Who cheats to get into USC


Chael Sonnen


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a number of weeks ago we had we had an attorney on here Clifton Molitor and we were talking about the college admissions scandal where did that happen I think it was Harvard USC was brought into that yeah maybe Yale was brought in a few different schools who were talking about the ins and outs in the legality and I'm just watching this thing play out and I don't know this gals name Laurie something Lori Loughlin I don't how to say her last name she was on full house a show I used to watch I think she I think she played Aunt Becky and anyway that's how I know then there's another gal named Felicity Huffman who I am very familiar with I like her work she was flying in Desperate Housewives she was great in three billboards outside ebbing Missouri and she's married to the guy from shameless what's that guy's name Nick from shameless William something William he's very famous what is it William Macy all right so and I don't think those two women teamed up I don't think they were together I think they just both happened to be women and they both just happened to be actresses in Hollywood I think I've never heard the store where they like went on this together but either way so they get jammed up and now Laurie's at least come out and apologized oh I'm sorry for doing that I'm kind of looking around going really are you really I mean have a backbone in this thing have some strength in this thing you're gonna get one side that's saying how wrong this was but you're gonna get other thing other people are gonna come out did something help your kid I mean I wanted to get my kid in so I spent a bunch of money too and I got him into extra clicker things so that his resume look good and you know I was I was getting up tutored and I was paying good money for that I was paying a bunch of money to private schools and I was I was you know donating to teams to get the coaches to write I spent a bunch of money to you found a way to do it a little bit quicker than I did you're going to have people to say that I don't want an opinion from you guys to whether that's right or not that's not the stance I'm taking I am taking is for her to come out as a parent and find somebody that's willing to take her money to broker a deal you can come out apologize for that that seems to make it level of sense that part of it seems to make a level of sense seems to be what everybody else is doing seems to be the reason that the parents go to the private schools and get the tutors and get on the fancy Club and sports teams and try to get their kids recruited seems like we're all going in the same direction they spent their money in other places to build up a resume to get in you found a guy that said just give me the money I'll get it in I mean there seems to be something here where I don't think you're gonna have to come out on a big apology tour as much as just tell the story the way the story happens those facts may not be wonderful for you but those facts are also not as terrible for you as other people are trying to paint this there's just not I listen to the DA come out who was the one that was coming down all of it and he said in his speech hey we realized that it's things like this happen all the time if somebody donates this is his words if somebody comes out and donates hundreds of millions of dollars and gets a building on campus put with their name on it yeah they're gonna have some favors but this is a little different because it wasn't done as quite out in the open I don't know about that it sounds like you're saying the same thing it sounds like you were saying the same thing to me that sounds the exact same thing to me I'm well aware of the heartfelt argument that the kids whose parents didn't have those connections got left out I just think you're missing argument that those schools at the highest of levels are a business and as a guy that went to the school and whose dad spit the money and I gave up the time and I went got certified smart so that I could look down on everybody else and pretend I was at a higher group than the man what he guys doing that's all part of marketing of the schools it was nothing more than a really goddamn good time that was it well you'll get a really great degree from me what do you think they have it Yael do you think they have it Harvard they got some golden book that I can't go check out at any other library do you not see the marketing ploy these are just a business you get a bunch of uppity a bunch of uppity pricks that didn't want to go out and join the workforce and they found a way to get out of the workforce for four years and all the while society raised them up to act as though they were the higher bunch of society well the real members decided they're moving the world forward or out working maybe it's because they wanted to maybe they couldn't get in maybe they just didn't see the advantages but either way to act as though the marketing and act as though the business side of the education isn't there and I'm really not seeing the I'm really not seeing this guy's what is the difference if somebody donates a couple of hundred million dollars in builds of school which is the example that was given not by me that's the example that was given by the guy who's coming after him and therefore has the right to call him favors and get people that didn't have the SAT score did it have the resume did it have the community service all the things that would different administration's would look at and be able to get them in off of a phone call and we've all heard those stories I could tell you a ton of those stories where somebody got to the biggest donor of the school and got a favorite card to tell you a ton of those there's nothing underhanded about that at all and that's not my pit that's according the guy who's coming after them now they want to come out and say oh I'm really sorry I did this I'm really sorry you did this are you really sorry that you got caught doing this because there's a meaningful difference and I do think that is a it's a very weird thing to start with right if you asked in there okay why do you want your kid to go to one of these and first off USC not for nothing I have friends from breath come on USC is now all of a sudden a really good school with some kind of tough admission standards in the same conversation is Yale and Harvard I'm excuse me excuse me parents but not exactly money well spent what was your kids SAT score that you need to cheat the system to get into USC I mean what did he have a 680 is that what happened cheat the system to get into USA I mean come on they should be getting a refund on their money but either way let's take a little closer look this hey parents just tell me this just so I can unpack this whole thing why did you try to rig this why did you try to get advantages for your kid well I wanted to get a good education okay grandpa tell me why well cuz I wanted to get a good job okay but tell me why well cuz I want him to make good money something okay great because it sounds like I can just tell you right now how your kid can have a whole bunch of money sounds like I could just go A to Z and we could leave this criminal act out of it by the way miss USC where the way who you gonna impress with the USC not but I went to the University of morgue I'm in the same boat same league same conference okay so before anybody comes down on me I'm just being real about it you should not be impressed that I got a degree from the University of Oregon if you're talking about Harvard and Yale but you also shouldn't have to cheat to get yourself into UFC just gonna what's that online University Phoenix Phoenix online go there it's the same thing