Why WWE Royal Rumble 2019 Made No Sense

[Applause] the Royal Rumble is my favorite show of the year I love it so much that if it wanted to marry me I'd consider it and then if we sat down and had a chat about whether we wanted children I put that into the old thinker as well if you're wondering Simon what the hell are you talking about well I'm very tired I've only had like one hours sleep because like you I stayed up for the rumble when you do that and the older you get eventually your body it just starts attacking you from the inside and your bones start to cry with sadness but here we are 30 or so years later and the format still hasn't aged that's because it works so well even if it's just a surprise element back who's gonna come and look who we got in 2019 Jeff Jarrett at number two who thought Jeff Jack was gonna be number two nobody and he came at his ring gear and he looked a little weird cuz I only realized now you know so many years old and he doesn't look weird in this ring it was like a cardboard tube that a kid had cut open maybe though just maybe nowadays WWE have pushed a few elements a little too far whether you're a hardened fan or you're a casual trying to get into wrestling you probably thought the other day that yeah the raw rumble made absolutely no sense why is why [Music] now you may not think that this is a bad thing and to be honest I don't either the more dumb WWE wants to be the more entertainment I can probably suck out of the product but it doesn't stop like a big hand coming from nowhere and just slapping you around the face going look try and find some sense in this you know I can't dance go away do people book this is a coincidence do they even care and like I say I don't mind what they do but I really would like some answers hence why I'm doing this now I want everyone to throw their thoughts in and then maybe we can just get to a conclusion let's start with a brand new one that was specific to the most recent Raw Rumble and that was when the ikonics came out to get involved billy kay was first but she refused to get in the ring until her tag team partner and best friend Peyton Royce arrived who's like look referees look officials who are in charge I don't want to get in there until I'm ready by and large I was like all right Billy you do whatever the hell you want and I didn't like this because somehow the ikonics are simultaneously annoying and brilliant but I just figured that means they're doing their job really well now straight away you've got to ask yourself well if this is the rule for everybody else why the hell would you get in there to begin with you may as well keep surveying the field and when it kind of seems like it's a bit easier then check yourself in but he got really perplexed in a couple of hours later cuz Curt Hawkins arrived for the men's room rumble tried to do exactly the same thing but was told man mate that ain't how this shit works so instead how to get in and then get out and get in and get out do all kinds of crazy stuff so what the hell is the rule supposed to be here what is the blueprint I meant to follow if I enter myself into the war humble I don't think there is one let's move on a more general eyebrow raiser is those people who get eliminated from the rumble and yet somehow are allowed to re-enter and still chuck other people out when I get going back to the ring and just pummeling someone because you're pissed off but how can Mandy Rose push Naomi off those steel steps see her two feet crashing to the floor go even though I got chucked out by you for a second ago I've now sucked you out - what that spot was brilliant - by the way and goes to show how fake you can be in the ring as opposed to doing really strange skits in hotel rooms it got Mandy rose proper Heat how dare she take away this moment from valiant know me it's not like this is anything new either but it doesn't mean it's not worth questioning waiting all the way back to the 1992 Raw Rumble we're supposed a good guy Hulk Hogan I believe started this trend he'd been thrown out fair and square by Sid justice we didn't like that he wasn't happy so when Sid justice leaning over the ropes he grabbed his arm and he just pulled them out and that gave the world title to the Nature Boy Ric Flair look at the right squad to live Morgan and Sarah Logan were just allowed to swanda back out and beat the living hell out of people on the outside and nobody did a damn thing in fact nobody cared at all meaning the rumble is absolutely gibberish this keeps on ticking as well because next on the list of course is the ability to adjust outright steal somebody else's spot and this is my favorite one because when you apply it to real sports my word is it open the door for some entertaining scenarios get rid of the fact of its work and let's take who is in this year's Super Bowl you got the Rams and you've got the Patriots just think before kickoff if the Packers went now we want to be in the Super Bowl they turned up they just beat New England up when they came on the field then they won the Green Bay Packers in all right well I guess they muster kick the crap at someone Green Bay Packers you can be in a Super Bowl it happened with Becky Lynch Snider Jax and a whole host of people we could be here all day I remember when Mick Foley did it Mick Foley who was supposed to be a good guy beat the snot on a test backstage meaning then GM Stone Cold Steve Austin went look you screwed up my rule rumble now you're gonna go in I think I even remember the number I think it was 21 I may be wrong that may be my plane trying tricks on me but he came out and the whole reason he had done it is because he wanted to get his hands on Randy Orton and the GM the general manager the man in charge was adamantly saying you better go and take this man spot and it's all great because of course it is but I'm talking about the more practical side go get a pen and try and write down the rules till Rumble and I bet you can't do it or I bet you keep coming up with rules the event counter act now the rules it's impossible because they change on a whim and also if this is the case don't officially enter the hall rumble just go to the gorilla position or kind of wait somewhere in the wings and as soon as number 32 your eyes just go beat them up and you can take their spot and really that should be the place that you want you're probably gonna go win the Royal Rumble and