Why One Japanese Company Is Turning Baseball Bats Into Chopsticks

(pleasant orchestral music) (bat cracking) - [Narrator] For millions of Japanese people, springtime means one thing: baseball. But what a fan probably doesn't think about: what happens to all those broken baseball bats? Well, one chopsticks manufacturer has an answer. (bat cracking) (crowd cheering (pleasant orchestral music) (speaking in foreign language) - [Narrator] Wood from the aodamo tree was popular for making fine wooden products and professional baseball bats. But because of forest tree mismanagement, the species was in trouble. (speaking in foreign language) - [Narrator] Instead of contributing to the problem, Mr. Uratani had an idea. (speaking in foreign language) - [Narrator] With that, Mr. Uratani put his plan into motion. (speaking in foreign language) (pleasant orchestral music) (bat cracking) - [Narrator] With the profits from these baseball chopsticks, Mr. Uratani has joined baseball leagues and teams to donate to a group planting a new forest of aodamo trees. (speaking in foreign language) (bat cracking) (crowd cheering) (electronic dinging)