got eight numbers advantage sunny over absolutely everybody else and I think that for all intents and purposes Vincent man's got a look at Eric Young and think well he's off TNA's book sort of one of victory there and he's not gonna push him in and of himself no matter how you know ill advice that maybe he's got a role to play someone might Adam Cole with those three guys around him could really do something on that maybe things on it that last takeover didn't feel quite as special because we were all giddy and wait and hope and called come at least once so you have that shared moment with him the call and response I think it was the shore actively lacked his taunt and that's how powerful I think Nathan and I always say as well when we talk about things like NXT and people making that transition is a lot of time you know the more knowledgeable fans go this is guys should really care about and some of the more casual fans don't know who they are if they came up and half the audience in that superstar shake up at doing that the call and response as you mentioned people suddenly sit up and take notice and go oh I should probably care about this person and like you say if they if they brought Adam Cole up with undisputed hero and immediately put gold not just him but other members of that stable Tag Team Championships etc etc it just makes it matter that that bit more doesn't it yeah absolutely they're called the undisputed era in their whole mission statement is to dominate an XT and that has carried an arguably elevated that weekly program certainly the takeover specials because that tag-team division with undisputed era spearheading it is absolutely outstanding and they're the kind of guys who can make everyone around them look good because all the characters make sense in our fictional universe because people want to challenge that people want to dispute the undisputed Irit that makes any sense like having a faction gives a an amazing and engaging narrative pivot around everyone orbits someone like a team like only Lorcan and Danny birch who got booed when they first made their introduction to take over Carnival which one it was it was in 2018 certainly whose Ishmael in Chicago wasn't money in the bank weekend living here but their work the undisputed IRA's heel work was so great in that match that people got behind this babyface team now that didn't want to get behind and that's the knock-on effect a faction particularly one as talented as them could have people want to see like antagonists get their comeuppance and if you can delay that to a point and want to get baby faces behind them then everyone gets over on a faction is at the forefront of w/e television and in the undisputed era they've got one that's charismatic talented as hell and just great just absolutely I don't think comes off part the undisputed era very much as well and I would like to think Triple H would use as a sales pitch to Vince actually I think they'll want to like a low-key one of the performance centers biggest success stories we go looking for a Sharla or a braun strowman that you've taken somebody from the ground up when you made them I think their edges have been really well smooth though they came in with that like I don't to call it an independent wrestling stink but I can't pretend that was a fan of all four of them and they certainly all had bad habits that I definitely think they've honed in and they benefit from WB production and they understand so much more you know there's always that kind of running out about working to the hard camera but it does genuinely help and things are clearly being taught and I didn't see gaps in someone like Adam cause work before he signed but I love him more than I did when he was pwg or hanging on it so I do sense with all four of them that they feel more like in-house products a bit like Booker T after maybe two years in the delivery system rather than the bad habit see that's a really good analogy because he was good in WCW put you his site is king Booker he was amazing it's a similar thing with the in dispute here like Kyle O'Reilly is being an absolute charismatic boy popper for years you can't deny that he's always had in it something like Roderick Strong he's flourished yeah massively in NXT huge and that's non sir like be ignorant towards his independent work there's no accusation of that whatsoever but it is possible in XT in NXT for something very good to become great and our dog you got the same thing happened to Sami Zayn got that mask off his facials in that M phenomenal classic with Neville he couldn't had that much now literally because he didn't he was under amazi should remove ceilings fatale ingenue should take those ceilings aware that you may be previously thought yeah very conceptions and get them completely yeah absolutely all four members very quickly Michael handler who would you pick as your NXT core and as sort of a stable thing the same way acidic but mainly around the lead performer I'd like to see Shayna basil come off with Jessamine GE and marina Shaffir would like to see them go to smackdown predominantly for them to eat a proper showing it to be honest I think limited in ring work is going to help them come along I don't think they're particularly fit being here next to you at the moment without talent that can bring them on rather than quickly not saying