Who Will Win WWE 2019 Royal Rumble

[Applause] [Music] so the thing about Seth Rollins who like I think it's clearly Telegraph to win at this point is that I like him but I don't love them he's an uninspiring choice and I'm frankly not really looking forward to three months of him telling us you know what I'm worthier than Brock Lesnar because I turn up to work every Monday they I turn up Monday at Friday and I'm not begging for universal championship match on Raw it's just not for me like an inspiring choice for me and this is coming straight out of left field is the Velveteen dream like it's an audacious choice for an audacious character and it's like perfectly fit into that character because he wants to be famous yesterday and how better to become famous than being the first to win the Royal Rumble in their debut match like meanwhile dub W is like promising freshness like widespread change and I just don't think there's anything more of a mission statement than having Velveteen dream in the sentire match and like is the perfect contrast character to so on like Daniel Bryan who I think you should challenge for immediately following the win and I think Daniel Bryan is the best expert technician to just remove any lingering greenness that Velveteen dream still got about him I just think it's time for something brand brand-new yeah it is it's really interesting I mean I don't want to like crap on the guy who and I think a lot of people at the moment after the Dean Ambrose feed a crap in on Seth Rollins and Martin Luther King Day probably wasn't the best deer for the street it's white it's mere list male member of the roster to talk about his dream and believing in the dream but Seth Rollins will win the rumble because he's the best of what's left on Monday Night Raw the Royal Rumble card is as good as it is because most of the stars aren't really in the match so that leaves Seth Rollins but it kind of brings me a who I think should win the Royal Rumble much and that's a guy that's elsewhere on the show as long as brock lesnar and finn bálor go on first that gives finn bálor time to put in his best effort but lose narrowly go backstage get painted up and come out at number 30 on number 29 as the demon we've already seen him go head to head with brock and come this close he can win the Royal Rumble and then he can go to Wrestlemania with a new streak for Brock to conquer W Rubin super protective over the demon character Brock's to figure the Undertaker on the grandest stage he defeated in Roman reigns when nobody would have picked it now can he defeat another undefeatable force in Finn Balor it'll be a rematch from the Royal Rumble but it'll feel completely different because most people will assume as Brock's last night and the demon has never lost well I think most people are going to go with Seth Rollins so I'm going to pick someone a little bit different and not that different to be perfect I'm gonna go with braun strowman to win the 2019 horrible not different really look they took him out of the match against Brock Lesnar because they didn't want him to lose again I can see him coming in cleaning house just like he did the greatest Royal Rumble match eliminating 13 people in there it could even wear his big green belt down to the ring he won't because they wanted to forget everything about the greater or Rumble but look he is huge he can choke so many people out of the ring Seth Rollins just seems a very uninspiring choice and how on earth are you gonna get braun strowman over the top rope it's impossible so he will win who should win though is matt riddle can you imagine matt riddle coming down to the ring near the end somewhere leaping over that top rope kicking off his flip flops eliminating everyone else and then going to Wrestlemania and beating the absolute piss out of captain Gamon himself Brock Lesnar it should be Matt riddle but it will be braun strowman see the wants to forget everything about career or almost don't think a very certain spots gonna be referenced yeah I would imagine Matt Titus O'Neil's gonna make a bit of a tip of himself Chris who's gonna win 2019 Cina well I think this is quite an interesting year well maybe interestings not the word it's more of a weird year in that there doesn't seem to be one clear standout to win normally that would breed a bit of excitement who's gonna win is it going to be a big surprise but all the options the realistic options just seem kind of uninspiring so I guess we've talked the WW really want to do him versus Brock WrestleMania the obvious choice is unfortunately Seth Rollins now I think a lot of people would be very happy with that he's certainly very popular he's a great athlete blahdy blahdy blah but it just feels kind of meh especially coming out of that terrible terrible Dean Ambrose feud now in a situation like this there's no particularly great first option I think it'd be a good idea for them to just kind of use the spot to make a new star pick an unexpected guy and push him straight to the moon it's a very own WWE thing to do but Velveteen dreams been talking some cool stuff on social media but not showing up blah blah blah until he gets in you can't try that be fun tomaso champ before I think is the boy he's ready made to be a top-level main event he'll he's done everything you need to do in NXT apart from drop the belt so why not well the double-double you've been kind of like promising this whole era of