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[Applause] hello and welcome to another wrestling round table discussion podcast I'm Adam will born from what codes you're joined by the Dudley Boyz of what culture Michael Hamlet and Michael Seuss week to discuss another burning wrestling issue but before we get into it if you're a fan of this sort of thing make sure you subscribe to what called wrestling on either iTunes or Spotify for daily wrestling podcast where we review pay views Raw Smackdown we have interviews more discussions and just like this one and a roundup of the week complete with a bloody good quiz of course on wrestle culture but gents I want to discuss an ongoing issue with you today and the lot has been made about John Cena's match at WrestleMania of course he was originally scheduled to be facing last Sullivant lars of course is suffering with some mental health issues with all of us here at what coach obviously wish him well soon but it's looking more and more likely that that match isn't going to happen at WrestleMania as a result of all that so taking that into account who should John Cena face at WrestleMania because a kin to the Undertaker his is fast becoming a match that doesn't necessarily have any titles attached to it but he's still a huge match for WrestleMania so I want you to pick one Legend and one current roster member that you could pitch to face John Cena at WrestleMania 35 Michael Sidra when he starts off before I start off I just want to say that it's someone who suffers from anxiety himself while I in no way whatsoever condone some of La Sullivan's past opinions that is expressed previously I think we should all extend a level of empathy to him because the life of an anxiety sufferer is really quite harrowing at times having anxiety is basically to use an example from my own life being told that you've suffered like gone nowhere jobs that you didn't necessarily want to have eight years working so hard in your personal time for two years writing for free to get your dream job writing about professional for a living at that job you are told two and a half years in the way we're gonna pay you to go and cover WrestleMania the first thing that goes in your head is the planes probably gonna crash or I'm gonna get lost in New York City it's it's a horrible I referred to where it's like a thunderstorm that goes in your head of just just a series of unpleasant eventualities that you make up before they even happen it must be absolutely horrible for laws and while again I in no way condone what he said in the past in order to just try and relieve yourself of some of this pressure sometimes and it's not something I'm proud of but sometimes this behavior can manifest me try and project it onto others and I can only hope that for him this is a learning experience to realize I've been despicable in some of my opinions that I've expressed in the past but it's only because I've got some internal issues to deal with and I can only hope he's dealing with them now are present and to be fair to WWE before we get into this they have handled it surprisingly well not too you know given the sort of backhanded compliment ever I suppose the only compliment the dessert the general consensus around this sort of thing can be quite flippant I suppose when it comes to anxiety issues as well of if you don't suffer from it you just think well come on it's match for John Cena at WrestleMania just not get over it but you know I mean but like it can be quite dismissive I suppose but w/e you've just said look take as much time as you need and just come back when you feel ready and I feel this should be credited on that yeah absolutely and I can only hope at this point that he comes back at this point I think it's so much has been made of it we're doing it right now that it comes back and as like more slow-burning push after WrestleMania happens because this March at John Cena appears to have triggered something within him so yeah so John Cena has no opponent as it stands then for wrestling yeah if we're assuming that he's not gonna be competing against last Sullivan so yeah legend or a current roster member who would you like to see John Cena face terms of Legends I will give you a facetious answer later on because my stance on them is that I've seen far too much of them in any capacity let alone of this diminished return that we've seen over the past six seven eight years so I will give you a facetious ancestor look forward to that yeah but a current roster member for me and it was something I think was rumored either last year of the year before it has to be similar to some mojo in John Cena's share a very tenuous history that the bwa probably don't remember or will not recognize in California's ultimate Pro which at some point didn't necessarily act is a formal WWE developmental territory but it is something that they kept an eye on and some mojo and John Cena wrestle there and obviously we know that their paths took wildly divergent routes John Cena became a household name one of the biggest draws in WWE history we're similar joke despite the fact that in the early tooth early to mid 2000s especially he was such a phenomenal in-ring talent like he's a Brock Lesnar who could go and wanted to go all the time a magnificent talk one of the most intense realistic pro wrestlers I've ever had the pleasure to watch but because he did another desired physique he was not permitted to enter WWE as a top-line star it was only through wild wild cultural change that even got a foot in the door in the first place and what a narrative that is if they can actually just let it unfold organically let some more agile channel what must be years of dormant frustration into those promos they would be absolutely fire and you would one would presume looking at the schedule you're not going to get lots of John Cena to be able to build it so building off but John's off some ojos promos which as you mentioned are unbelievable as we