someone's got an abundance of it but a lot of experience on the road working with scheana or doing dark matches just as attack seems to get better and quicker and you keep her away from Ronda Rousey ideally till Royal Rumble season if Rousey is sticking around and we all desperately hope that she is and she can still be a huge player on Monday Night Raw even without the title even with the first two feet she has she could turn heels she can fight for redemption whatever she in the meantime becomes this dominant character in the same way she just she appeared in NXT it was if she won the title on her first day it might as well have been that well I'm here now it's my time to take over she could do the exact same thing on Smackdown Oscar is not she's not having the best run but it's not over undoing it's the fact that there's just nobody around a challenger at the moment so you have Shane to come in and immediately you've got a hot match and between the two of them if Shana is to win the title she is believable as the the unflappable champion of Smackdown life only Charlotte Flair really would even step to her and that's a big much you save for down the road you can put the obstacles of fear and joy in her way you can have tag matches you can have basically have a run through the Smackdown midcard enroute to something big with Charlotte why you've got the Royal Rumble in waiting for someone like Rhonda for a WrestleMania meeting it just feels like Smackdown could do I'm this I'm a huge believer in trying to like tear the women's systems for the good of the women's divisions and I think installing a main event talent like Shana basil in Smackdown effectively creates a mid card because the current near main event is you know um use your Carmela's to a lesser extent your askers can become this solid midcard jockeying for that shot but someone like Shana and I just I'm desperate for an NXT person to come in and either as we've said with the undisputed era when a title on the first night or be a player from night one just feel like they're bigger than the show they've come to not getting promoted to it speaking of someone coming in and being a big player from night one and my choice for an NXT call-up wouldn't question the guy that I think should arguably have gone up to the main roster at the Royal Rumble if you're looking to someone to really make a shock debut and go and challenge for a major title and that man is matt riddle I'm a huge huge fan of his I think he has demonstrated in his limited appearances in NXT just how over E is just how talented he is and that crossover MMA appeal which obviously everyone talks about I think the sooner we get him on the main roster if he is handled correctly I think it's it's a no brainer really isn't it I've written in the past and I stand by this now if Vince doesn't do anything with Matt riddle of note then you might as well just give Triple H the case of the kingdom now because in Matt riddle you've got a guy who wears a big smile out there he's absolutely shredded he is an ass-kicker which is another one of Vince's remit is basically the manifested nakai deal of what vince mcmahon's seasoned professional wrestler so he does nothing with riddle he's gonna do nothing for nobody it's that simple in riddle is that special a talent and what's more if you put him on raw someone like Matt riddle isn't gonna like to sit in a chinlock for two minutes surely unless he want you the soul to die because he's like an actual legitimate fighter he's gonna be able to get out of such a boring and under manager unimaginative hold come on like Jinder Mahal applying a chin lock to mark for ten minutes you know what I can also readily imagine that so the role feels like it could do with the matter it'll match every week yes and they fit every week if you knew you were gonna get 10 minutes now where you're gonna get that brilliant entrance and that brilliant promo that late so you just call somebody up every week and he beats them within sort of 2 or 3 minutes that would be such a breath of fresh air every week to have that to look forward to until these programs with somebody you know somebody strong in the gym there's somebody away you feel like Drew McIntyre let's there's somebody that actually brings him a challenge it's so it's tantalizing I think what they could do with him in short bursts you can sell Crocs you know sell carpets you can do everything like he's marketable he's funny he's stupidly talented he's charismatic he's credible he's absolutely everything that Vince McMahon would want in a pro wrestler so yes I'm firmly onboard with that choice and I think it'd be a nice lip miss test because if there's any shareholders with even a vague knowledge of pro wrestling and they watch Matt riddle fail on that main roster surely they would like just withdraw all the money in thing well we've got a TV money now put in five years this investment is going to flatten out let us know who you like see be called up from an XD and switch brands as part of the super shake-up in the comment section below and let us know your thoughts on our choices as well and don't forget to Like share and subscribe of course and make sure you subscribe to what called resting on either iTunes or Spotify for daily wrestling podcasts my thanks server dad Leroy's thank you for watching and we will see you soon