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all right guys what is up everyone welcome to another video of my channel i don't know i don't know how else to say this man but it's good to see every single one of you guys today i want to talk about a very different kind of video not very different but i think it's a very important topic i say this in all my videos but this topic in particular is very important because this applies to every aspiring developer not just in this country the united states of america but this applies to everyone to pretty much the entire world which is why no one is hiring you as a developer with no experience like why is no one hiring you why is it so important because yo if you were anything like me you applied to quite a few jobs and no one was hiring you you applied to quite a bit i know a lot of people who've been applying to jobs for the last two years and couldn't get a job it's discouraging and that's why i want to make this video now i was very lucky because i got my first job in three months and even when i got laid off from my second developer job i got a new job in four days just right after that and yes i got two job offers one because i was networking and the other one was because i applied like crazy so hopefully these five tips will help you get your first job as a developer alright guys so let's go to number one so the first reason why people probably are not hiring you and i can be quite honest it's very straightforward it's very simple very basic you haven't been able to interview enough you're not interviewing enough of course when it comes to getting a developer job the first thing you have to do is get into that interview but there are so many people who have messaged me on instagram in particular saying that man chris i bombed my first interview i couldn't answer any of the javascript questions that that interviewer that senior developer asked me i couldn't even remember how to make a for loop for memory like i i don't know what i'm doing wrong and my first response to them is dude that's your first interview you think you're gonna get a job from your first interview that's not normal it happened to me but that's not normal at all it's very difficult to do that because you don't know what to expect now i can tell you this even when i worked at my first company i kept interviewing with other companies because i just wanted to see my value i i didn't interview other companies for maybe like another six months but i did that because i wanted to see how much i improved and so what i did all the time i remember all my interviews i'd go from interview to interview each interview i would bomb them all the time that's why i was so shocked that i even had a job as a developer and especially on javascript because it took me almost two years i feel like two years to be efficient in vanilla javascript in jquery right and then get into vue.js too right that took me a while but after i could say after going through seven interviews seven interviews that's seven companies that's not including how within a company you don't just have one interview but usually have like two or three interviews like after having seven interviews and maybe ten that's when i started uncomfortable because i knew what to expect i answered so many questions in the wrong way that were not even technical related technically related and even technically related as well because i didn't answer them well the first time when i hit those questions again i knew exactly how to answer them instead of getting discouraged man you literally you're gold like i know this sounds dumb but your goal should be to bomb as many interviews as possible because it's through that experience that you actually get better it's crazy but it's true alright guys so this brings me to number two i know this is simple i think a lot of aspiring developers in particular miss this all the time you don't have enough projects in the portfolio or you are only showing projects that you copied from tutorials that's it some people only have two projects in the portfolio some people only have three but the goal is to have as many as possible like i know a friend who i met in la he literally it's crazy he had 30 or was it 50 projects php projects that he did during like the job he was working at he was trying to learn php and building from scratch so he literally had 30 projects and i'm telling you this man when he showed me his portfolio those projects look freaking ugly but just the amount of things that he had on there blew me away like dude he learned how to build his own form so he did that he had another project on how to send mail by php he had a basic project on how to create his own e-commerce page a one-page checkout using just javascript all these basic simple things but he separated that to 30 different projects and he kept adding to it and yo he's making bank right now like we talked on instagram the other day he was telling me he was making about 65 bucks an hour now his first job paid him 45 dollars an hour he was making 95k a year from his first developer job simply because of how much effort and how many projects he built so some people only have one project two projects and expect to get hired like that when you have no experience yo that is like no that's not how it works man why would someone hire you if you just did the minimal work now there's also people who only use projects that they've copied from tutorials when i say copied i mean like yo when you do tutorials on udemy on treehouse on udacity or whatever i'm gonna tell you this you're not the only person going through those tutorials there are literally thousands of people going through those tutorials and guess what those same thousands of people are applying to the same job so when the same employer sees all these portfolios and they look exactly the same why would you stand out that's why when i say you do portfolio when you do a tutorial your goal is to yes you do what they tell you to do but you need to make that project your own you need to make it look different and you need to build your own things that's it and so i think this really makes a good segue into part number three which is you are not getting out of your comfort zone i'm saying this from personal experience dudes i was doing html css javascript jquery minimal php at my first developer job for two years i was scared to pursue other things i dove into react.js because javascript wasn't my strong point at that time man like i was scared to dive more into react to drive more interviews to be a better developer i was scared to get out of my comfort zone because i kept thinking chris you've been a developer for two years you're still struggling learning these frameworks these libraries i thought that i had to automatically