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in the home Los Angeles is screen junkies movie fines Andi signor today's episode is brought to you by America's best unlimited network don't miss a show with unlimited data from t-mobile hello screen junkies and welcome to another episode of movie fights live here on YouTube every Thursday 4 p.m. and we have a great show for you because we have some great guests so we're gonna be talking about who should direct Star Wars Episode nine obviously that the big news this week along with what's the worst Stephen King adaptation it is doing so well let's talk about some of the stinkers and the rumor is that mutt Williams is not coming back and into the world of Indiana Jones so we want to ask who should be Indiana Jones's new sidekick they will be pitching new ones as along with some other fun topics so don't forget to tune in and watch on Twitter along with the fight if you're watching us live at hashtag move fights live tell us what you want to answer or in the comments below and Dan Morelle on the couch we'll be following all that madness as the comments go by quickly and I'm higher hey Dan I'm so confused I have nothing with my headphones and I don't go with my camera zone so how are you I'm just here I'm on camera always this is my con all right good good that's fine I can hear you in the room good here but hey as long as the people at home they'll tell you in the comments that's yes they'll tells you sway exact I danced to me good fight though have a great fight love this panel yeah love these questions to fun things and debut ER that I'd the fans would be very excited about let's introduce some first up he's an actor and writer it's been Begley welcome back hey everybody it has been my favorite part so far about the show has been trying to figure out when to react and when to just have a poker face sitting next to you it's just sitting you're like in the inter like oh I'm in it don't react maybe react I don't know but hey I'm hard to go back and watch what you didn't tell me to up turning the comments up been dead sure there are it's great well Ben I'm happy to have you back you did you played great last time I need fun this time and yours fan which is important this week so we'll see how you do next up I'm so happy to have her back all over YouTube twitch and the rest of the internet it's Trisha Hershberger I'm super stoked to be here this week especially since we're arguing Star Wars this is gonna be really really fun and this is my first time doing this live everywhere not just on sj+ which is really cool yes Congrats for coming back and Kratz on the new the new one I'm very excited for baby fights we all created something that actually matters no it really does and I've learned anyway welcome and congrats Trisha so happy to have you back next up finally making his movie fights debut he came all the way from Down Under youtuber podcaster James Clements owned a no you're not seeing a go face meter because when I look at a mirror I see a goat face so yeah this is everybody else ya know people get to hear you mostly I don't guess I mean fans the face was revealed to your fans to see you like the gorillas your face is only revealed everyone well fancy we've been working this for years ready but I thank you for finally coming down here and time in the sand we're so happy to have you are you nervous you excited I mean cuz I didn't normally do camera stuff and I don't do a lot of stuff and you know I have like a weird forehead so all those things kind of they can pound and then you have to you know sit here and have you ever done something for 90 minutes with just you live talking on video I actually like we did like a fan kind of event okay so there should be another one where people who just are used to hearing your voice from like wow yeah exactly my forehead fights though landing strip size one two and it just gets shinier as the show goes yeah we're all gonna be an oil slick all right let's get to it you guys know how this works and James pretty as a newbie here scoring is based on creativity facts passion basically you got to win the argument don't give up even if you're feeling half way through that you're losing keep fighting and that's how this show will work all right let's do it Harry Lee also from Australia made that for us oh really I always loved that Australia right exactly alright let's get to the fight that everyone clicked here for the one that matters this one comes in from we're starting with debate with the biggie mr. Maxwell demon on Twitter also suggested this along with so many people because once the news broke we knew this was our title fight this week guys Colin Trevorrow is no longer directing episode 9 many of us were not shocked I think some people were now just figuring out who are they gonna get the obvious answers are JJ or Ryan Johnson let's not do the obvious answers if you could pick any director aside from the ones already in the stable that made probably take this over who we want to see direct Star Wars Episode nine Ben you're up first alright this is probably an obvious one for me it was I think Steven Spielberg would be amazing because he has a track record of some of the best adventure films of all time and in my opinion perfect adventure films like Raiders of the Lost Ark and he also has a mastery of combining digital and special visual effects back with Jurassic Park so I would love to see what he could do with that technology now and yeah I just think that I think he also would play nice because him and Kathleen Kennedy have a history together and I think that bad pretty likely he wouldn't be fired so he has a track record that's amazing Trisha who are you picking I would love to see patty Jenkins direct episode 9 she's proven that she can obviously handle a major epic studio film and she's done more than just Wonder Woman I mean for God's sake anyone who's seen monster can just talk about how amazing that was and the performance that was brought out of Charlize Theron in that oscar-winning performance she's proven she can do tons of action there were amazing action sequences in fact I I might say arguably the best action sequence ever in that original famous Karen battle scene in Wonder Woman and I would love to see her wrap up Ray's story in a way that does that character justice and in much the same way that many little kids all around the world right now wanna be Wonder Woman because of what she's done with the character of Diana Prince I want to see many many little kids even more than there are now wanna be ray alright James who are you pickin good stuff for me it's Matthew Vaughn is the really obvious choice for reasons firstly every movie that he's tackled every genre that he's tackled he's nailed he started with like a gritty kind of British crime thriller layer cake which is amazing with Daniel Craig after that he did start us which is this Princess Bride ass kind of adventure film and he made this film that I would say right it's not as good as Princess Bride but it rivals the kind of feel of that movie and hasn't really been anything else like that since Princess Bride and then after that of course he did I'm not sure on this order but he did first-class he stepped into the x-men franchise very late in the game like way too late for somebody to pull off anything good I think he turned down x-men 3 because it was too late and then he said yes to x-men first class on an even shorter schedule and he made one of the best x-men films in my opinion that rescue the franchise alright so guys tell me why yours is better than the others fight it out alright I would argue that patty Jenkins as even though Wonder Woman was one of my favorite films of the year I think there's two problems I had with Wonder Woman was that the villains weren't very clearly defined and if you can tell me anything about dr. death except that she's just let free in the end that bothered me a lot I think the villains are just as important as Ray's story I do agree she would nail Ray's story but there's more to episode 9 than just ray and I also think that the CGI and the third act of Wonder Woman got very bombastic and kind of Batman V Superman crazy so I haven't seen yet that she can handle CGI as well as Steven Spielberg and the practical practical effects that he would bring to it as well as Matthew Vaughn I think his best films are the crazy ones where he can get super stylish and out there with it like kick-ass and Kingsman and I feel like he would get fired very quickly like Lord and Miller because he does his own thing and clearly that's not what Star Wars once they want their template spielberg plays within that template just like Ron Howard JJ and Lucas back back in the day I'm not worried about patty Jenkins needing to establish villains I think the villains in this trilogy are already very clearly established