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i'm scared dude this is legit i feel like disneyland right now man hello and welcome to team edge guys this is a somber occasion because we have an important message to relay to you we have just received a letter from the los angeles executive city office hello team edge members with much to spare we regret to inform you that thieves have stolen four ancient golden artifacts from the getty museum earlier this week our intel has determined that these thieves have hidden the artifacts in a booby-trapped gauntlet conveniently located right near slash inside your warehouse dude anyone else the gauntlet will be dangerous and some of you may die we hope that at least one of you can survive and return the artifacts back to the museum we have four artifacts to retrieve and escape from here there's a golden snake okay a golden skull golden coins [Music] and a golden spider we have succeeded as a team if one of us makes it out it's possible that some people can get eliminated it's possible that all of us get eliminated you could die in here you may die today i don't know bobby's reacting to the calendar please don't die the hr guy's here so guys we're doing a giveaway for a customized nintendo switch and a merch giveaway so make sure you stick to the end to find out how to get that stuff from us you ready ah you ready yes let's go all right ready i am ready in three two one oh you for real wow look at that this is so cool dude's going first this is that's dope i'll go in first oh okay actually no you about you going first bobby i'm scared dude this is legit all right making my way in all right you go first no i'm genuinely excited right now is that boogie there's spider webs everywhere where are we somebody remember somebody's going to die tonight what i thought you said we there's a chance dude something's going to jump out at me man you guys are like real explorers you're still dude for real i'm like tripping out oh shoot they're closing hey this is freaking out oh so he's going to jump out somebody's gonna jump out hey bobby i'm gonna give you space you go first man something's gonna jump out of me hey guys comment down below who you would take on a treasure hunt because i think all of us are really scared right now so i don't think there's any advantage of taking any specific one oh no disneyland right now man hey no joke dude this is better than disneyland it is changing hey dude we can have our own little okay this whole time you had a flashlight you didn't there's a rat right here oh that's real yeah it's real bro why would we put a fake sword in here dang hey this is sick why the rat in the mouth guys there's snakes in here oh you coming joe i'm stabbing this dude no let's get in here dude these walls take this sword so i don't stab you these walls if you break them they have styrofoam in them all right guys we have to figure out how to get out of here so i say we just leave the same way we came no we're supposed to get the artist no the artifacts oh i forgot why we're here okay well obviously we have to look around for something okay well let's let's look around there's something that we got to do this is a dead rat well how are you taking everything apart because i'm trying to look for like some way to get around this joint okay there's a reason why it's just been oh hey i found something boys what do we have who's gonna give me a kiss because of that here you go here's your kiss thank you look to the snake for a perk you can take to allow a dead man to wake so we have fun let me tell you guys something right now when it comes to escape rooms i'm useless i know i've done an escape room with yeah i literally said look to the snake for a perk you can take to allow a dead man to wake what does that mean what oh whoa guys guys guys oh mommy found the one with the letter found the next one player four out of nine does that mean this is the fourth card out of nine uh i found out well there's more life nine out of nine here set it somewhere so we can line them up it's a phrase that's going to happen that's yeah yeah set it on this rock here's one more oh okay so i'm assuming the numbers here are going to tell us which order to put the words i'm guessing here's a no not another one how do we know there was nothing in there that was just an empty hallway why would there be the hallway that literally did nothing we had to go back okay so i mean i got a sword in there okay i found this device that says grow po oh wait i mean maybe it's this guy bobby oh hey there's a snake on this wall right here and there's something on it no way see i can be useful every once in a while what does it say choose choose one player to bring back to me life me but no one's dead though just in case no we don't have to choose yet it's when they die oh okay we'll choose bobby we still haven't gotten through this wall though that's just a perk it doesn't give us what we want i know where it was waldo i know now we have to get past this lock right here oh oh block there was oh i moved the thing and there's a lock you don't even notice there's the key must be in the other room what am i missing dude we're missing something from here there's got to be something there's got to be something man oh guys wait wait uh nothing i just want to know how you guys are doing oh dude we'll do that no i'm telling you man oh look at this oh that actually is a note i was making a joke i found it i actually found it if you're bored grab the sword the sky is what you'll point toward it's in the ceiling now's my time to shine folks you have to break through this you heard that there's something up there dude oh there you go break it break it baby oh we're making progress oh there's something here give me the give me the knife give me the knife give it a nice knife oh there's stuff coming out they're snuffing me out that got you so good bro wait something else came out of that little corner so we have to find the key it's got to be up there but we have to go through the other guard my team is creative y'all they'll go toe-to-toe with any production team i can't tell what that is and i poke it that's not gonna do anything brother there's no way to that's a rock are you kidding me okay oh what oh dude is this room going to fill up stop that's beast mode baby oh dude we're looking for a tiny key in this oh i mean this is definitely it we're obviously supposed to get up here because there's balloons flower yikes