Why AEW Has Already Sold Out Double Or Nothing

[Applause] let's recap the last few weeks on social media shall we fans are over again IEW why are so many people excited about AE w we don't even know what aw come though hey W doesn't even have a TV deal and you'd be right it is merely speculation when it does come to the potential of a league wrestling at the moment but can't we be exciting as fans can't we just get a little bit pumped up that maybe just maybe a bunch of people that are coming together with very good intentions that want to start a brand new wrestling company may actually go on and just make a little bit in the industry look at them deadly we've already seen the effect that it can has because you can't wake up any day at the moment without hearing some rumors there's so-and-so that works over here is up for talking to a e/w that's happening all the time so straight away we're living in well just fun times don't forget the competition isn't always about ratings or the bottom line it's the atmosphere it's the environment you can create around the industry and it turns into the people that work within it and then come back to us and if we do want some hard facts though here I stand but a few hours since a EWS double-or-nothing rally and even though tickets actually haven't gone on sale for that event they've kind of already sold out that doesn't even make any sense but it's true why it's nice and simple when you break it all down double or nothing tickets I'll do to go on sale this Monday the 11th of February and that's a pre-sale and they'll go on general sale that Wednesday which just so happens to be the 13th of February unlike a walk-in calendar so how can I make this claim well in order to be involved in the pre sale you have to register to get a codon as of right now as of me saying these words 12,000 codes have been requested throw in there a lot of people have mentioned that the MGM Grand is going to be set up to hold around 11,500 and that means you already can't get anybody else in the building either who do go with other report just say oh no actually double or nothing is gonna be around 15,000 people well it means they've only got to sell around another 3,000 tickets to go then yeah yeah yeah just because you say that you are interested in being part of the pre-sale that doesn't actually mean you're gonna follow through come Monday because we know what people are like it's well e-z-go I'll have one of those well you actually have to part with your hard-earned cash well it's like night and day but even if half of those individuals do indeed go through with it that would mean on day one ATW have sold 6,000 seats and yes that's called max and given that double or nothing isn't until May the levels I'm pretty sure everybody involved could shift fifty percent of those tickets but also if I go into my brain and I go into my gut they think that more than six thousand people will try and sort something out on Monday and that means we've got another all-in on our hands and there ain't nothing wrong with that and in fact it's exactly what we want should you wish to compare that with what WWE is doing and I understand it's 2019 and that's what we all like to do the dubby dubby financials for the entire year did come out this week and if we focus on q4 their average attendance was 5,000 people now that isn't an ideal comparison because we're kind of comparing chalk to cheese WWE obviously running events all the time whereas aew they've only ever had one and that actually wasn't technically all elite wrestling so this is all an interesting first event and you're gonna get more buzz and you're gonna get more interest because it's how it works called debut Oh so WWE is a machine and it just ticks along doing its WWE thing I mean if we go back to the paperwork and the conference call that did come out they've just had the most successful financial year in their own history so we ain't got to worry about Vince McMahon or Co but we do have to go with the figure that are being thrown into our face so you can have a little bit of confidence that yes all elite wrestling has just sold out its first ever show it doesn't let me we can get a little bit excited isn't that enough evidence to go home maybe they've got something here maybe actually people want this many people are already invested even if it is the exact same audience that did indeed fly out to Chicago it just means they're dedicated to the cause and of course once they start doing weekly TV if there is what we're gonna do we don't know that changes the barometer you gotta come up with new ideas it's harder to sell arenas out week in week out we're not gonna judge IEW and what I'm not seeing I'm gonna judge aw and what I am seeing right now well it's ticking all the boxes and as you know I enjoy my boxes being ticked I don't know who's maybe they come up with some kind of mad deal where events like this are the crutch of their business model it does seem like they are gonna sign a big TV deal as well we don't know what that translates to we assume it'll be a weekly show because that's what we used to ask wrestling fans in short there's no guarantee and that ties back into the star of the video where it's alright to be excited this is new ground they can go in any direction that they want let's go back to the start when even a name came out there I had said that this is what's gonna happen they're definitely gonna have Chris Jericho and they're definitely gonna have Kenny Omega seemingly wrapped up exclusively you and then you would have gone shark Miller you know what you're talking about you come