and I'm also not worried about the lack of CGI because let's just go practical everybody wants to see practical right now anyway and we've seen that done really really well again we're also basing villains specifically on Wonder Woman and if you look at the other films that patty Jenkins done I don't think that that's something that you can specifically attack when it comes to Steven Spielberg as option however my biggest problem with that would be that he said he's never going to direct a Star Wars I want someone who wants to direct a Star Wars he's one of Lucas's very best friends he said Lucas won't let him do it and he respects that and he has actually said the quote I'm never going to make a Star Wars film so that for me takes him right out of the running sure when you can so one of them that's a good film I wouldn't say it's a great film I'd say it's a great female superhero film because we literally haven't had any other good ones aside from that but the third act of Wonder Woman is the same as every other DC current movie where is where where as in there's a big gray monster and there's a lot of smoke and CGI find they just kind of fly to each other and it's just nothing like it's a nothing saying and I she did do a good like some good action sequences in that film including the trench in the bit where she runs in and flips the tank like it's a bloody a smaller tank but but I just think that she doesn't have been created with the actions creativeness of the action sequences that Matthew Vaughn does when you look at kick-ass the end of kick-ass not picking out sorry the end of Kingsman is the song baby give it up and it's a woman with blades four legs kicking the shit out of a spy who kills her by kicking her with a poison blade and I think that's incredible also Spielberg's boring hasn't made an interesting action I think he's done amazing films but he would have make the bill make the bland a Star Wars film of all time it would probably be fine and you know all paint by numbers and whatever but crystal skull is not good I was gonna bring a crystal skull also BFG was not the best when we're talking about like optimistic idealistic adventure films fantasy films lately spielberg is not my favorite obviously he's an amazing director but I think right now is not the key time to pull him into it and when it comes to Matthew Vaughn I would also hear say that he doesn't want to do it I mean these took him off seven because of creative differences now if his creative differences which one of which was pitching Chloe Moretz as the lead character who we now know is Rey I don't know that in Episode nine I want those creative differences to take over I like what's happening right now with the Star Wars universe I don't want to go a whole new direction and my concern that's where we'd be going I would argue that the trailer for ready player one to me shows Spielberg back in this crazy epic fandom world and I did that just kill me did that just kill me here cuz I thought it looked amazing after it looks like Speed Racer that's what it looks like to me I'm not saying you're wrong but that's the way I agree with you oh yeah that's the show I would argue yes the BFG and and Crystal Skull Crystal Skull was a travesty I don't necessarily think that and I don't think that the fact that he said he won't do it is the issue here for me it would be my dream right well the Steven Spielberg Star Wars movie because I look at things like Raiders of the Lost Ark I look at movies that came out around the time of the original trilogy which is what force awakens brought to me it was the original trilogy again so I'm looking at somebody who could bring that classic adventure feel and to me the only person that has a track record even if the last few movies were misfires he has decades of amazing films and I would go with Spielberg to bring it home and to show us how this trilogy concludes he has said that's not my genre I don't want to make these last action sequence that I remember was Shaw the buff standing between two cars going through a siege oh I don't want anything like that in stylism cell this is also a way away from that stuff you got your space battles lost a job it's a lot of practical stuff which I'm sure he can do but I don't think he's got like the Spielberg that existed in 1995 is dead and I'm sorry to say that everybody but yes if we had a time machine and we could bring back that Spielberg bunch of spies interesting which is it would you be talking on a bridge and the other thing is the movies bill the other thing I want to say is defense of patty Jenkins is that she has proven time and again that she can do touching movies that balance multiple genres we saw superhero romance a whole team going on a mission anti-war moments all of that balanced into one and Star Wars at its heart is a genre balancing juggling it's also the argument though that her team was underdeveloped that the movie basically focuses on Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor and everybody else's kind of background just like hey people look at the human existence I disagree I think the movie really fun yeah they're fun characters but we don't really get to know much about them it's really Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor story which if episode 9 was just Finn and Rey and that's it I'm okay with that if patty Jenkins took the reins but I think there's a bigger world to sum up all right final shots from all of you but give me again why is your choice better than the other two we'll start with you Ben I don't think that that Steven Spielberg is dead as he was I think that Jurassic Park I think Raiders of the Lost Ark I think those are perfect films and I think that again he has a history with Kathleen Kennedy I think they would team up I think Lucas is partly to blame for her Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and I think that this would be a return to form for Spielberg of which he needs and I would love to see Tricia we've seen that patty Jenkins can do a big film we've seen she can do amazing action sequences she said that she would be open to directing it since he hasn't been brought on for Wonder Woman to yet Star Wars films are rooted in character and that's what patty Jenkins excels at handle those beloved characters and make little kids everywhere love these characters I want to be these characters quickly just that Matthew Vaughn can also do a love story we've seen that he doesn't do a lot but we know that he's very he's more than capable of it this also starts shooting in January and that's something that he could turn around like that's that's not long from nobody if there's somebody who could do it it's him also he took the spy films and he made James Bond the modern James Bond which everyone loved look boring you can't go from Kingsman to Spectre they're completely different he took a ron shipp Roger Moore style Bond film and he brought it into the modern era and it was ridiculous and over-the-top but it totally made sense and it works and that than those are the only kind of spy movies I want to see now I don't want to see Daniel Craig running around in a tiny little suit crying on a train or whatever so Harry this is me was pretty good [Laughter] okay gilliguy doesn't matter it's irrelevant all right I think I have enough there Dan yes sir hey clean up dad you guys actually kept me busy magic want to kick ass in 2010 excellent first class of 2011 and then King zone in 2014 máximo was originally attached to last and he decided not to do it and then he and brett ratner gonna do a little Twitter spat about all of it Tricia's right Steven Spielberg did say in 2015 the Star Wars was not his genre it's George Lucas's genre and there's been speculation or rumor about Matthew Vaughn that he was in talks with Kathleen Kennedy at one point to direct force awakens he reportedly did pitch chloë grace moretz as the lead but didn't progress beyond the talking phase and they eventually settled on JJ Abrams whom rumor also has Steven Spielberg heavily endorsed take that part so lots of Hollywood rumor and speculation looking at the comments I'd say that the fans have have a favorite but it's it's not a run away and I looked it over that is Andy after you're done well I can tell you first off it's not gonna be Ben sadly I think they both that's right I didn't hear enough defense back on wife spill burgers good today they sort of did sort of his losses magical in a way and I need it a little bit more for you to back that up so it would came down between Trisha and James Smith pay Jenkins Matthew Vaughn this was tough I mean they both would make good movies I'm going through your ear was sort of back and forth points you focus on creative action sequences redefining the genre James within Trisha you focused on sort of making the action and and about Ray's story and I liked your