Why WWE Is Bringing Sexy Back

[Applause] sex now that I've got your attention let's talk about just back you did watch raw or Smackdown recently you will have seen that WWE seemingly is trying to bring back se X or at least a more kind of risque product in a PG environment that you can do in 2019 I would guess it ties into everything that happened around about a month or so ago when Vince McMahon and his group of friends said they want to give the fans what they want but I'm not 100% sure this is what we wanted at all but WWE is seemingly bringing back the sex why sex why here's why [Music] so let's get into the examples on an episode of Monday Night Raw Alexa bliss was interrupted by a stagehand who knocked on a door wanting to bring her some coffee barged in anyway and there she was holding a t-shirt so in order to keep herself covered up now forget about the fact it looks as if she's been holding this t-shirt in that position for around about 752 years this was the segment that we received shifting over to SmackDown it was Mandy roses turn because she was waiting in the hotel for Gio so to arrive she given him the key even though he's Naomi's husband and then on the chair in said hotel room he was there and she was wearing some lingerie it was all a ruse because she was just trying to get a picture of Jimmy doing the accurately seemingly doing the act and that is already better than anything we got in 1999 and all you need to do to get any evidence of that is going watch any kind of women's segments from 1999 it is genuinely unbelievable now before we go on I do feel like it's important to underline that yes if any performer male or female is happy to do this kind of a stuff and there shouldn't be any kind of problem with it you want to show off your body it's a hundred percent your body to show off and nobody should be able to criticize back you should be allowed to do whatever it is you want to do I don't feel like it's on me to judge her if everybody's giving the thumbs-up I mean everyone's giving it the thumbs up but again go out there go on TV we're at our where some little parents market the issue that we need to look at today is that we're going backwards enable apparently to go forwards and I'm not 100% sure that's how it works while the Bliss segment was a bit of an eyebrow raise it because we haven't seen anything like that for a long time when you do look at what happened with Mandy Rose on Smackdown as well as all that it's awesome a bit rubbish forget what the intention was seeing this all play out with overtones of adultery entrapment and sadistic divorce it's just not what I need to see on my wrestling TV screen in the modern day and I know people will argue that and go well it represents what could happen in real life oh yes so there's a lot of stuff but again it doesn't mean I want it drafted across into my entertainment I just met kind of a gay and I understand the entertainment is there to divide something something that I love you're probably gonna hate and vice versa there is lots of evidence when you look outside of that bubble that may be doing this wasn't the best idea of the world especially when you start talking to non wrestling fans or if not specifically non wrestling fan those are on the cusp of becoming part of this plan now please do get in touch using the comments below and let me know your experiences but I heard a lot of tales I've had a lot of stories of some people stumbling across this and saying this is exactly the reason I don't want to watch wrestling it makes me feel uncomfortable this is exactly the opposite of what WWE needs to be doing right now because yeah numbers are down and if you want to bring them back up a lot just to a level of his average but the SuperDuper levels you've got to ensure you're getting new eyes onto the product especially because people at you and I we're gonna watch regardless we're the hardcore friends we stuck with it through all of December 2018 where Baron Corbin was running wild and that proves it what really threw it all into the old wood chipper is what preceded it we had an absolutely amazing a stonking match between our dry they see an illness sorry and dry Bay and Rey Mysterio and that's the kind of thing I think a random person could see oh wow this is amazing look at all the flips and all the colors on Rey Mysterio's outfit maybe is something I want to rest in and then two minutes later you have a hotel scene that kind of smells like a really bad soap opera I'm not saying that segue couldn't have worked in some sense but what did we get we had all the stuff in the laundry we've talked about that and what it means also we had that brawl on the bed which just wasn't good and kind of was a an insult to these women they've trained really hard to be proper professional wrestlers and it didn't really go anywhere I hate Mandy Rose anymore I don't like Naomi more than I did Jimmy USO is kind of just there hey it was Jo so we don't know it's also not something I've heard people calling for be there on Twitter Facebook social media or whatever if I head over to a reddit squared circle where a lot of people will talk about the WWE it's rare to see what I think we need is more sexuality and I mean oh I know that bliss segment has already done about two million views or something on YouTube and that number will continue to increase as the weeks and the months go on I doesn't mean it was the right thing to do you just means you've got the intrigue of someone for about what 30 seconds and then what where does it go from there the point it's also just not where the industry should be heading and if you do go back to the Attitude Era and try and revive concepts from them that makes absolutely no sense that was 20 years ago we're not living in 20 years ago anymore the world is changed life is change and you have to represent modern times