closer I'll bop you in the nose I would probably still have a mark on my nose even though I would have been correct and as we mentioned these two wrestlers is the car that's probably gonna help shift these tickets as fast as it appears they're going to do because if you do want to see Jericho versus omega2 technically two point five this is the first time you can do it on American shores if you didn't go to wrestle Kingdom which was in Japan while you didn't get to see it then and unless you went on a damn Cruise and flown across some water well you didn't see it then either now you can and it's cluesive to aew and so on top that we now know that it's going to be the young bucks versus the lucha brothers in a match that will be gift at least till the end of the year and I think things are stacking up nicely that probably gonna be one of the best things you see and you can't overly rely on social media but it is a great way to get buzz and it's a great way to at least get awareness out there and who knows that bed the young bucks they announced the new t-shirt last night and it sold out within minutes probably just because of Twitter this is all before we know what Cody Rhodes is gonna be doing on that night too because it has been a lot of mumblings a lot of murmurings that he is gonna have a match with somebody huge and as of now we don't know and I think that is intentional because we can get through Monday we can get through Wednesday and if you do need to kind of shift a few more tickets guess what you do you reveal that and get loads of other people interesting especially if the name is as huge as being now and if you have smashed it by the middle of next week you can take your time but if you haven't you've got an ace in a hole you've got some money in the bank but thankfully Baron Corbin is nowhere to be seen when you do take a step back and look at it from this point of view it's hard not to be impressed nobody's running in like a bull in a china shop we're not making rash decisions just to try and stir the pot for being smart we're being meticulous and we're being calculated which i think is more information that you can take and go right my major point is that this is the first time since the death of Derby see Derby ax but I feel like I did before the death of WCW and TNA was a great alternative but we know the deal there and obviously in the modern day you can take greater advantage of this little thing called the Internet and I'm doing it right now it's a huge factor because aew is probably about to sell out another show without having anything on television prior to it and that doesn't happen without nonsense like YouTube and Twitter so while real quick - damn it boo booing earth what a waste of time that's not gonna help any business well it's certainly helping there's some fun so call me a goof call me idiot call me a bald wallaby call me whatever you want but I'm gonna stay positive and I'm gonna stay very interested in everything that aw is doing because I like it and it's fun and when I wake up's over here to double or nothing rally was like a thrill and I can't spare for that I'm old but I can wake up in all what happened i scania maybe with this guy that guy what's going on it makes wrestling even more fun especially when these ludicrous conversations come up there even people like randy orton and brock lesnar are open to having a discussion i'm sure that's just a bolster their own WWE deals but I like that we live in a world where that can happen and even away from money made or business metrics a UW is doing a lot of cool stuff which is doubly cool because when they do it they don't make a big deal of better they're not just doing it for the headlines because when they were revealing names from their roster they throw in one called Niner roads and neither Rose is a transgender woman I'm all about that wrestling should be inclusive wrestling should be for everyone and here we are with a new company and they're welcoming everybody in and don't get too upset that a lot of Sinese you may not heard on that's the point from where WCW first launched dunno rey mysterio this is no Eddie Guerrero did you know Chris Jericho that all ties in nobody knows Chris Jericho unless you like a super hardcore wrestling nerd when heat cyber world champ who's wrestling but now look he's on top of the world so just calm down put a smile on your face and believe in competition and believe in the power wrestling now don't forget to become below and let us know what you think about all of us like share and subscribe hello to our culture calm and read yourself some articles a lot which will be about aew go and follow one culture on Twitter what culture WWE so you can stay up-to-date with some like bullet point headlines you already on YouTube why not go watch them or what come to your wrestling videos my name is simon from what culture thank you very much for watching this is it was the y series and as you can probably tell I'd quite like aww it brings me news every day I like seeing what WWE has to say about them it was brought up on their conference call my head somebody said what do you think about people new people entering the wrestling marketplace they went well we still think with a dominant leader and we still think with a dominant brand which is a great way to step that issue or step aside from that issue but they are right they are but I like the little guy slowly climbing up on the ladder because you never know where they're gonna get sure maybe they're dead in five years or maybe there are viable competitor entertainment to us again the fans love the fans