counterpoint up she does make great villains monster is a good point of that you said are older films that is a very interesting villain character man I'm torn I think I the only reason I'm doing is cuz I think Trisha just to give me a little bit more of the punching down of Spielberg harder than James did so for your and some other stuff I got to give it a slight edge to Tricia based on the counterpoint so Tricia gets the first point but very close James Ben you'll get there in there round two you know if my second choice was petty Jenkins it was in Wonder Woman is my second favorite movie of the year so it was very difficult - that was genuinely tough damn where they say on the YouTube crowd 55% backed mr. Sunday movies pic of Matthew Vaughn 20% patty Jenkins 15% Steven Spielberg on Twitter it's a much closer 38 currently 38% Spielberg 236 Vaughn with patty Jenkins very close behind at 20 the first time I'll ever say thanks to it is ray all right here we go from number 2 this one comes from mr. spider clown do you know him mr. Sunday movies with receiving rave reviews it's doing really well um we want to know what's the worst Stephen King adaptation what's like of all he's done some stinkers man and what's the worst one Trisha Europe first okay well as much as the wound is still deep from Dark Tower and I wanted to say that I'm not going with that I'm gonna go with the Mangler um the Mangler for anyone who hasn't seen it is this horrific film about a possessed laundry machine no joke it's a laundry press that decides to attack people and it tries to chomp people and it's the problem with this movie is that this could be a bad good horror film except for it's so bad it's not even bad good like you hear possessed laundry press at one point the thing literally grows legs and chases somebody like this this is just out of this world but the CGI is so bad it's the movie is just unwatchable it's awful okay we'll hear more James where you pickin for me there was a two-part it was aired on TV first but it was two movies out back to back in 1995 it's called the Langille dears yeah and it's based off a book by Stephen King of the same name and basically it's a for those who haven't seen it the villain is Bronson Bronson Picoult from unchoke Balki yes that's exactly how much Rangers he's like a slick kind of nineties business he's got to get to a meeting but then they get stuck in a time rift and then they're transported to the day before and they're worried because what's going to happen over the course of four hours is that eventually the Langille is gonna show up and this it's the worst looking CGI Brown golf ball you've ever seen with like rotating razor chainsaw teeth and they eat what's left of yesterday and that to escape that it's really terrible it's gonna swear but I'm not going because there's kids watching but imagine what I said because I mean it CGI golf balls okay family picking I think Maximum Overdrive because the first 10 to 15 minutes promises me every movie that I would ever love which is a meteor causing radiation on planet Earth and turning every machine against humans and it starts off like toasters attacking baseball machines vending machines lawn mowers and it's like this is gonna be incredible and then it becomes the last hour just semi trucks circling a gas station as people argue inside and almost nothing happens and for me I would rather watch something that starts off slow and eventually builds to something awesome then starts off awesome and then eventually just disappoints me and crushes my soul as to what I thought it was going to be all right guys fight it off wiser is the worst why are the other ones better I went first last time you're sure the length of this is really long like like I would watch either of those because the premise isn't quite that machine comes to life in a taxi or whatever but at least it's 2 hours as opposed to fall [Music] I guess I would still I would still stick through the languor layers again to the first time for me would be to find the mystery of what's gonna happen how they're going to defeat the day before there's a little bit of a mystery to unravel 20 minutes into Maximum Overdrive you realize there's no mystery there's no suspense you're just like cool a Green Goblin truck is circling around and it's scary and every once in a while there's a cool death but not as cool as manglers desks which are completely insane and I would watch a walking fax machine or of laundry machine any day over semi trucks doing the world's worst NASCAR race ever totally does there is a reason that Maximum Overdrive is a cult favorite and has a following and it's because it's hilarious all of the reasons that you talk about I mean and it's got a score by ac/dc like there are redeemable things about Maximum Overdrive there is nothing redeemable amount of the manglers you can have prosthetic makeup is incredible in that the visuals are horrible the acting is heinous there's not one scary moment in the whole thing because the idea of a laundry press that's gonna grow legs and attack you is so bizarre there's and then to make it a feature-length film they add in all these weird subplots that make no sense and aren't interesting at all it's just a horrible film and when I compare it against these other two which are not great let me say but Maximum Overdrive at least you're dealing with again you have a score by ac/dc there are hilarious moments killer vending machines and arcade machines are amazing they continue with even yourself when you were describing it use the word incredible that's better than a whole movie of total crap I guess I would also say that going into the Mangler or the langa lairs my expectations are gonna be lowered but hearing the premise for Maximum Overdrive because guilty movies are like my favorite thing and I'm like this is gonna be the greatest thing ever so for me I would rather see an OK film that I had no expectations of which would be the Mangler and the Langille ears than something that I think is going to be my new favorite movie ever just poop all over it right that's what it does it poops all over the first 10 minutes yo tez peak 1995 Emilio Estevez money does right one hi Mission Impossible like the greatest actors of that particular week yo says most Freddy Krueger and buckle under mine has Bronson Picoult milk it's like it's Balki who stabs a blind girl to death and but it said it's gay that's funny and it's it's not it's it's not interesting or even it's scary it's nonsense it's just it's and it's boring and it's also sitting mine so it's got that aspect of Stephen King that he can't let go it's just as a mind-reading kid like The Shining so it's like picking the worst things from all these different kind of series and mashing them in together and it does nothing for it because it's garbage I think the editorial I think that Langille ears feels to me like a really long Twilight Zone episode when you watch an episode of Twilight Zone you're in it for the suspense you're not necessarily looking for the best movie yard and I feel like the Langille ears delivers if I'm going into it expecting an episode of The Twilight Zone I get what I what I was expecting I would also argue that both of those films have more surprises than Maximum Overdrive because there are no surprises just slow trucks that's it wait what surprises did you find in the manglers you weren't surprised that laundry press ate the dude that that was not a suit spoiler alert the legs that's a surprise I didn't think it would walk off that's a surprise for me final thoughts Ben I just again I just I hate to keep a hammer at home but I feel like if you promise me something awesome and then you deliver something disappointing I'm more disappointed by something I think is gonna be bad going into it and and I think that's that's it just disappointed me so much Tricia final thoughts if you're acting for if you're asking for objectively worst movie expectations have nothing to do with it director Toby Huber delivers such a steaming pile of poo prosecution in this movie ugly visuals heinous acting no scary moments at all it's it's just a poor movie from start to finish nothing redeemable about it James the Langille is is literally about monsters from the past trapping you there and then eating time and destroying you as a person so you don't exist anymore which is what the movie feels like when you watch it Dan yeah the lincoler I started the Mangler Mangler lengthens the Mangler was based on a Stephen King short story was directed a co-written by tobe Hooper a great horror director who passed away recently he also did Salem's Lot which is a Stephen King book I believe Bronson Pinchot was in the leg Lear's well also in the Llangollen al for my evil from quantum leap Stephen King himself was the only girl ears as long as the director who will now be referred to as the Tom