Why Are We Here Sadhguru

(Instrumental Music) Question: Sadhguru, why am I here? Sadhguru: (Laughs) Why are you here. On a certain day, a man went to the dentist (Laughter). He walked in and went to the doctor and he said, “I am a moth.” So the dentist looked at him and said, “See, what you need is a psychiatrist not a dentist. Moth has never any dental problems. You need a psychiatrist.” The man said, “I know it.” Then he said, “Why are you here?” He said, “Because the lights are on”(Few laugh). The light is on, the moths will come (Laughs). That’s why you are here (Laughs) (Applause). So, next thing is, “What am I supposed to do?” Nothing (Few laugh). What does a moth do? Just drawn by the light, rushes into it and kills itself. That’s what you are supposed to do (Laughs). If you are drawn to this and if you are thinking, “From the Sathsang, what is the takeaway?” No, this is not a fast-food restaurant (Laughter). There is no takeaway. So I who do the takeaway, not you (Laughter). I take away, you don’t take away anything (Laughs). Nothing to take away. This is give away. If you give away yourself then there is something… See this takeaway-giveaway, everything makes sense only when you are dealing with limited quantities of things. If you’re handling only objects in your life, if your life is an objective process and if your life is limited to physical objects giveaways, takeaways - all these things are meaningful. If your life has been touched by something that is not of the physical nature then there is no giveaway, takeaway. If you give away everything that is physicality then there is something that you can't take away; it takes you away (Laughs). “Oh, is this self-destruction? Is this some kind of a negative process?” For someone who is working in the wrong direction, for someone who is taking the whole life process in a wrong direction, who is having a wrong perceptive of life, who is looking at life through a small keyhole, for him opening the door is going to be a dangerous process but one who is longing to be free, for him opening the door is a benediction. “If I open the door will there be too many dangers?” Yes, there will be but I want you to know if you close the door, maybe your neighbor cannot enter your house, maybe your friend cannot enter your house but death still will through the keyhole. Even if you plug the keyhole, it still does. Actually it comes quicker, doors are closed (Few laugh). Try and see, just close these two doors (Referring to the nostrils) and see, (Few laugh) it comes very quick (Few laugh). With doors closed, death comes sooner not later. If one does not know… if one has not known even a moment of abandon in his life, that all your life you have been your own security guard (Laughs), if you are the watchman of the house not the lord of the house, then an open door is a dangerous thing. A locked door is always the best thing. But if you are the lord of the house, you wish to walk in and out as you feel; only then you can claim to be the lord of the house. Right now, this (Gestures)… this body, I have nothing against the body. I am not against the body but I am not for the body is… either. Because what the body contains is very important, keeping the body well becomes important. Because what the body embodies is sacred, keeping the container in a certain level of sanctity becomes important. Let me see, all of you, just come out of your body for some time and then get back. Can you? Just come out for a while, two minutes and get back, can you? No. Even if you are staying in a palace, if you cannot come out that’s called a prison, that’s not called a palace. Yes? See, I am not asking that question ‘yes or no’ anymore (Laughter). Things have changed. Even if you are living in a palace, if you cannot walk out and walk in by your choice, you cannot call it a palace, it's only a prison. If you cannot come out of this (Referring to the body) by choice and get back by choice, definitely it's a trap and a prison. If you are not willing to open the doors because you are security conscious, it’s safe. In search of safety, all kinds of idiotic things have been done, very life negative things, very self-destructive things. Now, if I talk about the reverse, it looks like I am talking negative. Once a little boy went up to his mother and said, “Mama, I want to go and swim in the river.” The mother said, “No way, you are not going to get into that river. That river is full of alligators, hungry, bloodthirsty alligators, crocodiles. Don’t you ever step into that river!” “But Mama, every day in the morning Daddy swims in that rimer… river.” “Oh, don’t you worry about him, he has an excellent insurance cover” (Laughter/Applause). An insurance is not a safety for your life, it’s good for somebody (Few laugh). It's very good for somebody who is wishing you to die (Laughter). Just for some exigencies that may happen, insurance but it is not a safety. A closed door is not a safety. To handle certain situations we close the door, open the door but a door is a door only if it can close and open. If it is always closed, it's a wall, isn't it? A door is a door only if you can open and close by choice. If it's shut all the time, it is not a door. You cannot call it a door. So “Why am I here? Why am I doing” (Laughs)? Then the next question will be, “Sadhguru what, what is it that you are trying to tell us anyway” (Laughter)? I’m sure it's going to progress. There is only one thing I am trying to tell you, I am just trying to beat my own drum but these boys are keeping all of them but to blow my own trumpet that I know, I know and I know that’s all I am trying to say. I know not only that I know that which you want to know is also me; that which can know is also me. This is the self-trumpet that I’m blowing all the time. Don’t believe all the other words. All I am trying to say is I know, I know, I know, I know. This is somebody blowing his own trumpet all the time, day in and day out, every opportunity, whether people are willing or not willing, whether the situation is appropriate or not appropriate - same thing. That sounds hedonistic. It is. If there is no thirst in your heart, it is a horrible thing somebody going on saying he knows. If there is a thirst in your heart, to hear this that somebody can clearly say that he knows is the greatest benediction, if there is thirst in your heart. Hmm? Water is valuable only when you are thirsty, isn't it? If you are thirsty, a glass of water is divine otherwise what is it? Doesn’t mean anything, only when you are thirsty.