that will be the case in 2039 too you don't go back to the well and just hope something similar pops out of it go oh look we can apply this to the modern day I mean where does that even stop we've been Stone Cold Steve Austin back do we bring the rock back sure that's gonna spike Iranian it is certainly gonna get old fans interested again the sooner or later that nostalgia will wear off that novelty will wear off and one little voice will go on TV anymore Wyatt Dean Ambrose getting a push the fact you're not progressing or representing common trends is gonna become glaringly obvious and sure we've had those successes and I'm sure you hold them in warm regard I know I do I'd love to see a few more spinners in the answer right now let's get in deeper with these legends for one quick second drew when the rock did come back against CM Punk and they had that really good roar Rumble Max and I loved it I understood why WWE was doing it Dwayne Johnson is a proper global superstar and if you tell people he's gonna be on your program they're gonna tune in they want to see what the rock is gonna do he is a draw but as soon as Punk vanished from the main event scene a bunch of people got pissed off and yet again I get it you know book just for that people we also don't just book for these people over here is this window it's like a camera screen that I'm looking at right now book for everybody but be smart about it doing anything else never ever works long term because again you need new ideas and you need new approaches also this person is freaking this is my opinion you're free to disagree with me once more just to underline it and don't think there's a bunch of people out there going hmm I'll come back to what's wrestling if you make it more sexualized if anything and would say it's the exact opposite and look if you did love it I'm not here to crap over your parade everybody's different and horses for courses or whatever that cliche is it's not something that I needed to see especially because the one on Monday and absolutely no sense it was just the lexer bliss holding a towel up so we couldn't see anything I ever tell a t-shirt as a logical at least try and give it a reason but if you're gonna give it a reason don't make it like the one on Smackdown because that was preposterous - apart from a bit when that camera man jumped out to take pictures of Jimmy so it was like he was hopped up on drugs he jumped and he bounced down on his knee and he furiously took pictures as if once this was done he was never gonna get another photography job those pictures are redundant anyway as Naomi holds the whole story I mean how the hell are we gonna address this next week what are we even gonna say point is I want WWE to try new things and I want them to surprise me that's what will get me in 2019 stories I never saw come in and stories I just didn't expect give me a feeling where I want to go online and I want to tweet and I want to join in with the wrestling community because I'm so intrigued to see what they're gonna say instead of oh good we've gone back to this and I lived through the ad - dear and it absolutely cemented my fandom but I was a kid and do I want anything else coming back from my kid years no I do not it just wouldn't make any sense of it make me a bit like oh no not this again I don't want to go through those things and I don't want them on my TV either I'm on a brand new boat and I wanna sail through fresh waters maybe even eat some salmon on the way it's nice to me it is all about debate those if you do feel different the van is what the social network known as YouTube is for but before we do when do we do of course have to talk about the women's evolution or revolution or whatever hell it's called because you know this does kind of muddy the waters just a dead if Alexa bliss and Mandy rose want to do this and again I'm in no position to snap back however given they trained as pro wrestlers and if they want to be pro wrestlers and they'd much rather be in that ring fighting other pro wrestlers then this is not even something we should be thinking about let alone pulling and pasting it on - everybody's entertainment few hours of the week barely makes sense or if you are gonna be that way make sure you start doing it with men as well women watch wrestling maybe they want to see that or really maybe nobody wants to see any of it I know the answer for sure I just know how I feel and I'm absolutely happy to say that's how I feel don't need sex on my television when it comes to wrestling on Bret Hart from 1997 and the just don't mean it no while watch wrestling so is WW gonna bring this back on Raw and Smackdown again next week the only way to find out is to watch all obviously come over here to what cultural wrestling and watch ups and downs and I'll be sure to let you know about it it's gonna be interesting it's gonna be intriguing and maybe if they do it would be the wrong I did see ain't doing it and there's a reason they don't do it we never get to leave a comment below and last know what you think about all of this like share and subscribe I don't know what code you look I'm gonna read yourself some articles go and follow what code on Twitter what coach at WWE and look a game on youtube why not go watch yourself some other what culture videos ups and downs there's lists there's news is everything my name is Sun from what coach ah thank you very much for watching again giving you my opinion I stand by it if you feel like you'd like to counteract that opinion we live in a free society it's the modern day and you are more than welcome to do so won't change my mind just so you know myself out there putting myself on the table being honest and that's what I'm all about respect honesty and loyalty if I don't see this stuff going shuffled them around a bit because I'm just that kind of a guy why just saw why