Holland that is not spider-man tom hollie directing clears that spidery Maximum Overdrive Stephen King wrote and directed it came out in 1986 not 1995 Mighty Ducks came out in 1992 but we're still at peak Estevez I'll give you and the Mangler was followed by two sequels the Mangler 2 and the Mangler reborn my life is in the Mangler reborn so just to be clear she gets murdered in it by getting a clearly foam hammer to the head and dragged off and it was good enough for two sequels [Music] ultimately I think it did come down to both Tricia and been sort of told me things that sounded kind of fun which James were two pointed out even watching Robert Englund is more fun in you and as Tricia said admitted you love the first six but gee and I couldn't really hear anything aside from yeah well there's a long Twilight Zone episode and there's a mystery I think James is a very good job explaining why the language is four hours of just nothing but bad mash Stephen King moments with nothing really a positive out of it so I got to give James for that reason the play it's a rare thing but all of the socials are an agreement 48% of on Twitter and a whopping 50 are sorry 69% on YouTube agree that the L'Engle ears is worst it's really bad too but with this question I realized how few Stephen King adaptations I've seen of the bad ones yeah there's a lot of bad one the tram what else did they suggest one more man sucking us off some people said lawnmower man a lot of a lot of people said dreamcatcher which is one of the strangest weirdest most bizarre movies there were some people saying like does langu leaders count because it's a TV yeah yes we sent the show accounts and always counts the Tommyknockers really a lot of his to was the whole ABC run with after in SHINee I was one of the stand was one that one stink now why does a lot for TV but yeah I'd say that the Lego leaders was one that was cited often but dream catcher I think though I'm not in this group was one that was very good cemetery - does that count cuz that was really not based off of directly off a Stephen King more characters sort of characters yeah but Dark Tower broke my heart yeah Dark Tower was one see it yeah anyway dinner that was really bad there's not right alright here we go question three guys since China Lyubov is not returning for Indiana Jones that's the what they've said we want you to pitch a totally new sidekick for Indy in his next adventure so let's have some fun here James you get to start us off describe who your character is and who would play your character in the next Indiana Jones Adventure right I'm gonna roll the dice on this I feel like this is gonna bite me in the ass but I feel so passionately about this that I'm just gonna go with it grace is a returning character that we haven't seen since Temple of Doom and what I'm proposing is that instead of bringing somebody in you just being like oh look he's also got a daughter and she gets his hat whatever they are doing what they could do is bring back an adult short round Nathan Drake esque hero who they had some kind of parting of ways because he's been dragging this small Asian boy to foreign countries to be heavies heart torn out and all the other adventures that they went on like bugs and all sorts of spiders and shit but now he's gone and done his own thing and then they have to come back together to work on it to work on a new adventure even though they're estranged so they're kind of like father and son you got that element but you've also got the the aspect of bringing back something fun from the past and reinventing it and you cast someone like a Stephen no unit from The Walking Dead he could easily fill that role he's got a profile that's big enough for it and also he could carry a franchise on from that or a spin-off in a way that like Shia LaBeouf shallow buffer couldn't Wow all right ballsy picked there'd been what are you doing I would say that I think they really messed up and for the opportunity to have any sort of fatherly relationship and one of my favorite sidekicks in the series with Sean Connery and the father-son dynamic I don't want to do a father-son thing cuz Shia LaBeouf ruin that but I think a daughter would be interesting I think that a lot of these franchises are going for a more strong female leads and I obviously not getting somebody like a Daisy Ridley but maybe a mary elizabeth winstead or something to play his younger daughter who he then has to he always does really well with strong women and there's that fun comedic twist to it that is a little less racist and I think it could be a fun dynamic for him to be faced up against a very strong female who happens to be his daughter so he has to parent her but also go on adventures with her which I would love because that's what I loved about Last Crusade all right Trisha um okay I'm super excited for this one I feel like we need someone innocent to play off of how jaded Indiana has become someone who's relatable to the audience so Indiana Jones has a reason to deliver his methods in an organic way to the audience and for this reason I think that we are going to have Marcus's grandson come into the picture so Marcus has passed away but his grandson angle Bert Marcus Brody the third to which we find out that Marcus is real first name was Henkel Bert Oh obviously has inherited his fortune and decides that he now wants to fund Indiana's next adventure so there's a reason for this pairing we know why he's teamed up with him um and I would cast I'm gonna say his name wrong but Gatton Matarazzo from stranger things funny kid from stranger things they're all funny which one curly yeah that's Ivana Cass isn't she's hilarious both in his on-screen and off-screen antics so I think he could absolutely deliver the comedy that we'd need and I just I love this storyline of Indy having to be paired with someone it that's a reluctant sidekick and it's because he needs the funds in his old age to go on this next archeological adventure I think it sets it up perfectly and because they've already established that Marcus is no longer with us it's a nice way to pay respects to that character as well okay guys find out I would say that the issue with with shortround is that the client the question was was it's a totally new character he's existed said that already cancels that out for me the issue with I actually liked where you're going until you said basically an 11-year old kid and to me that that totally like Jar Jar Binks is the situation where then suddenly it's playing way more like an Iron Man 3 type funny kid relationship and to me I think that that would then kind of bring the whole movie down again and we'd have a Kingdom of the Crystal Skull a relationship all over again unless he's not a 12 year old kid nor was that the situation in Crystal Skull um you would be more closely if you're saying I don't like his dynamic with a kid talking about Temple of Doom which I think universally everyone can agree was a really great movie with very funny moments that people remember now my problem with bringing shortround back now it's all of the humor around short run was basically one big racist joke how do you bring back the nostalgia from that without just going that route but now in a more PC culture well you weren't it and you cost somebody likes Steven Yeun so he doesn't turn up you know for lack of a better word doing yellow-faced he plays the kind of person that he is he's a hero he's not some Asian stereotype he's the thing that the forefront of the character would be he's a guy he's not a stereotype he's a God and I think what the other characters are with we've seen in like diehard they've gone oh John McClane's got a daughter oh and John McClane's got a son okay who cares neither of those could also carry that franchises as was as was indicated and I don't know yet kids in movies know and who's gonna kids gonna take are they gonna take down the man to live in you know you guys are both pitching people that you want to take on the mantle I don't want anyone else to take on the mantle because they're not gonna be another Harrison Ford make make indiana jones like a James Bond where we cast different iterations of them but not like a Batman Robin where we're handing off the cape to somebody else to then continue the series I think that that in and of itself is a bad direction to go with Indiana I mean I think just because we're setting examples of where father/daughter father-son relationships have been done wrong doesn't mean that inherently they're going to do this wrong I think that the way that Ray may be Luke's daughter who knows we I think that you can have Indiana Jones having a daughter and right the wrongs of Kingdom of Crystal Skull and to me I think a strong female would be a great foil to Indiana Jones just like in Raiders of Lost Ark and to then you can also you basically get to combine the dynamic