Why I Haven’t Been Uploading

ah guys i made a really big mistake like seriously i messed up i dropped these limited edition shirts and i said every time someone bought one i would sign it every person who buys our limited edition 40 ml merch we will sign it and i even had the audacity to tweet do your worst internet see this giant cube of shirts here i have to sign every single one of these shirts in this cube and it could literally take me weeks what the heck guys do you hate me and that's what i'm gonna be doing in this video signing all these shirts and i might literally lose my mind or have a heart attack i don't know it's gonna be brutal grab some stuff carl all right let's take our first pile of shirts here is the first signature get a close-up of it m b don't put it on a check it won't work 70 000 more to go let's begin the time lapse [Music] going forward i'm gonna be signing blanks without the graphic we literally couldn't keep up with the orders and i'm gonna have to sign before we print them i'm gonna sign it right here i'm gonna give you a number one so you know comment if you got this [Music] after after literally signing for an entire day we barely made a dent in this cube this is gonna take forever it is now the second day and yesterday i only signed two thousand shirts so at this pace it's gonna take me a month i don't have a month i'm gonna try to sign more today [Music] i'm kind of tired i've signed about 6 000 shirts in total i'll see you tomorrow and we're back this is day number three of signing shirts all these boxes are full of shirts i've signed but we still have so many left this literally sucks but i'm doing it for you guys put a ding when i smile ten thousand shirts have been signed i don't know i still have a lot more to go i'm tired and now it's day number four back to the grind is it's ever gonna end [Music] it is now day five and at the end of yesterday my shoulder started hurting so we built this contraption so i can sign at an incline we still have over 50 000 shirts to sign if my shoulder already hurts regardless let's begin the suffering again i probably still have a week of signing left which is terrifying i was beyond exhausted at this point but at least i managed to knock out 5 000 shirts today it is the beginning of day six and to be 100 honest my wrist hurts like crazy but i said i'd do it so i'm gonna do it i'm in pain when i started this whole thing was a giant cuba shirts and you can see how many we've signed so far i've been signing first six days and we've only signed 20 000 shirts we decided to just pile them all on top of each other so then i could just flip more and uh yeah time lapse when i was younger and daydreamed about being a big youtuber i thought i'd be doing fun things like literally anything besides signing shirt for two weeks straight but i was wrong that was all time lapse the next day you got to sign more shirts i was enjoying sleeping all right i'm not having fun anymore but it is encouraging that i'm almost halfway done signing all the shirts i am officially one week into signing shirts i honestly don't know if i'll be able to sign them all but i'm doing my best because i love you guys that's an ugly p let me fix that my wrist is killing me so i'm gonna try my left one it takes me like 10 times longer to sign up with my left arm but progress is progress see this guy here he is literally a physical therapist for professional sports athletes we had to bring him down so he could monitor me signing and make sure i didn't get carpal tunnel needless to say this was the hardest thing i've ever done in my entire life when i started this entire cube was full of shirts and hoodies and now this is all that remains it took nine entire days but we signed all of this i'm so ready to be done day number 10 was pretty weak mentally i was just destroyed and i could only sign 2 000 shirts before i just had a mental breakdown it's been 11 days and i've signed over 60 000 shirts and hoodies see this cute chris yeah are you regretting saying you'll sign every shirt that gets bought i don't know all right let's go finish here yeah yeah whoa and now let's time lapse i could have knocked out the rest on the 11th day but if i didn't sign all these shirts we wouldn't have sold as many and i wouldn't have been able to afford this next video i wanted to do i suffered to make the best content possible for you guys as you can see by all the boxes piling up i signed a ton of shirts and i did all this because i wanted to give you guys a super epic 40 million subscriber special i said i'd sign every shirt you guys bought and i did it was painful but i wanted to stay true to my word and like i said at the beginning of the video the reason i did this was to raise money for my 40 million subscriber video in exactly two days my 40 million subscriber special will go public we may or may not have bought yeah it's insane by buying merch from shopmrbeast.com you literally allow me to do bigger videos i promise one hundred percent of the revenue from shopmysterpiece.com goes right back into my videos so if you haven't already go to shop mrbeast.com and buy some merch it means the world to me and it genuinely helps me out so much last shirt i've been signing for 12 days and this is the last shirt yeah i won't sign it no sign it boom boom boom all right i'm going to bed goodbye get that camera away from me i can finally push the shuffle [Music] mr b6000 yeah you know his name he changed it once or twice but i think it's here