saw in his build with AJ Styles yeah would be great coming out every week on on Smackdown submitting someone to the kokino clutch and then calling a promo in Johnson or just calling about each time perhaps yes absolutely and because I'm I often fret about what John Cena does to his opponents he has got a tendency to completely expose them on the microphone in terms are fine personally really alienate and uncounted productive well he's usually in a foul mood he just decides to bank at them often I think it has absolutely nothing like all those times where I said like Bray Wyatt he should be the life of the party and then he mock him up on drug and drag on the titantron mocked his trousers it was just ridiculous white pants it's like Underminer you know is weeping after a character paints a picture in your mind of his opponents that it's kind of like that mean once you see it you can't unsee it and he's like really really damaging in that regard now went to WrestleMania 30 in person and in no exaggeration is this Bray Wyatt was almost as over is Daniel Bryan was there was so much appeal to that character and people were drawn this new Undertaker there was people in hats in Hawaiian shirts as much as it was Daniel Bryan t-shirts and Cena in my opinion did so much damage not a nearly as much as a creative team but not in considerable amount what I'm getting at in a long-winded way is that some more joules per mole game would absolutely not take any of that absolutely none of it he has got a way of just verbally incinerating his opponents in a way that actually flat the programs and he could respond to John Cena and just not take any I want to say the word Shi T which is why I'm stumbling cuz he that's just what he would not take and even if he tried what phenomenal visual it would be for that intimidating like dragon of a man to just immediately go into the ring and drop mythical key in a clutch and say I'm the most serious proposition in this company right now this is why you are going to treat me seriously going forward and their styles would mesh rather well together because he not to draw an obvious comparison but he takes someone like a Kevin Owens when he faced John Cena it works phenomenally well when they're that that three much series yeah absolutely in someone like Brock Lesnar the who's quite comparable to some more joint ends of his intensity in his physicality the way Lesnar destroyed Cena it actually in Rules 2012 and SummerSlam 2014 I'd be all up for a complete mirror image of that like would love it something they've never done with Cena as well obviously because it's emblazoned across most of his merchandise is that you can never give up well something like a pass out spot would be the submission equivalent of what Brock did to him with the suplexes that helps Brock exponentially was slight stuttering a little bit of relationship exactly yes sir like what Cena did for him with all that suplex is where he was just flattened into being pinned in easy fashion at SummerSlam the submission of Covenant that is Samoa Joe hitting a clean eclipsed not for the top out but just after such a beating and the muscle buster evident is Cena just blanking out in the submission hold Joe could dine out enough for months and months and months and the one other thing I will say is that some more jaw is one of those rare rare acts in WWE that is like really immune to 50/50 programs and he's lost the vast majority of them he can weather all that what should realistically be damaged in Buchan but because he's such a great performer that there's no stigma attached room is a loser because people will naturally inherently see him as a winner if he gets the chance to actually win for once clear mud that might send him in like any win in a program isn't it yeah it's strange to think of him coming out on the right end of a story yes absolutely and to come out on the back of that one he's an instant top he'll do every to like shake up over brawls exactly I don't think in fight Seth Rollins for these newly born Universal Championship or why not do it small jewel face turn in any event this sort of program in winning this sort of program it's the kind of thing that fires the imagination Michael and Fleur who from the current roster would you like to see face John Cena WrestleMania well I suppose I'm taking the bait of w/e here a little bit because it was Drew McIntyre they gifted John Cena supposed how sure injury I think it was as to why he missed the Royal Rumble and but more than anything else less foreseen and more for drew it feels at this point like imagine this John Cena would be a bit of a salvage job of a push gone very wrong very quickly we were talking in november/december time about drew as a possible Rumble winner people are hopeful of it in January but really he'd slipped so far below Seth Rollins in there in the favorite stakes that it wasn't even part of the conversation towards the end and shows what one or two bad defeats can do to a character but John Cena is a guy who a win of him still holds value if it's done correctly and WrestleMania is the place to do something correctly Cedric mentioned Bray Wyatt before it wasn't just that Cena was dominant to him in promos it was also Father Cena won the match you know he could have been pretty awful to in those promos and then break had just gone over arrest and that would have been what people would have been left remembering drew is in a position now coming out of Russell many where he needs to be a focused character regardless of what he does a Wrestlemania there doesn't really seem a lot for him at the moment those I don't know how much stock do we to be put in this but while television ratings continue to suck you can look at YouTube numbers to see what people are watching after all what people want to watch again what people are talking about women sharing with their friends and drew with Baron Corbin and drew with braun strowman and drew with Finn Balor a damning numbers