don't worry about it you'll absolutely be the first replacement on the card experience in the past tells us again if you're the one that does the attack for some reason you're the one that got are you getting there which brings us to one that I think jumped the shark in 2019 and of course I'm referring to the whole two feet rule now when Howard Finkel used to getting the mic and go and remember a competitors beat must touch before I don't think WWE ever envisioning where we've got today but we are here with all this nonsense decades later and that means it needs to be addressed by somebody if I've got to do it I'll do it don't go to bed for example when I was watching a recent rule rumble with a friend because I was trying to get them into Pro Wrestling I wanted them to share my love all of a sudden I had to try and explain why Kofi Kingston wearing pancake shoes was enough to ensure he didn't get himself eliminated pancake shoes it makes me laugh just thinking about it because it is also done but it does act as a huge barrier when you are trying to explain what this crazy thing is and also if wearing sweet treats on your feet is allowed just do it every single year and you'll never go out the rumble help chop your legs off and you'll definitely win this year especially was all over the place because they just did too many of them we've already mentioned the O me and Casey Katsaros she had one school and Kofi Kingston had two of them and the second one well that kind of sucked he fell off the ring just as his buddy Xavier woods is arising kind of did some weird rolie polie together and that allowed Savior woods to pick him up and then he just walked him back across the way needed to be then they both got eliminated straight away anyway so what the point was there I don't know but I think maybe from 2020 which is crazy how the hell are we in the year 2020 but from 2020 maybe we should just get rid of it and say look as soon as your body crashes into the apron and you've got over the top rope you're out you're done get to the back all yeah come in and throw somebody else out cuz you're all out there's other incidentals too because there's the timing of eat to the entrance if you ever get super bored and you know that WWE have said all you're gonna get a brand new competitive every 90 seconds or every two minutes go and time it all year-old stop watching you're fine sometimes it's a minute sometimes in 35 seconds sometimes it's two and a half minutes they just make it up and also as we keep seeing if you're a woman you could enter the man's match I imagine that's the same vice versa we had my jacks this year again let's take that into the real world do you know how desperate I am to see Serena Williams enter one of the men's Grand Prix's were the men's opens I would absolutely love that I would pay to see it it would be the best which is probably why it is entertaining when WWE does do it and just to pull back the curtain here that's why it is such a joy we are in the world of make-believe to a certain extent and you can start having some fun with reality you absolutely should otherwise you're not playing to all your strengths honestly though every single year the rumble gets more and more convoluted and in many ways does get more and more confusing you can come in whenever you want steal people's spots where special stuff on the soles of you think and be an active player even when you're out of the damn thing but really when you break it all down maybe that's why we love it so much I mean it is absolutely dumbfounding and it does make no sense and it is full of plot holes I hate home maybe that's why here we are when it's not 1988 you know we're 31 years later 31 years later fate or whatever the hell it is I don't know I don't know the numbers right now I'm tired like I told you we're still loving it and I went back and I watched both of our humble matches again simply because there's something about it it's like it's lighted like that movie dodgeball you can watch I'm gonna go I didn't notice this I didn't notice that you'll also notice more bad thing didn't see first time around but that's the circle of life you take the rough with the smooth and always make sure you got a smile on your face so not making sense doesn't have to be a bad thing but that still does mean it makes absolutely no sense then yes the Royal Rumble makes absolutely no sense the other thing we should mention just quickly as we do end this video cuz nah Jax did attack our truth geek was number 30 and she stole his place does that mean that WWE is about to return to into gender Wrestling and they've been steadfast against that for a long time and on top of that does that mean at WrestleMania 35 we are indeed gonna get our truth versus noia Jax I know it sounds crazy and that's kind of confusing when it goes into the old lobes but from a shitty intrigue standpoint I think wanna watch it I think I want to see what we're gonna do and we planted the seeds a good four months earlier all about long-term storytelling we will have to wait and see again though it all ties into this the raw rumble not making sense since 1988 now don't forget to Enoch envelope and let us know what you think about the Royal Rumble and all of this doesn't make sense they're not make sense like share and subscribe what culture a common read yourself some articles especially before we keep moving forward on this train will get to the immolation chamber and we'll get to Fastlane knowing we talk about the ramble no more follow what culture on Twitter how one culture WWE and why not go and watch them other videos here about the rumble at what culture wrestling ups and downs will be somewhere it's a long one because they're stupid Rumble with seven hours long that's not ability we should do why the hell was the rumble seven hours long slow em down WWE know speed it up cut them down my name is song for what culture thank you very much for watching and I hope to see you again very soon it'll be a wide video there'll be a title a slap my head we'll have a good time if we ever see each other we'll hug and it will just be dandelions and feathers all around you don't know we take Daniel on Zepeda's are putting together you get a cute little puppy but just wants to say your name and just wants to lick your face none of what I said it's true other than the fact that is my name and that's where you are I'll see you soon weird