Why 4D Digital Space and digital twin is important for digital construction


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[Music] thank you very much for joining us to share your thoughts about 4G and digital space or D I mean the expectation that the deliverables we create drawings and CAD and models and then geospatial representations in GIS they will be part of the digital DNA over the longevity the lifecycle of operating infrastructure assets that begin as our projects so the notion is that we're advancing what we're already doing and as we synchronize their changes and keep them up to date with the changing reality of the assets we'll have digital twins that underlie and federate for digital cities and can be connected together in ways that will discover as we as we advance do you think about evolving role of GIS and especially the convergence of these technologies adding value to the project energy the digital twin isn't between if it doesn't have the 3d reality we say 40 because actual assets change constantly and need to be maintained fit for purpose the point is that the capture of reality and we would say reality model enables that so it's the drone photography it's the laser scans where necessary and you know we've introduced the acquisition of orbit GT and announce that gear for vocal mappings to be part of a continuous survey I'd like to say for the survey that really I think dreams geospatial technologies up to right time regularly survey and change secret on our other acquisition announced fear is also important for digital cities and mobility digital trends we could say which is the acquisition of city roads so what is the genesis of digital construction works and what's the reason behind that well the digital construction works is a joint venture between Bentley and compound where we have seconded people who were our experts in both construction and software and hardware technologies respectively and their mission is not to create software or they'll be doing some digital integration but to accelerate the take-up of construction earring wear engineering in together they need to be inventing new workflows on construction sites where you presume you have a 40 construction digital planner and go about the work sugar it's the point is that we can't just compromise what we're doing now we need to step back from the big picture as official construction workers will be able to do and it's now after service literally in providing services for constructors and mega projects [Music]