of Raiders of the Lost Ark with Last Crusade because you have the father-daughter and the male/female to me that's the perfect combination of comedy and adventure that makes sense that doesn't make it sort of a kids movie and doesn't make it a return of a character that already existed which cancels a question I don't think because you're saying you're casting a younger after that it makes it a kids movie with stranger things a kids TV series no it absolutely was not and we're always talking about this being like a Jar Jar Binks character that actor is I want to say 16 now so it's not like he's this little 8 year old that's gonna be running around behind him he can present a wonderful sidekick and I'm sorry but I just saw Crystal Skull most recently surprised you're my dad whether it's with a girl it's swapping the gender if that doesn't make that any better for me I'm still burned from crystal skull I don't want to see that again and who's gonna be his lover this time that just pops up out of the woodwork you know like it I just I don't see where that's going burn me once please don't burn me again let's go an entirely different direction with this next one using as your final thoughts James final thoughts ok right so the Indiana Jones psychic stiphu consisted of a lady a small Asian boy a Nazi lady and Shia LaBeouf right this this isn't Bernie's dad I guess this is an equal somebody who he can pair off with in the way that Jai Courtney and Bruce Willis should have in die hard they can bounce off each other from different generations have got different different opinions but they also know each other he knows Indiana Jones inside out and that's a really interesting dynamic to me not somebody who just shows up he's like hey I'm a kid oh hey I'm your daughter this is somebody who has USA who he has a history with a really interesting history who probably hates him because he's a bad bloke I just I really really would love to see a strong female go with Indiana Jones on an adventure and I think that I think that you can right the wrongs of we should just erase kingdom of Crystal Skull and to me that would be a great way to do it is hitting the reset button having a really touching relationship I think that would be the one with the most emotional impact as well I don't think a Richie Rich grandson that's a goofball would do it and I don't think a character who's already existed counts for the question that's [Laughter] dan yes well I stated on the show many times if it's accepted as an answer accountable yeah really I was just going into in deal or over here there is expanded lore I was reading about short round there's a couple of other adventures of Indiana Jones that establishes that short round was went to boarding school and then came out and helped Indy in the 30s and then there's a journal tie-in to Crystal Skull said he was out doing stuff in the 50s so short rounds kicking around out there somewhere who knows where yeah Gaytan matarazzo I believe that say he pronounced his name is it's about 14 15 right now so almost 15 actually tomorrow's your market at the dates on my watch his birthday is actually tomorrow so he's 15 years old tomorrow sure there you go it's the others of that I'm looking at the polls I'd say that there's a fan favorite but I don't want to tip the scale so I'll let you know what it is after you alright well I might need help let's see I mean I think I do want a strong female lead but I think they dinged you on the daughter part I think if you just created an original female lead that probably helped but who's who's the lover surprise you're my dad again I think is giving us a little bit of a bad flashbacks if you do yeah and then it came down tsukemono Tricia and James strangely the adults shortround if I thought you were up against the wall there but these sort of would by saying you own it and he's actually a person now and they have a history and you hate him like it's kind of something interesting about that because you can play up like you were a racist to me you can actually maybe drive a car like you were a terrible person like and then you know there's something fun there for sure and then you Tricia you gave me a good back story to reluctant sidekick is key I think I got just for the sake of being ballsy I got to give James the point you you owned it and then you sold me somehow I didn't think you were gonna so fat surprised I got to give a short adult short round technically we would get a new character because we've never seen it don't screw around dan when they say online 72% of the YouTube audience voted for adult shortround 53% of the Twitter audience so a lot of fans support for bringing back adults short round to the other day strangely I mean when you watch that to men I would they did it right yeah yes that's a nice photo like oh yeah that was bad I like that I know I argue something I like and agree with but I feel like that should be like that the subtitle of movie there's a lot of hashtag bad bloke happening all right here we go round four and this one comes from yeast Lewis used to do this six to five sorry things said that wrong gets to do us we want a silly one this was actually this was a good one because of this tweet I this thought was so good we adjusted slightly but the question is sorry I'll just spit it out what's the best movie to watch with commentary from the director but I was made sure they're sitting next to you so if you had to watch a movie what could you have the opportunity to watch a movie with a director sitting right next to you in the couch you could pause asking things her things whatever you want who would be the most interesting director to sit next to you Ben we're back to you start first for me it's Kevin Smith with Mallrats because the interesting dynamic of going from a 35,000 dollar movie that you funded on your credit cards to a studio film where you have little control and the drama that went on behind it and the hilarity that went on behind it plus just listening to him talk you can tell a 25-minute story about Prince and it's hysterical so I have a feeling it would be a seven-hour experience of us smoking a lot of pot and pausing in the movie constantly but it would be hilarious and I would get some really good dirt on the movie and the behind the scenes which I would love okay Trisha I'm probably the underdog in this fight but I went with what we do in the shadows and taiko Aditi I think that that is a hilarious film and if I'm going to watch any movie with in Terry I want it to feel like a Mystery Science Theater he's a hilarious individual and so I want to hear what he has to say so much of that film was improv from what I understand that I would love to just hear the stories from one set of what they were intending to do with that scene or what kind of just happened in the moment and they decided to keep it from a person who loves hearing stories about what happened on set between the actors I feel like this is this is would be a dream come true all right James right if we talk about things that we want to know what happened on set i picked Fantastic Four from 2015 because that movie is an absolute train wreck and we have very little idea of what actually happened if you got Josh Trank in a room by himself and you said look this is off the books why don't you tell me exactly what happened here you could take you through the same by scene and be like yeah I shot that and I didn't shoot that yeah this that's the actual moment I got fired oh yeah this is the part where I me and what's-his-face gotten a punch up or whatever because I'd apparently happened human miles teller so I don't know all that that's a shit film the story behind that film is incredible probably okay again small rats with Kevin Smith you can already see Kevin Smith's commentary on everything like a million times over it's out there so if you have one wish to kind of teleport a director onto the couch next to you I wouldn't choose someone that I could find their commentary for free on YouTube already okay that would be my argument against Kevin Smith and against Josh Trank I would love to say do I want to find out what he would have done with the film if given better resources yes does that make me want to watch that awful movie again no if it was just a conversation or an interview with him a hundred percent yes but if I still have to watch the movie I'm out I agree if I have to watch the movie done but also I think josh trank it would just be depressing because he went from doing Chronicle and thinking he's on top of the world he like I mean he almost Troy defeat himself but I don't think anybody's tried to feed themselves from Boondock Saints but josh trank to me would just be a depressing watch and the movies depressing already what we do in the shadows is great an improv but I can't imagine that the commentary would be more than