you know you see in things like nya Jackson Dean Ambrose Bannerman off each other doing double-treble what drew McIntyre yes he looked it we looked the other date as quintuple the numbers and this is not just a one-off and this is not just because this one segment is a talking point this one week routinely these are looking like the most ordinary segments of the Monday Night Raw with a guy who what three four months ago was being primed for a title run a pinfall victory with a claymore kick which is an over finishes still over John Cena could just set him up perfectly for the year ahead it's all care that it stood now as long as they fix it in time for something bigger WrestleMania and if anything both guys at this point as you say would last Sullivan both guys a kind of odd men out of programs that maybe could've and would have been something big on a big night just put your hands together and give them both a kind of a bit of a free pass match Cena doesn't need the win but drew really really does before we move on to potential legends to face John Cena on a picture another person that John Cena from the current roster could face this a whole host of up-and-coming young stars that I'm sure would benefit from a match against John Cena there's a guy in there right now who people are talking about people are analyzing whether or not he is actually leaving the company there's all these rumors swirling of course about moving companies moving to aew for example my pitch for John Cena's opponent at WrestleMania 35 is Dean Ambrose Dean Ambrose is a guy who we're contemplating if he isn't leaving WWE in this is all a big work will become this anti company guy the guy who just ray rails against authority which he's done in the past but this would be a very different this would be you know CM punk esque from all those years ago and I think if you're gonna do that you have to put him against the company guy at WrestleMania and as of right now with no Roman reigns obviously in the picture the classic company man is John Cena and I think a Dean Ambrose John Cena match would get a lot of attention and I'm not really sure what the match finish would be whether it be more beneficial for Dean Ambrose to leave and lose and disappear for a while and then come back with some sort of not an actual invasion but akin to yeah bursting back in and wrecking the place or a win to say you know what I'm sticking around now cuz I've been your top guy and now I'm the top guy running this company and things gonna change around here would that would that be something you guys would be interested in I think there's two fascinating outcomes there and for all this talk that we've been literally doing about how getting a victory over John Cena would somehow constitute a rub there's a very cogent argument to be made that maybe it wouldn't maybe it wouldn't this is a guy who since Royal Rumble 2017 has done virtually nothing of note obviously a lot of that is down at the fact that he's barely been around but we're talking about a guy who's been doing some very arbitrary television jobs for next to no reason I know he lost in a camera to put over his WrestleMania challenge oh no it wasn't it was for the Jinder Mahal was over the SummerSlam 2017 and since then he's lost somewhat arbitrarily on Raw he's taken pinfall victories in multi man's aura preserved the other guys in them which while admirable that started they did anything with Drew McIntyre for example and in that match that multi man fatal four-way before the Royal Rumble that was for Finn Balor that was the finish - yeah that was probably the first act of generosity I've seen out of him in a long time yeah absolutely and yeah I think John Cena realistically could do with the sort of victory that reminds us why such a big star because I know he hasn't been absent long enough to sort of reinforce him is this big legend like absence makes the heart grow fonder and all the rest of it but yeah he seems since his returns to not quite appear as the star he once was like it's wrestling moves it's such an accelerated pace that's hard to remember just how over just how he was the nexus point of absolutely everything for several several years and he just doesn't feel like that anymore inaudible win over a guy who I think very much shoot is out of the picture is the best of both worlds that get a victory over an out gone star in a way that doesn't make them look petty I putting them over now a bloody Jax of all people and yeah John Cena could get something out of it which he could then rub off on somebody else down the line before we move on to Legends one of the suggestion perhaps for John Cena at WrestleMania is a WWE Championship match because we've looked at the Elimination Chamber and what could follow from that and we've contemplated about who Daniel Bryan's opponent could be at WrestleMania who better if there's no one immediately that comes to mind who better to throw in as a not last minute but as an alternative opponent for Bryan you know Cena trying to break the record Daniel Bryan being as you know he'll issues he can be right now hair versus hair yeah there is there is Sony all possibilities is that something that could interest WWE I honestly I thought was I was caught at scene I was at the rumble for that very reason to me heat like the stakes were with someone like John Cena because you could visualize the possibility of him challenging Bryan and I think we discussed the old sort of family relationships that used to exist when they were both you know with with the Bella Twins and everything like that and and the matches on evidence you know would be great between them the promos on evidence between them would be great it would feel it felt to me the right middle ground between this John Cena that were discussing the two John Cena's there are at the moment the guy that kind of doesn't really give a toss and comes back when he fancies it just to plug the worst version of his t-shirt and the worst