be good and i was scared of proving myself that i'm really bad but truth is i was i still think i am but i think one of the things that helped me back last because i was scared to get out my comfort zone that's why even today to this moment i really challenge myself to get them out of my comfort zone as much as possible guys i'm learning cyber security as a front-end developer right now right anyway but that is something that you need to be able to do you need to be able to attack a project that you think you can't do i said this many times before but this is true why because again just going back to number two why if your portfolio looks like everyone else you have the most basic things on there why would someone hire you you need to be able to show them the people who are interviewing you who will interview you that this is why you stand out because you chose to do this crazy thing as a junior developer with no experience man if you're willing to take that project on what are you able to do when you join my company does that make sense so getting every comfort zone is really important as well okay guys so now we're going to number four number four is simple networking networking networking networking make friends now i didn't get my first two jobs because of networking it was because of pure hard work and look but when i did get laid off the reason i was able to get a new job in four days was yes it was because i networked because my first boss heard that i got laid off but but to combat against that or show you the other side of that when i did get laid off dudes i applied to jobs like crazy and i got a new job in four days in silicon valley but then i rejected that to join a company i'm working with now which is crazy when you think about it right but networking is huge let me tell you this i had friends interview at my second job and they were able to get those interviews without selling an application because they knew me one of them got the job like that when it came to the job where i'm at now i got people that i know who interview for the company and they even got an offer for the job because they knew me simple interview didn't even have to do coding tests right even a designer that person had a friend who was a designer and she got a job at my company because that person knew a friend that knew me networking is huge i mean a good way for example is linkedin some people think this is the problem people think that linkedin is just what you use to show your work experience it is not just that linkedin is for networking and what i mean by that is yo what i do is when i go on linkedin i try to put posts on there that can potentially go viral that can get thousands tens of thousands if not 100 000 views and it's not much i shared my story on linkedin three weeks ago and how i was homeless five years ago i was living in the closet four years ago i got my first apartment two years ago now living in a house and this all happened with freaking five years that post went viral on twitter and it went viral even on facebook and then it went viral on linkedin and because of that because i made a goal to try to get my content out there so people could get to know me yo a lot of companies reach out to interview me i mean a lot it's crazy and it's because i'm making that effort even for me who already has a job who could get another job because i'm networking but you have to find a way to do that yourself too yes just like everyone else says go to meetups right but we're in covid so what do you do you can go to linkedin put content out there something to show that you're standing out even on linkedin document your journey to it's so simple on instagram what am i doing i'm making friends with a lot of instagram people now who are developers and they're reaching out to me even on twitter follow people join discord channels join slack channels make friends yo when i need a new junior developer because i will need one for my actual company developer and check it out new long sleeves going live this weekend i'm gonna look for people who are in my discord because i know the people who are in my discord already i'm gonna go tell them ayo i need a junior developer and i already know who i want to be honest if they're available right so networking is so important that is the easiest way to get your foot in the door okay guys last but not least there are so many people who allow themselves to be defeated when they apply to jobs so what i'm saying for number five is stop allowing yourselves to be defeated stop allowing yourselves to be discouraged it's normal to feel discouraged but don't allow that discouragement to stop you from applying to more jobs you know it's funny i know a friend it's frustrating i know a friend who learned code for three months during the last month for 30 days in the third month he applied to jobs every single day he kept getting rejected rejected rejected and you know what he did he gave up he's like dang it chris i can get a job in three months just like you i guess it's not meant to be and i'm like bro you only have three months of experience why would anyone even hire you like it's rare you have to keep applying like crazy like apply to at least three jobs a day make it a goal and expect that no one will get back to you because then when someone does get back to you guess what you'll be excited and be like what the heck yo you just apply to everything every job out there it doesn't matter where it is maybe you relocate maybe you can but just apply like look for the words remote i'm going to be making a video on this next week on what kind of jobs you need to look for when trying to get your first developer job keep an eye out for that and subscribe if you want to see this but yo don't allow yourself to be defeated don't lie just be discouraged keep going don't stop because that one day that you do not apply to a job that day could have been a day that you found a potential opportunity imagine if i did not apply to my first developer job i've been applying for two weeks no one got back to me but imagine that one day i gave up and i didn't apply to my job for my first company i wouldn't be here today i wouldn't have the story of being a developer in three months i wouldn't have this channel right now because i kept going knowing an opportunity can come up if i didn't give up is literally why i'm here where i am today so don't let that be you don't give up don't be defeated and keep going anyways guys i love you all i hope you enjoyed this video if you can leave a like leave a comment of any other suggestions that you might have to help other people tell me what i missed or what i'm wrong in anyways thank you guys for watching this is krishon this is a life about developer and i'm out see you guys next video peace