Why Im quitting YouTube

I already know what the comments gonna say Marie and on you said this before clink Bain am which I know what AF means it's a freakin bad one beep fart donkey font for you mom well this time it's true I have to quit the freaking internet I don't know if you noticed but I mean been online for really freakin long time it's cuz I'm freakin tanked off stop scratching yourself dong it's too loud stomp stomp wah really scratching the sound listen to me stop huh I have to quit the freakin internet and here's the reason why I've been doing this for a very long time no matter how many times you say haters back off they don't back on so many freaking in arms and now I'm encountering the biggest hater of them own which is the people who stole my freaking Diaries every diary I ever written all my secrets of my home frickin line they stole them and they published it into a freaking book so finally I called them I was like give my freaking Diaries Bank and they did they sent me things so I was excited cuz I finally got my diary bank and look what's inside nothing nothing they sent me a freaking book with nothing oh you think that's a funny simon & schuster you think that's so funny playing a practical joke on me newsflash nobody does pranks on you to me more so I'm sinking these this book comes out really fast lean 12 days July tain so I need to disappear from the freaking internet then all my secrets are gonna be exposed they're gonna be selling thousands of these all over the wall and I need my my Fantas to get these off the shelves pre-order right now brain-teasing stop calling I don't want anyone reading my freaking sea grants that's how I feel about eat so as you can see I'm very upset right now and that's why I have to quit YouTube because it hasn't gotten me anything in my whole life they're actually doing this to me after everything I've done for you think about it think about how I've toured all over the wall think about how I made an epidural general Ceres rest in peace think about have been making videos for you for so frickin many years think about all the merch I need for you and this is how you were paying me if you want to say you're sorry the best way to apologize is to freaking buying it get it off the shelves so the haters do not see it I don't want the haters finding nays do you understand me Queen order the bunk this is serious business normally I would cry in a situation like this but in the wise ones of Ariana Grande there's no more crying left inside of me you have a heart you have a soul if you've ever seen one of my videos it's the only thing I will ever Aksum you please gaint this diary the fact that this thing is coming out he's been stressing me out so much I've been eating non-stop and gaining all this weight I've been getting sick but not have to take a freaking break from the internet I have to quit YouTube because I'm gonna have to hide my face when this freakin book comes out starting July 10th you'll never see me again hmm that was for you Simon & Schuster how'd you like games you send me a book of pages that are empty it's not even my diary I'll send you a freedom bump this smells like celery that's right I ain't celery today I never needed celery in my life but I'm so upset that I ain't eating things like salary make sure to answer the poll [Music]