Why Did Miley Cyrus Split From Liam Hemsworth

Miley Cyrus enjoyed a wild weekend in Lake Como Italy posting sexy videos on social media has news of her split from husband liam hemsworth broke she also posted this photo along with the caption don't fight evolution because you will never win like the mountain I am standing on top of which was once under water change is inevitable what the heck was she talking about maybe this photo explains it photographers caught Miley making out with another woman the woman in the Hat she's kissing is her pal Caitlin Carter who earlier this month split from reality TV star Brody Jenner it's a crazy rumor that your wife ex-girlfriend whatever is having an affair with Miley Cyrus opening up in the new issue of Elle magazine Miley said I still am very sexually attracted to women according to a published report Hemsworth wanted to start a family but Miley wasn't ready a source was quoted as saying Hemsworth gets turned off when she acts up for the cameras he really doesn't like that side of her because he is the total opposite The Hunger Games actor was spotted looking miserable this weekend getting frozen yogurt in Australia with his big brother Thor actor Chris Hemsworth I don't want to talk about it Hemsworth told the reporter [Music] you [Music]