just like I think we were gonna do this funny thing yeah and this funny thing and that was pretty funny and that was pretty funny but for me I would love to know more dirt on shannen doherty and how she was kind of a B word onset I would love to know how many times Jason Mewes was almost fired and replaced by Seth Green I know that Kevin Smith has limitless commentary out there and it's all hysterical I've never been sitting next to him on a couch getting to experience it firsthand the hilarity and ask him anything I want about one of my favorite comedies I think it would be incredible in the fact that he had to fight for it I would love to know who the unnamed actor is that was supposed to be cast as Brody and I don't maybe it's out there I don't know but that got fired after the first day when he broke down on set there's the drama that you get from josh trank and the hilarity you get from what we do in the shadows from a well known person who's hysterical that could then be my best friend I think you just want the contact hi George I don't actually smoke pot but I imagine I would in that instance you don't you don't want to deal with him this happened and that was pretty funny and this happened to no is pretty funny that could be said of Kevin Smith with Mallrats as well so I don't feel like that story right would be things I would be looking for from Taika Waititi is how they came up with those ridiculous characters in the first place like how were they sitting there and said oh you know what I'm gonna be the room at the roommate that's OCD about scheduling but also a vampire and also this is my backstory there's lots to be gained they're more than just funny things that happen on that but do I think there's a million hours of commentary and funny things that happen on set there has to be it was an improv to film we're we're werewolves knots werewolves we're God thing I think that uh both of these guys are open books in terms of what they produce Kevin Smith would talk about more rats in an empty room for four hours like without a doubt and there's nothing wrong with that but anything you want to know about that film you could probably find out already and it's the same take awhile TD and what we do in the shadows that's an amazing film I just want to watch that film I don't want to sit there any guys it's pretty good what do you think about this one's pretty funny his commentary so lame in your body funny it was just going to sound like yeah what I think give me a tiger with TD impression there so we first got together and thought about these characters and we're just it may be over a game of D&D we were all playing and camera playing vampire the masquerade we were like what would these guys be like if they were hanging out now and how would that happen and what would their interactions with werewolves be and this is how we came up with this idea and then also in the moment when he was doing this sexy strip dance he just decided to do this you know and they kept it and but that kind of stuff that's what I wanted okay got it no I keep going G I wanted it because you call her I was trying to I just I just don't think it's that interesting a story I I genuinely don't I think it's a funny film and he's he's taken all the elements I'm sure they did a lot of different takes and whatever but somebody explaining a funny moment that happened in a film that they cut out cuz it wasn't as funny as a moment they left in isn't as good as watching the movie with the funniest parts because they put it in the movie because it's a comedy in that sound movies work ready for finding out how the funniest parts that were kept in the film came to be is fascinating and if you loved that movie and you want to know how that came about then that's awesome alright I just want to end everything with movie types rules like Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure or something alright Dan oh yeah a lot of people just pitching directors like David Lynch Quentin Tarantino any of their movies that they would like to sit down and watch Michael ikenson says it'd be fascinating to watch Armageddon with Michael Bay I want oh so badly for him to explain that film to me is already pretty great Michael Joel Schumacher for Batman and Robin came up a lot of Parker and Stone South Park basketball but kind of all over the place no real consensus as far as one that everyone seems to want to see and looking at the poll it seems like it's a pretty tight contest as well no all right yeah I mean I think I wasn't sold Trisha on what we're gonna learn I mean yeah I think both James and Ben sort of hit I agreed with their Pitman's hits of you of just like we're gonna learn some of the stuff that wasn't as funny stuff that was in there and the movies pretty funny that said you did have a really good shot you hit it up first of a week also against Ben we have seen Kevin Smith talk about this movie for hours on end you can find it on YouTube all over the place any or any of his get together it's done a lot you also pointed out that what started that if we don't really want to watch Fantastic Four again which goes against you James of that would suck to sort of watch and Bend your credit also it probably would be depressing interesting though yeah so while I would love to I could take my personal opinion out of what I would want to watch based on the arguments I wasn't with Ben but you sort of sold me on the experience of yeah let's just get high and actually find this social story that he hasn't revealed and let's get those commentaries maybe he'll be my friend afterwards come on is your impression of that watching what we do the shadows is yeah that was funny it wouldn't be very good either I agree so I'm gonna get because I was interested in James's pitch and I agree like it would probably be very depressing personally chosen that yeah forty six percent of the YouTube audience forty four percent of the Twitter audience she chose Fantastic Four and let me add my voice to that because I would give anything to sit down with Josh Trank and go over that movie anytime a new josh trank okay I want you to be tried and we've tried we tried please do that should I come into your less but it was that thirty percent said Kevin Smith and Taika Waititi on Twitter and it's about the same on YouTube so yeah I would private very close but good choice Ben you're still in it as long as I don't go in the pity point is while you're in that point under six a it was but it wasn't I'm excited I didn't get a what go away a victim of a flawless victory no no I think it's fun to hang out with Kevin listen I'm talking you'll get some stories he's not don't contact hi so there's a bonus that's why I'm legacy was so good when I saw I stuck out a contact high right question five this one comes in from photo ninja 91 aka amber Harris Thank You amber I thought this was a funny question what movie would be better on mute what movie you have to turn off the sound and you can only watch it can't hear it what movie would benefit from that Trisha what are you pickin okay I picked the island I when I'm thinking of what movie I want to watch on mute I'm trying to look for something that is visually fun to watch that has good acting performances from the faces of the actors even if the dialogue and the plot are lacking so that to me is a perfect description of the film the island alright great visuals I agree let's see James are you pickin I chose children of men which although it's a very cerebral story in terms of you know the story it's actually it's when you turn the sound up that movie in follows involved in a completely different way you release I kind of this bleak future you don't really know what's going on it's kinda it's all kind of run down everybody's sad like it's like a Josh Trank s kind of feeling kind of open everything and then journey survivors like that yeah and oculus so it's also good to watch and then all of a sudden is to reveal that there's a woman in this in this universe who's pregnant and then when you go wait a minute you think back there's no kids in that movie leading up there's like billboards of people adopting dogs and you're like oh well that makes sense because there were no kids in this universe and and all of a sudden you've got this new element of a twist but only exists if you watch it on you cool okay okay then I'd say I transformers three because Michael Bay movies are arguably technically very well made but they lack it is just as the island they lack in plot they lack in there's a joke parade that is not funny there's transformers you begin three Dark Gaia because there's incredible actors in it there's Stanley Tucci there's alan tudyk there's Ken Jong's hilarious there's John Turturro this Frances McDorman there's and they're all doing good performances with just terrible dialogue and the action scenes when they do kick