Why Is This Person Leaving Old TVs on Doorsteps

who's this dude wearing of all things a television on his head and why in the world is he leaving an old-fashioned box TV on a stranger's front porch it's a mystery that's baffling police outside Richmond Virginia it usually happens around midnight and TV dude is apparently fully aware he's on surveillance video watch him wave at the camera as of this week he's delivered at least 60 TV sets one looks like a tube television set manufactured in 1986 by Toshiba oh my god they're everywhere these guys all woke up to a TV set left on their doorsteps I woke up to a bunch of phone calls telling me to check my front porch so I did and there was an old TV sitting out there and tell me what you saw in the ring doorbell and what you thought huh it's kind of funny but it's also kind of creepy the three guys thought it was so nuts they drove around the neighborhood pointing out all the TVs left on the front porches that's another big one this team just discovered the set on her doorstep the guys were on the scene when police got there to investigate and loaded all the TVs on a truck max Schumann opened the front door to also find a surprise this is the TV that was left at life doors heaven he says his brother took it apart to see if there was anything dangerous inside they found it was a regular TV old but still working for now TV dude remains on the loose but if he's going to be so generous maybe he should consider leaving a more modern flat-screen TV [Music] you [Music]