version of his wrestling to be honest first is the guy that if he really fancies can just turn it off that extra dial and just think actually I need to remind everybody that as our suits find out who need to remind everybody that there is still some value there how can you put other guys if you've got nothing left yourself to offer them in the first place so win lose or draw against Daniel Bryan it's all there all the ingredients are there and sense now that they're going to use the Elimination Chamber Smackdown title match to kind of get all the other challenges out of the way and it's going to be somebody fresh that spot for Brighton so john cena's better than some of the other terrifying options that are out there and so I'd love to say that yeah I'd love to see that I mean the inlaws stuff is relatively unbroke and why don't they have ever seen like an in-law as much in pro wrestling in for Christ's sake that's such like a resonant thing for virtually everybody of a certain age that is lords that could do with it like Daniel Bryan could say I'd never want you to be my brother-in-law like John Cena is as materialistic as it gets so there's like it's a character dynamic it could really work John Cena is someone who has got like an inbuilt audience and he's like magic magic to children the world over and he could say that he's spread in a similar message to make the world a better place which he's demonstrably done through his outstanding contribution at the make-a-wish Foundation he's actually done it in a way where like that Brian absolutely hasn't and it's like a nice neat dynamic because the way Daniel Bryan's doing it is that whole Big Lebowski thing that's like you're not wrong but you're an asshole yeah and John Cena just diligently does it is a charitable contribution so there's absolutely loads of narrative ground that they connects neon colors of corporate capitalism that Brian could rage against yeah at this so so so much potential in that program but yeah the fact that it wasn't in the works means I do think they've got a big secret plan so unfortunately as much as I'd love love love to see it I'm ruling it out in my own head because it feels like they have already and they've both created their own w/e championship so we move on to legends now that John Cena could face my grandpa who's on your list I've had to cheat a little bit here because I feel quite depressed with the state of the legends in the state of the ones that they brought back so it's got to be Jack now not Jeff Jarrett and I'm going with Kurt Angle because a sense that there is something big planned for his WrestleMania this year and the tease the announcement that they haven't yet delivered and they probably want to drag that out because they probably I'm got enough weeks of storyline left to use and I don't think the match should be anything special but I do think both of them could sort of elevate each other and big stars a reasonable history from when they were both full timers angle would want to give it everything and if you put something like your retirement in there if you have like a kind of diet Shawn Ric Flair dynamic where Cena doesn't really want to be the guy to retire Kurt Angle I'm gonna want to prove himself one last time imagine how he's acting would it would but you know this is that John Cena ham that he swears that the only reason he calls spots so loud is because he wants people in there the back row of the building here like he can do those facials I would you want to spoil everybody's fun like he wants the people in the cheapest seats at MetLife Stadium to feel this drama that they're trying to create why'd you loud would he be it's a massive thing I don't think angles got a truly great single as much left in him no but I think between him and a company that would care a lot about making that feel special then it could the veneer of something classic would happen over ten minutes and no more and in which Cena puts angle away and they can have a nice moment an angle can get can get what I assume is kind of his last great singles match I'm not advocating this is gonna be a special wrestling match but then W eat in advocate that last year when they finally gave us John Cena and The Undertaker so why should we hold John Cena to that standard on WrestleMania anymore a mic receipt which legend III should face Goldberg because it would be it would be a short match in WrestleMania is really long I'm going to Wrestlemania by all indications New York City in New Jersey is very cold that time yeah could because it's heavy coats weather could be between seventeen degrees and seven degrees in orange currents all in favor of a lot of short matches and I think Goldberg versus John Cena would be short to be less flippant about it if I have to there's kind of a story there yes John Cena was the company man for ages Goldberg has absolutely nothing about that company and Goldberg I don't like John Cena very much never half it would be nice to see and get the hell speed out of him and it would be like three four minutes long you just imagine as well there's no need to build that either just go Goldberg's coming back yes John Cena you're next what less facetious that would be like a massive massive moment it's something we've never seen it's something that I don't think anyone's actually allowed themselves to think it's any point could because they are from different generations and they are pool opposites in so many ways so maybe there could be some narrative here because John Cena probably most committed WWE guy ever versus a guy who's the least committed ever there could be something in that story I don't know I just want to see Goldberg pulverize him thank you the much more than the angle yeah yeah before we move on to my choice of legend is there any possibility that we have a rematch between John Cena and The Undertaker at this year's WrestleMania I honestly think everybody involved got out of the system last year and they got