Why This 99YearOld Just Cant Stop Dancing

[Music] they say it takes two to tango this case make that 744 that is how many couples strutted their stuff at the world tingle championship and bueno situs couples from 36 nations entered the dance representing places including Italy Chile Colombia and Hungary the dance is known for its level of difficulty and its sultry nature and at 99 James McManus shows no signs of slowing down he picked up the Hobby back in 2002 when he was just you know 80 something years old the world war two vet had already travelled the world during his time serving his country but had long desire to go to Argentina this GoFundMe was started to help him achieve that goal and dance his way into hearts around the globe these hopefuls are facing off for the tournament semi-final hoping to qualify for the last round the tournament is also part of Argentina's international tango festival which is the largest tango event on earth winners tens of some highly sought-after instructors worldwide but perhaps the real prize here it's just trying not to step on anyone's toes for inside edition calm I'm Stephanie officer [Music]