change and it's not really taken full effect yet so I think the safe choice to say who will win this year's men's Royal Rumble will be Seth Rollins because he is the guy that deserves to be moved up to the main event he's been sort of middling but not really sure what's going on since obviously the shield was disbanded his feud with Ambrose wasn't too great so I'm glad to see of him this might put him back on the map as it were back in the main event that's right think that they will do what I'd like them to do though is have John Cena win and it might seem like really weird to say that because he's been in the main event for so long and it would actually be pushing people who maybe deserve more of the spotlight down but you tell me that him versus Daniel Bryan wouldn't be an absolute corker of a match so there we go I can't see ya can't see you I didn't get it I believe as a lot of people in the southwest probably believe I think it's gonna be Seth Rollins I want to give you a different answer there's a probably a number of different ways they could go but I think they've got stock in the broccoli has now Seth Rollins match at WrestleMania to be honest as a big Seth Rollins fan not against that not against that at all and I do think he's lost a bit of steam recently but is the big time player man he put him on the main stage at WrestleMania I haven't go up against Brock hell haven't beat Brock he never actually beat Brock to you in all the little matches and interactions they had think about how good the match with with Brock and Cena was that was pretty damn great at the Royal Rumble whatever year that was I don't know I can't be see passeth there to be honest but if we're talking about who I personally would want to see is who should win the Royal Rumble I've got a little story for you I've got a little story a bit some fantasy book in that I've come up with and this just allow me to dream for a minute gentlemen it's a Royal Rumble Finn Balor has just lost earlier in the night to Brock Lesnar fish much maybe as the man film our Finbar hmm comes out here on the night as the demon finn bálor for the Royal Rumble excitement and Myers the late or guardiana and then just when you think that's good Kevin Owens returns right and storms back in the Royal Rumble scene Bubba berm once the road they got cue the music everybody cuz I'm real boy do give us some a plasterer maybe is Kevin always come storming out anything oh my god Kevin Owens is turned back up Finn Balor demon Finn Balor and Kevin Owens are the last two men after a whole bunch of stuff's going on last 2 min and then eliminate each other together both go over the top right mind explodes so what happens next is we've got two winners we can't have two winners of course you can't have two winners so we have to have a match although the match it elimination chairman will it be that match doesn't decide a winner because Brock Lesnar it's decides to turn and destroy them all so what we get is a triple threat match at WrestleMania the 2x Universal champions who ever had a rematch against Brock Lesnar in your probably main event or probably not depends oh you want to see it I'm just gonna tear this mate off and that's it for me Billy Seth Rollins is gonna win the Royal Rumble match because they like to have a guy don't they always need to have a guy Seth Rollins is very clearly the guy at the minute and we've heard for months and months and months and months he's gonna be main event at WrestleMania and it's really weird because they only ever booked him really really well or really really badly like you spent like a year being the company's top heel and then nothing and then they will actually go arrest Triple H at mania and then nothing announce it no no you'd be the guy again I just I like Rollins I think he gets too much stick I think he's way better than people give him credit for people think he's like rubbish since his injury I think he's still pretty good but I think everyone saying it's a slightly underwhelming choice and one that's very obviously telegraphed but you should win I'm gonna sound a bit like Michael Hamlet here but crucially not exactly like Michael Hamlet I think the demon should get beaten off Brock before all that all they protected them they protected the demon so well they are they've kept the mystique going but like for whom for bands who buy the toys and the dolls like nobody don't care about the demon gimmick like you spent like 10 years making that on you Japan they don't they do not care about like she the demon should get beat off Brock Lesnar at the start of the night and then Finn Balor battered and bruised should win the Royal Rumble but he was insightly here was inside him all along and then he doesn't think about you know I've hid behind this character for all these years for my entire career but I realize now that Finn Balor is Who I am and it's Finn Balor who at WrestleMania Brock he's gonna come back in take it's not technically a rematch is it because we all played 2k 18 and 19 the demon and Finn Balor are different characters so it's a different match and it's different match entirely so oh of course he does because this the dealer demon was the friends he made along the way the real hero was the man inside of him all along that's who should win that's that's what I think but Rishi said Rollins will win so this matters Seth Rollins will win the 2009 three men's Royal Rumble match but yeah