out the system through the backend as well like it was just it wasn't it wasn't so much a disappointment because it was quick and the Undertaker wasn't exposed and John Cena wasn't injured presume there was a lot of film work coming up but no only they were not think there's a big match in them I don't even think Vince McMahon himself would want to see any more I think what we got last year was the best-case scenario for that feud and anybody's still clinging on for them somehow get in 20 minutes well it's delusional that they could go 20 minutes but should probably like move on should allow those characters to move on and move past that yes absolutely it starts as if in the bike fall out of that match people were like thinking you know what if John Cena wasn't drunk what could possibly have happened you know I think they've they spun an angle last year that we watch it in the what culture office we were popping our tits off because it was such like an audacious ridiculous way of going about it that they pulled a blinder from minimal minimal resource and that is the last thing you ever expected from them and if the can't do what everyone wanted four five six years ago four five six years ago that was the ultimate WrestleMania dream match because can you imagine just the the sheer anxiety and drama of the near fall of John Cena of all people the most undeserving guy who didn't need it break and that impressive magic streak can you imagine how much you just would not have wanted it to happen it would have been absolutely magic and that magic is just totally and utterly gone so in answer to your question no my choice for the legend to face John Cena is a man who we were talking about recently in fact when we were discussing about legends to come back for one more match and that is Shawn Michael's because I don't want my last memory of sure Michaels to be that god-awful match in Saudi Arabia and we know the history that those two have got together I'm not saying this is gonna be you know a stellar match as if you'd put Shawn against an AJ Styles or a Daniel Bryan but if you want two big names to just clash with nothing on the line at WrestleMania who better yeah absolutely mm-hmm I'm ambivalent on it I'll be honest but as he said when you see a three-hour raw program in which on which sorry the likes of heavy-machinery ac3 and now the absent Lacey Evans just felt so normal after such a quick amount of time just such an indictment of the long term storytelling mechanisms it's just always a massive treat to see two over stars fight each other it's like the loss of the last Sullivan March is it as a new opportunity not opened up here where they just don't book John Cena for the show but this kind of a tacit understanding amongst the fanbase that he's probably gonna be on it I remember when he was injured for WrestleMania 32 and he made the save for the rock and we got all we needed which was a visual of like the super team chasing off the wires and he couldn't do a lot but he could do enough to make that segment I carry off and look realistic I wouldn't be against that for John Cena this year with everything we've said I'm not I'm not not enthusiastic about it because I like the idea of seen John Cena on a stage that he clearly belongs on WrestleMania and Dubi Dubi and everything about that the synergy there is gonna be there for every so it's a whole cog and sauce situation but then Hulk Hogan is a guy that I would rather see do run-ins than matches is John Cena now at the point where without one obvious opponent would it just not be nicer to see him turn up in one of those legends but the moments they do wear some heels are being horrible as some older guys or a Steve Austin is out there taking bumps you know taking a small kicking and Shawn Cena gets Tomatoes save there's a lot of rock there's lots of opportunities where you just drop him in there the music hits and that's enough and everybody knows especially if he's at accessories or something like that that you've got him but you just don't have to endure him you don't have to see any more than you absolutely need to and if they can put together a card where the Cena match doesn't feel like such an absence I wouldn't be opposed to just having him doing something something fun you know what what if he's the last guy to walk down the aisle in the Andre the Giant battle royal suddenly that much is elevated and he goes on and wins it any that much isn't never ever get an elephant it doesn't matter because it doesn't matter you know that's that's kind of the point I'm making it doesn't matter wins that much we've established that before so giving it to John Cena when you think I it's just gonna be full of goobers full of nobodies and then scener of all people is the last guy to walk down the aisle and wins it like Shaquille O'Neal was the other year and I don't know it's none of these singles matches are so exciting that I wouldn't better just see him like making appearance rather than being a match sod it feed him their revival was that what FDR yeah who knows that your thoughts on who you'd like to see John Cena face at WrestleMania 35 in the comment section or thoughts of course go out to laws Sullivan get well soon and don't forget to Like share and subscribe you can check out more of our recent videos somewhere around here don't forget you can follow us all on Twitter and you can tweet out as who you'd like to see John Cena face at WrestleMania xxx tree is all at what code should WWE you can follow Michael handfull it's at Michael Han flicked in front of microsurgery at I literally poured soy milk over my cereal this morning so I don't care what you have to say at me M sidwich you can follow our lovely editor Chris at edit Chris edit you can follow me at Adam will born as said follow us all at what coach Uwe and subscribe to what cool teresting on either iTunes or Spotify for more daily podcast my thanks to the Dudley Boyz thank you for watching and we will see you soon