in are technically amazing and awesome to watch the Chicago battle in the end with shockwaves worm attacking the skyscraper is incredible and to me if you muted that the action is still all good but then I can just make up the jokes that these great actors are saying and it'll be hilarious because there's some good gags just a parade of awful juvenile humor that I can make up funny stuff instead and it would enhance the experience all right guys fight it out Rock Paper Scissors go okay I'm gonna go um I feel like for children of men when you take out the dialog and the fly you're taking out wonderful things about that film like that's the one in Oscar for Best Writing why would you watch it on mute I feel like I'm doing yourself a disservice your pinch was explaining how you could still find out what the conflict was on mute but that's like saying well I mean I have to go to this I have to go to this party but I have to go in a wheelchair but here's how I could still do it you're explaining how to get past an obstacle that you self-imposed at that point not necessarily a movie that's better on mute and then I would say when it comes to transformers 3 that movie is still not salvageable just by eliminating the dialogue and the fly no there's uninteresting characters there's dull performances visually poor framing and a lot of the sequences of special effects don't even make sense together wingsuits wingsuits yes I don't know whether that's good or bad but wing says maybe the only redeeming things about transformers 3 are the sound mixing and sound editing which it was nominated for an Oscar for both of those things and you're taking those away when you put it on but I'm also taking away the endless amount of terrible jokes and what I would say about children of men is it's a near-perfect film I love children of men it was nominated for three Oscars I agree that you could still figure it out like a silent film but I think it does detract from the experience not hearing the dialogue I would say that the island is a much better premise than transformers 3 in a much better film therefore it doesn't need to be on mute I say transformers needs to be on mute to be a better movie the island can still be enjoyed as a chase film there's a lot of cool stuff going on with the fact that they're on this weird dystopian Island and then they find out that they're basically just giant organ harvesting organ donors idea and that wouldn't necessarily all make sense on mute transformers makes no sense with the volume on and so it'll make just as little sense with the volume off but maybe more cuz I can have fun making up with the jokes it's AI what I'm saying is transformers is the worst movie of the three that's why I'm mute would enhance it cuz the visuals when they're fighting in the freeway chase is unbelievable it's just unbelievably bad otherwise I would say you probably haven't watched the island recently because it completely falls apart in the second half yes the premise when you set it up at first is cool and I think that you would get that even on mute because of the interesting lighting and the interesting costumes and the set design all of these things that are still perfectly intact when watching the film on mute you still get Scarlett Johansson and you and MacGregor emoting through their face as they do super well but you lose the part which is the only poor part of the film which is where the plot completely falls apart at the end and there are these amazing action sequences in the island as well so I would go toe-to-toe with you there on transformers 3 I think that arguably though that the action sequences in the island aren't near as spectacular and bombastic and huge and crazy as all of Chicago being destroyed and basically the Autobots doing a full-on apocalyptic wasteland battle with the Decepticons and then gangster shooting the the old robot totally Tony Tony Soprano style I think that there's some awesome visuals where as you're telling me that the third act over the island falls off visually so that it doesn't fall off visually that's what I'm saying it's so beautiful visually I've got more explosions it falls off because of the plot which again when we watch it on you that's okay but if you watch names inning around look I just think at the end of the day they're both really boring movies you're also slightly less boring regardless of whether they are mute or not or not I don't want to watch them children is a different element it not it has beautiful visuals and beautiful people not as golden but they exist there in the universe are much more but it's a more interesting film all right as we wrap this up and your closing can you act out in in without any dialogue what your movie would be like to sell me yeah right now yeah no sounds okay mute mute the mic sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry you got excited I'm like need it again him yeah lift it alright I'm gonna watch the TV re treasure your wedding I'm gonna meet your mic and I'm gonna watch you watch the right here's the island on you oh wow wow she got okay Wow guns okay alright James your turn yep here we go children men on mute here we go whoa calves real deep real dark alright that did help me alright I got enough dad everything bad just a couple of some people watching at home too but still good answers a mum be Henry said the artist sorry young mute and this was a great Jason Dolan I like this answer Jason Belet said Amelie because you could read the subtitles works a good worker on strim I'm proud of many of our viewers outside of the box and no one thought of a subtitle optional one quick close caption could also work one quick correction children that was nominated for another factory fleet did not win the Oscar well I'm glad you brought that because to me that was the ceiling of the Fate for me you cut out the best writing and you cut out the sound mixing and editing which are two crucial parts of your movie Ben and then the writing is a wonderful story to be told so Trisha sold me on the island it's just a pretty people running around doing stupid stuff so why not take the sound off good research but they are even part three they were a member we were talking about that the Transformers franchise has a lot of Oscar nominations because of sound mixing editing etc hi Dan what were they saying online 57% of our Twitter audience said transformers 3 47% Thank You YouTube audience said transformers 3 so it was ok no I can sense this audience picked but as always based on argument they so do all right well ban that you did fabulous now you're gonna help me judge here because James and Trisha will move into the speed round and relieve the speed rail really really really stress works James you will have 20 seconds ok I'll use our quick answers you if you both say the same answer at the same time it's whoever said it first so ever so at first we'll get that answer you have to pick a second answer quickly now you'll have 20 seconds for your first round by yourself and then you'll each have 22 sorry 10 second rebuttals will go through this as we go so it'll make sense and how far behind them I you're tied I'll walk you through question one I'm going to ask a broad question here tell me the answer as quickly as you can and then I'll tell you what you have to do afterwards but don't argue yet but pick your answer here we go question 1 in honor of mother best darren aronofsky movie darn girl I'm speed round brain farting right now I'm sorry it happens pick one then I'll give five more seconds if someone can pull it you'll get the point alright we're gonna do a new question we'll save that from their time for a dream all right let's try again here we go who'd make a better Star Wars film I'm gonna give you two choices one quickly who would make the better Star Wars film David Lynch or Wes Anderson so you're gonna have David Lynch coming off of Twin Peaks right yeah there we go and Wes Anderson coming off of uh isn't he working on some pet hotel movie or something I'm just giving you a minute to think about that sorry I was stalling for both of you all right James you have Wes Anderson first when everybody was Anderson is an amazing storyteller so stabbed Finch but also he's it's visually compelling you know it's a movie that specifically my just talking about my own film what can I rebuttal yet sorry I'm gonna be clear I'll give you he'll take a couple seconds out you have 20 seconds to do it all okay excellent you ready so you he'll add a couple more David Leitch had the opportunity to do return the Jedi in 1983 and you chose not to because it gave him a migraine so he doesn't want to do it if he did it would be terrible because he hates it it's a grueling on purpose which it kind of be great all right 20 seconds why would Wes Anderson make a better Star Wars film and David Lynch oh no I'm sorry David Lynch why would