oh something's up there what why don't you just reach in for it no trust me oh yeah trust you don't hit yourself or hurt yourself i just said don't hurt yourself hey we've been in here long enough we need to establish a p corner do you think grubhub delivers to aztec uh escape rooms [Music] oh look old man we found one help us well we found one of the things bro we literally started i found the tarantula no bro we literally started here and we went everywhere else so in case you guys are wondering we're still going at this look at all these holes here we've been in here for like over an hour yeah guys this is plywood this isn't just like styrofoam or anything hey bobby thank you for that breakdown hey i gotcha hey joey what kind of shirt are you wearing right now i'm wearing that old team edge merch actually that new team edge merge that's the j-wrap shirt i feel nothing all right oh whoa whoa i heard something i heard a ding dude flashlight oh god goddess that is the key my friends all right boys let's get the heck out hey where is that dude i'm excited to see what's over here this is some this is something like real escape room stuff y'all oh oh i can feel the air can you feel that fresh whoa look at this dude dude what it's indiana jones all right last crusade i'm going in i know exactly what to do dude there's someone on the other side oh dude hey this is honestly one of the coolest freaking things we've ever done have you guys seen uh indiana jones in the last crusade yes you have yeah you've seen a movie that's older than 10 years i actually have i know impressive right do you know what happens in that movie forget [Laughter] uh oh there's gold coins bros there's the is that the other artifact i'm not touching it because oh it's so much cooler in here hey i'm not touching it because i know what happens in the movies you touch it and everything just collapses what happens dude what a trip dude this is sick oh my goodness it's so much cooler in here good come on bro come on you don't just grab stuff you haven't seen the movies that could have been bobby trapped there are letters on the ground yeah but there's gold coins at specific places look you don't run out we got to think about this here you guys comment down below if you're digging these larger-than-life videos because this one's honestly probably one of the dopest ones we've done f well it says edge start hearing anything i'll start here oh wait does that mean that's the edge yeah i'm gonna start here i'm start here okay yeah we have to fully commit to these things e d g e g okay so i'm going for e i'm a jump but what the heck is going to happen is our darts going to come out at me or i hope so should i go first yeah you should go for it so i don't have to oh yeah pick up the coins as you go bro what the heck are you doing just tapping letters it's indiana jones i know exactly what to do you go to the d d yeah there's coins there oh the ground feels a little shaky oh all right well brian died he's gone should we bring him back bobby okay but look we have to we have to be wise about our you just want it for yourself okay let's bring it back all right brian you're brought back we have one perk [Applause] the e was supposed to be okay oh he's good that was well i guess wait you don't know which one's careful there's hundreds of bobby traps everywhere hold on to me but hold on to you just so i don't fall through that's not gonna oh yeah that's not gonna hold me how in the world are we supposed to get across is there anything back here what's this oh look at this there's no way no way are you serious i saw that i didn't think anything of it you didn't point to it i didn't think anything of it dude that's like hidden in plain sight all right folks we have a plank dude that's i literally just died you could have seen that and saved a life yeah i got it just just stand there and watch you guys let me help you oh dude that's wow that's scary hold on oh yes my knees i i didn't even test it this plank was gonna hold me my knee okay yes sir that's the second artifact that's two watches watch your stuff dude really go across all the way oh snap all right okay here i'm i'm going oh that's slippery yeah why are you standing up oh okay guys i'm gonna do something here medusa what are we leaving him let's leave him are we leaving him bobby oh this is nerve-wracking bro let's just get this guy out of here throw him in there see ya all right let's get on out of here to the next step what's back here the heck it's all purple in there okay whoa ryan's coming through you know surprisingly through all that my hat's still on we got to figure out what to do next oh there's holes oh that ain't good what the heck bro i thought that was you messing with me dude i was seriously oh what the heck was that my brain is not processing your head what's going on that just shot oh what dude i got it i got it i'll all right this whole this whole thing is like indiana jones bro you know how this goes whoa yeah joey you're not really see you in the crotch did it really wait so that means bobby's dead it barely got me bobby you're done bro oh jeez hey there's the golden skull bro oh heck yeah there's a little note here hold on i'm gonna dispose of bobby real quick dispose of bobby then i will read this note i die run run oh it hit me bro don't push the rock let me get out oh whoa dude when i saw ronaldo you're allowed me i'm standing bro we found the skull the tarantula oh here i got some i got the coins no i don't need your coins bro the snake was the fourth was the fourth one so i gotta go back huh yeah the whole goal is to get it back to the museum or whatever oh gotta go back gotta go hide oh man it's hot and sweaty in here to bring home the w for the team i died i just need to find the golden snake okay last time they found something in these fake rocks [Applause] guys dude we win we won we win all because of me i like to say we because i didn't all because of me we won now for the details on how to win that customized nintendo switch and some sweet merch all you have to do is click that link down below and follow the steps and you can win dope nintendo switch customized guys make sure you like this video if you want to see another one like it but one up we'll do it better bigger stronger also go check out this video that youtube recommends for you to watch subscribe to this channel so you can keep getting our videos in your inbox and come back next time tuesday fridays peace