you make it better I guess okay um I would say that in your past you want to overcome things that your are things that are kind of knocks your career and turning down Star Wars I would say is a huge knock to your career so coming off twin Pink's I feel like this is the time to say yes not this doesn't give me a migraine I can handle this and I can do it and I can do it proud and this can be a huge mark in my career moving forward ten seconds James he absolutely wouldn't do it yeah he just wouldn't I wish I'd missing Mike because he's like that's weird only something we because I'm crazy easy and I think it could be weird crazy in a good way potentially good he's not doing a job I'm gonna come to you first because that was tough yeah but for me it came down to do I buy the argument that David Lynch would what I would regard not doing stars is a mistake and yeah fixes careers probably pretty happy with who cares and Wes Anderson is weird and crazy so i thoughts based on their arguments just that Wes Anderson who was brought up his visual style and I and I know that you probably were thinking of David Lynch's visual style but I didn't hear anything about the pitch on how what he would do differently or what he would do other than just correcting a mistake in his career all right so where James gets the first point all right here we go number four here we go I'm screening the number for the listener this is number two I am number four do we cut the first question because I didn't get it we never established that rule we should make a make that clear do they go all right what what film features the best ever gary oldman performance what film features the best ever gary oldman performance Stoker's Dracula that's not true oh man another interest think of a Gary Oldman performance that you love so bad it's my brother watching I can't oh she's it happens in her lights I totally get it I've been there myself this is my mo I always pray always losing speed around all right well I gotta give James that first point so he's in it okay try your winter dress hey I just want to hear it ladies genuinely think look it's a weird movie but it is kind of an amazing captivating performance I mean Keanu Reeves is in that movie and he does a terrible performance Gary Oldman does something completely at ease we at wheelhouse for that time time or even since except you count like Fifth Element I guess I gotta stop it on that but I just think it's a really interesting performance and that's what people remember from that movie even I'll smoke cry screaming into your brain I was like romance all right Trish you go watch some more Gary or you know what happens all right here we go guys you're still in it I think you have to get this though yeah okay we've had bad moms fat Santa bad grandpa what other bad person should join the franchise what bad movie do we want to see bad what this is a creative answer bad karate instructor I'm gonna go with uh bad nannies Oh pulled that out yeah bad karate instructors jamjam first okay do you remember the scene in the new Karate Kid raybert where Jackie Chan baits out 12 10 year olds it would be that but it'd be two hours and I think that would be incredible that's how he's proven to me oh that's seen in sign from what Kramer goes to the class and it's all little kids and he's just karate chopping it in the neck but then I turn the tides and they beat the shit out of him so it goes both ways you get what you want whoever you want to say get bait up all right Trisha I'm looking at old sweet Mary Poppins like ladies that come to the house and just have all the answers but as soon as they're off shift all they do is get together throw back a bunch of drinks and talk about the ridiculously creepy stuff that they do to keep these kids in line so that they can have a good day and go outside and have a smoke bad nanny oh all right I'll say you're both on into both of these so you got to sell me in your ten seconds here go ahead I mean look violence is hilarious obviously but I feel like we've seen bad nannies we've seen bad moms that's what bad moans is oh we're just gonna chop with our kids off where everyone were gonna go and look we're drinking like crazy we're in a supermarket slow-motion walk down the aisle who cares nannies are supposed to be the better caretaker there they're the ones that have all the answers the super nanny it's not Super Mom it's super nanny and we've seen karate instructors that weren't quite so switch all right Ben based on those arguments I don't know because arguably mrs. Doubtfire although a good nanny was lying to the children the whole time you didn't say that though and and yeah yeah and foot fists way is a bad karate instrument done yeah it's tough because they both been done in a way huh I mean he wasn't really a nanny he was a terrible father I'm really torn on this one because I do agree that the slow motion like we're supposed to be good that I liked I don't know but then the karate instructor has been done too so I don't know I'm torn I can't help tan I'm useless I was so unsure she sighed like the fern initial pitches I'm like I thought it was better however what James said that's kind of what bad moms was it was like we're getting rid of the kids and we're going out and having drinks that's kind of true and so I actually found myself swinging a little bit more to James cuz I'm the rebuttal because I thought he brought up a good point of like we've already kind of seen that I don't know I well I'm gonna help here and I agree because I think I was fun and I was with you like you missed the opportunity of like they should have been ragging on the parents more [Music] because the parents are the terrible people and out of you that's trigger out ways to spin it there so now I've been funny right and he called out that we've sort of seen it at the same time though is violence fun no that's pretty much well Bravo mr. Sunday movies himself I'm so happy you finally got to do this I hope we can help you come back cuz that was a blast you want to hang out with you and have you so thank you for coming James tell us what we get where they can find you I don't already know I'm sure they do but maybe potentially I have a youtube channel called Mesa Sun in movies it's fine it's time Twitter handle but I've got a podcast called the weekly planner where we talk movies and comics and TV shows with my friend Nick Mason it's a lot of fun it's just it's just nonsense but it kind of in a good way I also have a podcast network that I started with my wife Claire it's called planet Broadcasting and it's got a whole other show is including like comedy and this start was one there's human interest that if you if you can think of a thing you like that it might be on there dude I'll get you and Nick back some time yeah that's - it was let's make sure it doesn't happen as long I waited waited cuz now the fans are gonna want you back immediately we're talking about maybe you guys could come to a striping Australians down there I will bring Alisha right like that all right and that trisha hershberger Bravo thank you will you brought something you brought the power and and the facts there so thank you for bringing anything you'd like to plug yes absolutely I have a new show on Facebook as part of Facebook's new launch content it's called bits and bytes it's all about video games and it airs every Friday at noon you can find that on Facebook if you go to at bits and bytes show and then fights BY tes you can also find me on geek and sundry's twitch every Tuesday at 4:00 talking all the video game news stuff on game engine suite go check her out and give her support and then Ben Ben Bagley welcome back anything you'd like to plug oh yeah yeah sure you can find me tad the Ben Begley I do a podcast every week called guilty movie pleasures we're at guilty movie guys with my buddy Jesse McIntosh he's hilarious and awesome and my wife and I are starting soon so you can follow us and I promise funny stuff will be coming on at parents vs. baby we're starting a big parent comedy brand that were or by big I mean we're still working on it but it's gonna be it's gonna be very funny and so that parents vs. baby no pressure yeah no pressure no pressure it has to be hilarious and funny and funny then Murr on the couch dad no no good show fun show a lot of people are happy to see James here and enjoyed the show overall so plummet thanks for watching thank you for watching thank you at home for watching as always we will see you next week I'm Andy signorine Signori Twitter and such and we'll see you next week again live here as always from Hollywood 4 p.m. Pacific Standard Time Thursdays for another move fights happy wonderful weekend bye bye bye thanks again to t-mobile for sponsoring today's episode check out what makes them America's best unlimited network at t-mobile comm slash coverage [Music] you